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Tank Kingry La
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Gervonta “Tank” Davis and “Kingry” Ryan Garcia squared off for the second straight day on Thursday, this time in Los Angeles as they completed back-to-back, coast-to-coast press conferences to preview their highly anticipated 12-round 136lb catchweight showdown that headlines a Showtime PPV production on Saturday, April 22 from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. After an animated face-off at Wednesday’s event in New York City, Davis and Garcia got up close and personal again on Thursday in Beverly Hills, exchanging heated words and more, with Davis playfully throwing a left hook that whizzed inches from Garcia’s chin and Garcia shadowboxing in close proximity to Davis during the ceremonial stare down.

Gervonta Davis: I’m gonna walk you to the deep waters and I’m gonna drown you. They gonna have to pick you up. I promise you that. This guy keeps talking about how he’s gonna hit me with a hook, but he doesn’t have anything else but a hook. What else have you got? He’s not a complete fighter…I’ve put a lot of guys to sleep and Ryan is next.”

Ryan Garcia: “I’m here to win and I promise you that I have heart and determination like you’ve never seen before. ‘Tank’ likes to fight guys that don’t hit hard, but I hit hard. When I hit you with that left hook, you’re gonna be on the floor. Asleep. Good night…I’m gonna beat him and I’m gonna knock him out. See you on April 22.”

Weights from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Weights from Ontario, California

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  • Can’t wait! Please no injuries, no bs delays. This is the first mega fight in a while. Kudos to both fighters. If you have friends that don’t understand why you like to watch boxing, have them watch this one. Despite the betting odds, this is a pick ‘em between two fighters with power and very high skill level.

    • Can’t wait to see this fight. I think Tank is going to destroy Garcia badly. I also worry that Garcia is going to start cross dressing like his promoter. It’s a terrible thing to do but it is what it is..

  • Wakanda Forever! Garcia is Namor and Tank is the Jabari Tribe. No disrespect to my brown cousins on this site, and I respect Ryan as a good fighter, but do it for those recent black victims of the cartels, Tank. There seems to be some tension going on these days between the two groups, but nonetheless, the Latino’s vs the blacks make great fights. Tank is the modern day boxing Latino Assassin. Tank all day!

    • blacks dont have friends in any parts of the world, or with any other group.
      Nothing to do with 2 great young undefeated fighters seeking greatness and a huge payday.
      Black vs Hispanic always had a great Boxing rivalry without the additional politics.
      And we know the Cartels are not above slaughtering their own.

  • If the fight isn’t fixed, Tank wins. If it’s fixed because of the promoters then Garcia wins a decision and sets up a trilogy.

  • Neither guy sounds like he completed the 11th grade.

    I like the good ole days, when boxers wore a suit and tie, conducted themselves like gentlemen, showed respect, and only fought as gentlemen, in the ring.

    Boxing needs to grow up.

  • Gervonta skull too big for his body look like a godanm midget bobblehead. Smaller skull and wide shoulders is what me and Ryan got & looks aesthetic & makes women wet. Just putting it out there because seen people making comments about Ryan’s skull size.

  • I think Pitbull Cruz set the stage for one way to beat tank.
    Ryan is faster, taller, reach advantage, and can follow up to a bit Pitbull Cruz blueprint.
    Tank has explosive power, can finish a fight at any time with one punch KO ala Rolly Romero, Ryan was already knockdown in a previous fight so he is susceptible to a good punch, Tank hasn’t
    Sentimentally, I am picking Ryan…

  • A great year for boxing, I hope this fight happens in April and some other great matchups, like Inoue-Fulton, Teofimo -Taylor, Usyk – Fury, Vargas–Figueroa.
    Ryan Garcia is my pick, but this fight is a tossed up and if Gervonta wins I would welcome that

  • