Teofimo Lopez: I’m the king of the division

By TMZ.com

“I know y’all scared and sh*t, but let’s just make the fight happen for the fans. Let’s just do that. Don’t overprice yourselves. If y’all believe y’all the best and y’all think that y’all can take this, then let’s make the fight happen! Man, don’t be p***y about it!”

That’s 23-year-old boxing champ Teofimo Lopez throwing down the gauntlet to rivals Ryan Garcia, Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney … 3 of the sport’s youngest, most-talented stars.

TMZ Sports talked to the undefeated, lightweight champ about his next move … as he plots his return just months after dethroning pound-for-pound king, Vasyl Lomachenko.

“Our goal is to shoot for three fights this year whether it’s my mandatory [boxer George Kambosos], Garcia, Haney, Tank Davis, those guys at 135 lbs., that’s where our goal is.”

22-year-old Garcia (21-0, 18 KOs) beat Olympic gold medalist Luke Campbell Saturday night … and then demanded a fight with 26-year-old Davis (21-0, 20 KOs), telling us he’ll knock out Tank inside 2 rounds.

Why isn’t anyone calling out Lopez?? Teo says it’s fear.

“It’s because they’re scared! It’s really what it comes down to. They’re scared.”

Unbeaten Tank Davis, scared?

“Yeah, he is [scared]. He is. He’s not scared of the opposition he’s facing right now because it’s light work. I mean he knocked out a 122 pounder [Leo Santa Cruz]. C’mon yo! I can do the same sh*t and I can do it better, in a better fashion,” Teofimo says.

“But hey, I take my hat off to [Davis], he’s doing his thing and I congratulate all of them. Haney, Garcia, Tank. But, when it comes to it man, I’m the king of the division. I’m the kingpin!”

Boxing in 2021 … gonna be fun!

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  • If true it seems strange that Garcia ,Haney and Davis aren’t calling him out.
    Still , better that they don’t call him out than call him out under false pretences.

    • But Loma is. And there is def a reason for a rematch. With it being really close dispite some bizarre scores, there was also a legit injury in the fight. Fight Loma again then act like the King.

      • Stop with the excuses he beat Loma, and he fought with a fractured foot and a wrist injury

        • I agree. Most of the young guys are dismissing Loma based on the Lopez fight, but they really want no parts of him. Teofimo saved the rest of the division by beating Loma.

    • And will get annihilated once they step foot in the ring. I like George but Lopez has too much speed and firepower for him. I want to see Lopez rematch Lomachenko because if he does, he loses his belts.

      • Because Loma will make the adjustments? Is that why you’ll think he’ll win? Well Lopez will also make the adjustments. He knows what he did wrong in the fight and he still won. Lopez is just stronger and his body attack is too much. Loma has always been weak in the body game. They fight again, Loma will lose again.

        • That’s based off nothing really. Loma had an injury and won the 2nd half. A rematch is warranted. I think Loma will win the rematch and they can get the rubber match on.

  • Teo right but my opinion I don’t count Tank at 135 because he under Mayweather promotion so he’ll fight tomato can untill the top 4 at 135 get of age or old but Teo still
    has Haney,Garica and other 135 but we will see I don’t think Tank will fight him not that’s he’s scared but he’s under the Mayweather rule of thought if y’all boxing fans know what I mean I mean Santa Cruz 122 pound fighter

    • Guys dont say anything when Mayweather, Mosley, Crawford, etc. needed to move up in weight to prove themselves. Leo had a lot of experience with a 37-1 record. Leo knows what he’s doing as a professional fighter. It was a solid win for Tank until the best lightweights fight each other. Not sure why single out Tank. Tanks affiliation with Mayweather promotions is likely the issue. Lets not forget Loma moved up in weight just a year ago. He was smaller than Teo right?

    • I’m glad you said that Slim. People have short term memory issues. Tank could have fought Lomachenko way before Lopez did and chose not to. As for the other 2, Haney and Garcia, they will not be fighting each other or Lopez for another 5 years.

      • The reason most fights aren’t made is due to promotional issues and unless you’re bringing in Mayweather/Pacquaio numbers Al Haymon & Bob Arum aren’t going to do any business with each other.

    • You’re the same dude who roots for GGG who NEVER proves himself but will knock on anything that has Mayweather promotions even though he’s moved up and proven himself MULTIPLE times.

  • Lopez vs. Davis, Garcia or Haney will never happen, they don’t want a part of him and are just waiting Lopez’s departure to 140. Lopez will face bigger challenges at 140 and 147, maybe by 2023. Thinking a fight between Lopez vs. Virgil Ortiz or Terence Crawford is not unreal, it’s more feasible than him against the three before mentioned.

    • That’s unfortunate. They should settle all or at least some of that business at 135 lbs before he departs for a higher weight class.

