Thurman: My prediction? Less than six rounds

Undefeated WBA Welterweight World Champion Keith “One Time” Thurman hosted media at the St. Pete Boxing Club in Florida Wednesday as he showed off his skills in advance of his Saturday, July 20 showdown against eight-division world boxing champion Senator Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao headlining a FOX Sports pay-per-view event from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Keith Thurman
Photo: Damon Gonzalez/TGB Promotions

Keith Thurman: “I bet none of Pacquiao’s sparring partners were going at his body. Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman is going to touch the body. I want to know how he reacts…my prediction? Less than six rounds. I would love to be 30-0 with 23 knockouts. We’ve got 22 and we’ve held those 22 knockouts for a little too long. It’s time to get one more knockout.

“The time is now. I can’t be the underdog because I am the undefeated champion of the world. He’s the legend, but I have 10 years of youth on my side. However, we’ve seen world champions and legends do tremendous things at later dates. For example, Bernard Hopkins won the world title at 45 years old. Is Manny Pacquiao that kind of world champion? Keith Thurman will be the first one to find out.”

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  • Yes, yes pacquaio will be that kind of champion. I just dont get the hype over Thurman, honestly hes not impressive at all. Quite ordinary imo and lacks ‘greatness’. Manny will shift gears and finish business agian.

  • Thurman should watch the Nedal Hussein vs Pacquiao fight (Oct 2000) and the 1st Érik Morales vs Pacquiao fight (March 2005). And come up with a combination of those two fights and make his own game plan off of those 2 fights. You stick a hard jab in Pacquiao’s face, and make it hard to time, and it will mess Pacquiao’s pressure game up. Hussein was probably a little too rough and tough and little dirty with Pacquiao, but you don’t have to take it to the Hussein extreme, or the Jeff Horn extreme. With Morales, he made Pacquioa wear the Winning gloves in the 1st fight, but he had a good game plan in the 1st fight too. Nothing against the Winning gloves, plenty of guys use them, especially in Japan, but Morales picked up on this early in his career and tried to make plenty of his fights with himself and the other guy wearing Winning the gloves, maybe to prolong his career. I think Thurman has to expect at least a 10 round fight, and maybe think KO in round 10 like he did with Diego Chaves. I am still going to say Pacquiao is going to swarm on Thurman and be in and out, side to side. And his T-Rex arms will find the target. Not sure who will win. Thurman will be conditioned better than last time out.

    • Thurman is his footwork is slow. If he is cautious he will lose a decision or get starched. I think he needs to time Pacquiao coming in and that he can do, as Manny when he bounces in tends to get his upper body out in front of his legs kind of lunging in. Like In the Marquez fight Keith can Punch. In all Honesty I think Kieth will give to much respect for Manny get behind on points then as he gets desperate he will get caught around the 8th round. One Time other problem is cutting weight the way he does once you reach a certain age your body does not recover. Just saying Robert

    • good commentary I agree Thurman ko around 10 pacquaio is on his way out its just that he is extremely conditioned but he had had a lot of fights he time is nigh

    • The game plan didnt work to well the other times Morales fought Pacman. If Pac is near his best hw can beat Thurman

  • thurmans a little on edge thats why he’s trying to pump up his ego with all this lip service, gonna be a good one

    • When your fighting boxer like pac man he is not a puchover Trunman better watch out, he’s a leagan. Watch out

    • Guest, are you joking? Thurman couldn’t KO Lopez and you think he’s going to knock out Pacquiao?! Not a chance. Pacquiao is going to be to much for Thurman, he’s in for a rude awakening.

  • Keith “one time big mouth”, is going to find out the hard way that talking all this shit is only going to make him look more pathetic when all is said and done. He better back up all this bullshit talk he’s doing because nothing less than a spectacular knock-out will do. If and when Manny knocks this clowns teeth in I am going to literally be laughing my ass off! Pac-Man in 7!

    • Are you serious right now? You cant be serious. Thurman is gonna send the Pac man packing, im thinkn by 7.

  • Hahahaha, This guy is so funny. Trys to make is voice sound deep with a soft pitch behind it. Acta like hes the baddest thing Pacquiaos ever faced and acts like Pacquiao’s body will be right there. This guy is really trying to believe in himself. Hahaha, hoo hoo hahaha..

  • Funny how this bozo speaks of himself as the third person. Alter ego with a ladies hairdo buahahahahahahaha

  • You can’t be the underdog?? Oh really? This will be the easiest money I’ll ever make when I lay $250 on pacquiao to beat your ass and then pacquiao will make you cut that ridiculous Janet Jackson hairdo Lolol

    • Shouldn’t do that-Pacquiao is favored only because of money coming in on him from fans like you. Sharp betters will be all over Thurman as an underdog. They don’t always win, nobody does, but they win often often enough to be profitable.

  • manny chose thurman because he is the weakest champ ..compared to errol spence jr and terrence crawford

  • Manny Pacquiao will defeat Keith Thurman on points I predict a score of about 116 to 112 if Thurman doesn’t show Pacquiao respect he could get careless and get knocked out thurmans inactivity and poor showing against Lopez will work in Manny favor thus us definitely a 60/40 fight in mannys favor.

  • I totally agree with Keith on this one…Manny only looks good when he’s in their with B fighters anymore.

  • Anyone who bets on Thurman does not know boxing. It would be a stupid bet at what +125 or something? Just an ignorant bet Thurman will lose this fight id be willing to go -200 on pacquiao just too much experience beating way more quality guys. Thurman went life and death with all his toughest challenges

    • Pacquiao will not beat Thurman and those who really believe that, really need to wake up or lay off the liqour.

  • If you ask Manny if he thinks he’ll win and he says yes, I think I’ll knock him out…he’s a humble legend. Same scenario Keith Thurman is talking trash. Thurman is an undefeated champion…why would he think he’ll lose?!

    Additionally, both men have a responsibility to promote the event. If anything, I think Thurman has been too respectful. He recently compared Manny to Sugar Ray Robinson. Wow!!! This guy needs to slow down with all this trash talking and let his fists do the talking. (YES!!! I’M BEING SARCASTIC!)

  • Keith BIG MOUTH Thurman @mannypacquiao will knockout you like a SUCKS of potato in rd 2.

  • I like Thurman but he’s inactive and has not knocked out anyone of note for long time. Pack man Ud 116 – 112.

  • We’re about to see the difference in skills. This dude is delusional lolol…Going to Pacs body will only open him up for a straight left down the pike. Besides once you hit him with a solid body shot he turns into Usian Bolt.

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