Thurman: I will be back

By Miguel Maravilla

Former welterweight world champion Keith “One Time” Thurman (29-1, 22 KOs) of Clearwater, Florida, discussed his defeat to Filipino boxing icon Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao (62-7-2, 39 KOs) at the post-fight press conference.

“Tonight was a great night of boxing. The opening rounds didn’t start like I wanted them to. Manny Pacquiao got momentum with the early knockdown. Obviously, he caught me in the first round,” Thurman said. “I was beaten tonight and that the sport of boxing. I’m not going anywhere and I will be back.

“He was fast and strong, everything what Pacquiao has been. I wanted to be in his face but he’s been in so many wars that he knows what not to do. I knew he’s been the most active fighter. The constant activity to keep him in shape.”

Late in the fight in the tenth, Pacquiao staggered Thurman with a body shot as the champ backed away. Thurman held on and then answered back with his hard shots. In the end, the judges scored the bout 114-113 for Thurman, 115-112 for Pacquiao, and 115-112 for Pacquiao.

“I felt I tested him and myself. The judges saw it their way and now Manny Pacquiao is the champion,” Thurman stated. “It just hit me in the right spot and had me bleeding. It didn’t bother me too much. I was focused on putting pressure but he was quite conservative. I really thought I was putting pressure on him but my numbers were not up to par.

“There was so much going on and in that moment I knew it would be difficult to get the judges on my side. I was obviously hurt in that fight. That’s boxing and, obviously, he was well prepared.

“He started with the knockdown in the first and then the body shot in the end was enough to convince the judges. I thought I would be able to do some countering and pressure him. Some of the things I wanted to do I did. Put I came up short in the numbers game.

“It was a blessing and a lesson to have a tremendous fight. Me showing my grit. Of course, I wanted to win the fight and I fell short. I do know that I’m a true champion. I will be back to the top in the sport of boxing. Keith Thurman brings out the best in the welterweight division,” Thurman concluded.

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  • Well in the end you saw who was beat up and who wasn’t. Lesson learned that talk is cheap and block less punches with your face and never ever go back without side to side movement (but a Champ should already know that). I for one am pleased for Manny.

    • Thurman was classy in his defeat. It was a good fight for boxing fans. Look, one time was only promoting the fight with comments. Boxing is also a business and PPV numbers matter!

  • I am waiting for the day when a fighter admits that a judge scored the fight wrongly in his favor. The 114:113 score was yet another disgrace to boxing. This fight was a clear win for Pacquiao, and to call it a split decision is an insult. I do understand the 115:112 score. I had it 116:111 myself.

    • I agree. Especially with Manny. (How many robberies?) It’s the one thing that stains boxing when judges are so far off considering it’s their job. Thurman’s candor after the fight was true character and he may not have called out the judge directly but he admitted defeat which is testament that the judge scoring 114-113 in his favor was ridiculous.


    • with respect, the score was in no way a “disgrace”, never mind that I would agree boxing has had tons. please permit me to just say that I have judged and refereed fights, and I can tell you that judge positions can make a huge difference….with some judges almost appearing to have seen a different fight.
      what supervisors look for is to see whether a judge is radically different from the others, and then there will be a question as to why. still doesn’t mean anything nefarious, as again, each judge is only seeing the fight from his/her position. not much different from a referee not seeing a foul, because he is in a different position. it happens all the time, even to the best.
      lastly, tv is the worst place to judge a fight…just as, say, usually the only person on a baseball field who really knows what was a strike or not, is the umpire behind the plate. this is not said out of a desire to intellectually protect officials, just a fact of life.
      that said, I agree that manny won the fight, but I thought it was very, very close. indeed, if the fight had gone the old fifteen rounds, I think manny may have lost. to me, he looked like a shell of himself, especially in the second half…..and hey, he is 40, and is a real specimen, especially for a fighter in that weight class, so taking nothing away from him. then again, I saw the fight on TV, too, so mine is just another opinion that i otherwise would be suspicious of for the same reasons. anyway, it was an interesting match.

      • Thousands of fight would had gone totally different if championship were still at 15 rounds. Including a lot of Mayweather’s wins. So it is no longer a valid arguement. It is what it is. Manny won hands down.

    • I agree with your perspective. I had the same score too – though I bet we didn’t get there the same way.