    • Lopez would do well to avoid Vergil Ortiz and Bud. Both of them stop him easily. Lopez needs to stay at 135. Prograis and Taylor are too big and skilled for him. They beat him as well. Perfect fight for Teo right now would be Mikey Garcia or rematch against Loma but I think HiTech wins that fight too. I like Teo. He’s just not the destroyer people make him out to be. He barely beat an injured Loma and until he impressively beats an elite fighter like Haney or Mikey I will wait before I start calling him a pfp contender.

  • All terrific fighters The lightweight division is on fire Great for boxing. Now we just Jim Lampley and HBO back on the fight train…

  • Can Teo give Loma the rematch and run it back one more time? I am not convinced he is the best 135 lbs, although he definitely deserved the win versus Loma; but the fight was so close and he looked really shaky in the middle rounds.

    • Isa , I respect ur opinion on the matter, but Lopez clear won that fight hands down. Lopez won 5 out of the 6 first round and took 2 out of the 3 last rounds .. he hit first and more clean punches to the body what i think Loma didn’t take very well . I thought Lomo would defeat Lopez when the fight start but after the fight Lopez performance proved me wrong and really i was satisified with the decision because it was the right one . Lopez proved me wrong with his talent and will to fight that what boxing needs ,

      • ok Loma had a terrible game plan but to everybody saying that loma was scared of Lopez power i ask when was he ever rocked or stunned? never and yes he gave up the first 6 rounds why only Loma knows but rounds 7-5 Loma fed Lopez punch after punch and Lopez had NO choice but to block with his face! now the 12th round i thought lopez showed he wanted it more than Loma and was satisfied with the decision(not some of the bought scoring though) now Lopez talks about KOing these other fighters yet was NEVER close in doing that to Loma yes there should be an immediate rematch the champion is always entitled to it i mean Lopez should have no problem beating him again and its business right twice the pay right since hes now champion.

        • Loma said he was careful due to Lopez’s power. If a fighter is reluctant to attack like they normally do it’s because they got hit with something that made them second guess just attacking.

      • Absolutely Mark. I do not disagree with you in the least bit. As I said in my comment ” he (Teo) definitely deserved the win versus Loma” I just would be interested to see the re-match.

  • Lopez talks too much just like his father. He will get his ass handed to hin sooner then later. Davis, Garcia, Haney and many more in the division are just as good or better.

      • Respect your comment, but the way tank struggled with a shot Gamboa, i really don’t think its Davis…

    • Yes, talking too much makes any fighter marketable. Lopez simply on some confidence train after beating Loma. After he beats a few more good fighters, I will then give my opinion. Too early for me right now to truly analyze his longevity as a champion.

  • In the eternal words of Tywin Lannister: “Any man who must say, “I am the King”, is no true king.”

  • Lopez u are the man, calling out the 3 top most dangerous fighter is what i respect about u as a champion, money don’t make champs fighting the & defeating them does .. Keep calling them out , they gonna hv to fight u sooner or later . Great performance in ur last fight , keep em coming champ !!!!!

  • It’s hard to imagine Lopez having a more impressive KO of Santa Cruz than Davis did, but it would be every bit the mismatch. Lopez is right about the size of Leo. He is also right about being the king at Lightweight. I seriously doubt that any of the three guys he mentioned are afraid. The question is why aren’t they calling him out is worth considering though and I believe the answer is simply green. Davis vs Garcia are a bigger promotion plain and simple. From a money stand point I doubt many non boxing fans even know Lopez (yet). Garcia has done a superb job of marketing himself and Tank hasn’t done bad either.

    Lopez should take care of his mandatory while Loma heals up and hopefully, they can do it one more time. Lopez will win both imo and by then maybe Garcia and/or Davis will step up. As for Haney, it’s not a fight that would produce fireworks (promotionally or stylistically). The only thing I see going wrong is Lopez having to move up to 140. He’s a large Lightweight and still growing, so time might not be on his side.

    Side note on Lomachenko: I fear his body is giving up on him and it might be time to retire. If nothing else he should move down to his more natural weight. Watching Garcia against Campbell really drives home the point. Loma looked tiny next to Campbell, but Garcia not only looked bigger, but acted like he knew it.

  • These four warriors should fight each other this year with the WBC preparing a belt for the best lightweight: THE CHAMP

  • I don’t know man. The way Santa Cruz went down was I hard to beat highlight (with all due respect to Santa Cruz).

  • Teo is right on the money, keep calling them out, Garcia, Davis, Haney. The King Teo duty as he profess is to clean up the 135 Lb Division. If the proteges don’t answer the call, then is time to move on and up in weight to 140 or 147 were the top dogs are i.e., Spence, Crawford, Porter will answer the call.

  • Wasn’t a fan of Teo. He and father talk too much, disrespectful.. but I’ve changed my mind. He’s keeping it real trying to cut through the BS and ready to fight anyone. Garcia, Haney gonna wait and hope that Teo moves up in weight .. they want nothing to do with him. Davis does not either but Davis most dangerous at 130.

    • Bill & Devin Haney keeps calling Lopez out, no one is afraid of Lopez!!! Anybody who knows boxing understands promotional issues prevent some crossover fights. All these fighters have sparred and no ones afraid of the other, if it makes money it makes sense.

  • You got to wonder why “tank” goes around calling for smaller men but I ain’t hear him doing the same with Lopez. I ain’t a Lopez fan but I respect what he’s doing and he has a very valid point.

    It was after all Lopez who was calling out the former true champion of the decision Lomachenko but once he beat him you had other clowns calling out for Loma but not Lopez like the extremely boring Stevenson who’s not even a lightweight at least yet.

    I think Tank is scared of Lopez. I don’t even hear Haney calling out for Lopez! Funny how Haney and Davis and now Garcia are running around calling themselves champions when Lopez is the real champion at 135 all the others are bogus paper champions! Like how many worlds are there for them all to be calling themselves a world champion and in the same division! just sick and tired of these alphabet super, regular, interim, emeritus bla bla bla fake ass shit..

    • Do you even watch boxing? There’s plenty of videos of Haney calling out Lopez. There’s even videos of there fathers hanging out mentioning the fight. It’s ok to have a favorite but don’t mislead, go on YouTube and search Haney/Lopez they even argue about a past sparring session.

  • I do not see anybody defeating Lopez at 135, and I highly doubt Loma wants to deal with Lopez’s heat at 135; but we will see what Loma does after he heals.

    Until the key 135 pounders find the courage to fight Lopez, it appears Lopez will have to take care of his mandatory(ies) and avoid self destruction issues outside the ring. Otherwise, Lopez should test the waters at 140.

    • Lopez heat? he had 12 rounds to get rid of the smaller Lomachenko but couldnt and other than the first 6 round head start crazy ass Loma gave Lopez rounds 7-11 were nothing but loma pitching and Lopez catching with his face now again round 12 was Lopez he showed he wanted it more but a rematch is in order remove all doubt its funny how fast Top rank and ESPN was quick to replace Lomachenko after hailing him as P4P King lol


    • Tank knocks Garcia out!!! He was hurt by a guy that’s not considered a puncher.

  • Fight the #1 then do a fight with Loma…and then if you win you can call you self the King can’t call you self a King on a Controversial decision

    • Loma made sure in the contract there was a no rematch clause, now that he lost he wants a rematch

  • will somebody please go shut Teofimo up!! he had one good fight and think he is the all be all. fight somebody and stop talking.

    • Well Coach D…he got the win so…he’s the man to beat until somebody beats him.

  • Lopez is not that good. If Loma would of threw more than 10 punches through the 1st 6 rounds he would of never won. Tank will knock him out. I never will watch another Loma fight.

    • Jake, could’ve would’ve should’ve. And the end of the day he didn’t and that’s why Teófimo is on top.

    • Nobody cares what you’ll watch or won’t watch because you don’t pay for anything anyway.

  • Tank Davis is by far superior to Lopez and Garcia. His rep sucks because of his thug antics outside the ring.

  • Davis will continue to duck and dive just like the cancer that was Floyd Mayweather who paralyzed the sport with his ducking and diving key fights. Boxing is screwed because of Mayweather.

    • Richest man in boxing history and beat all your favorite fighters, and if he fought tomorrow he’d sale millions of PPV

  • Garcia, Haney, or Davis can beat Teofimo they have the talent and the skills. Teofimo will not have it as easy as before. Teofimo will be challenged to the fullest and can be beaten by any of this fighters.

  • Davis is campaigning in 2 divisions and is the top PPV star currently so they can do whatever they want. Teo needs to rematch LOMA who said he wants the fight. So don’t act like nobody’s calling you out kid.

  • He’s not wrong. The other three posers in the division haven’t done anything. Even though Lopez fought a tactical kind of scared fight against Lomachenko, who would have beaten him last year when he was active and fresher, is better than these three punk kids pretending to be champions. Lopez would brutally KO Ryan Garcia and stank davis, and would chase Haney around the ring for a wide decision.

  • Teofimo’s the real champ. Gervonta is the paper champ. Haney is the email champ. Kingry has a participation award.

  • The lightweight division is almost like the heavyweight division was a couple of years back. Back then, we had Parker, Fury, Wilder, and Joshua all undefeated and then they started fighting each other, plus we had Ruiz, Povetkin, Whyte, Pulev and Hughie Fury all with only one loss. This is gonna be interesting…..

  • He is right he is the king. So the best way to avoid fighting Lopez, without losing face, is to ask for unrealistic amounts of money so the promoters would be the ones saying no way Jose.

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