    • Yes, Stonefree. For a moment I thought they were going to do a T.Bradley or Jeff Horn on manny again. But this time decency & truth prevail on the mind of the other two judges who had it right at 115 to 112 for the Pacman.

  • Thurman should be concerned about his performance. Manny was there to be hit but frequenctly KT could not pull the trigger. When he did, he did well but it is clear that he was not as sharp as before the injury. If he looks as bad in his next fight, his time at the top will be over. It might be already.

    • Manny was victorious in a close fight but we also have to assess compu box stats…PAcMan out jabbed one time but Thurman scored 43% of power shots… that’s the most an opponent has connected on Manny…At 40, PAC Man should consider retirement. If he steps in the ring against Spence, he could get seriously hurt. He is an all time legend that does not need to go out in that fashion!

    • No, it is already over. Both Spence and Crawford would have stopped him last night.

  • I actually thought this was a great fight….I also think some of the comments are a tad harsh…..Thurman lost a close fight against a LEGEND……nobody in boxing history will ever duplicate Manny, his style is one of a kind. The only person to effectively deal with Manny was Floyd (and a juiced Marquez who took 4 fights to figure him out) and Floyd is the BEST defensive fighter of all time hands down. Thurman competes with ALL the top welters, none of the other top welters have that speed/style (except Crawford, not as fast or explosive as Manny but more skilled)……..I think Manny competes with Crawford( Crawford would win tho don’t be silly thinking otherwise), destroys Danny Garcia but the size and strength of Spence would be to much imo

  • Nothing to be ashamed!!! Thurman fought well the second part of the fight!!! He landed great shots on Manny!!! But he wasn’t consistent on the attacks!!! The knock down in round 1 and the body shot in round 10 gave the fight away!!!! Manny Paq is the master!!!

  • Does anyone know or have a theory why someone of Pac’s legend and status has had so many judges out to get him?!?! I can’t figure it out.

  • Thurman fought one of his best ever and he was basically schooled by a master boxer fighter in PacMan. Very good win for him and a great fight.

  • Manny can be knocked out. We all know that and should know how. Thurman will never compete with the top fighters!!! He cant walk the talk!!!

  • I’m very glad Thurman put up a tough clean fight. I’m also glad Manny got the win, and I’m very glad Thurman gave a class speech at the end of the fight. Tough fight by two class fighters. And in the end boxing FINALLY benefitted by a correct decision. Manny now needs to decide if he is going to fight again, I think ANYONE that fights Manny is going to have to go through hell and back. And I would reckon this 40 year old to Big Georges comeback because Pac gave angles and threw punches that were really marvelous. FINALLY a real fight fought by REAL FIGHTERS,imagine that in this day and age. These two MEN did the sport proud,PROPS!!!!

  • I’m not a fan of his. However I give Thurman credit, he lost with class, not like that delusional clown Broner the loser.

  • just saw someone here mention (sorry that this message is out of synch….moving too fast to go back and find it for this comment..if the sysop wants to move it, I would be fine with that) how much they would like to see manny fight lomachenko at 140. due both to the weight…it is not as easy as manny’s age to lose the kind of weight (from walking around) to get to 140, but also, the age difference, given that manny looked every year of his age in the second half of the thurman fight…..I think manny would never and should never take that fight. it would be, albeit on a much “lower level”, as with the heart breaking sight of marciano knocking out joe louis in 1952…..”lower level” as, due to the times and circumstances, joe was so beloved by americans in a way that has not happened since….and not just because of his skill and competitiveness….but given the tenor of the times and the politics, to include joe making a shambles of schmeling in yankee stadium in their second fight.
    yes, warriors are willing to go out on their shields, but IMO, it could be dangerous, given how boxing can be…. and the image of him going out like that would not be pleasant for any real fight fan. indeed, he sqeaked by a thurman who did not look very good either, and that is enough. maybe he’ll take that fight with mayweather (who I think hits harder than people think and fwiw, I am not a mayweather fan) and then he should fade into the sunset. sure, who am i to say, but from “out here”, that’s how it looks.

  • I love the fact Pacquiao won, and always been a huge fan, but to quote Dave’s Moore (identities changed) after Duran knocked out Pipino Cuevas, “ Was Pacquiao that good or Thurman that bad?” Makes you think!

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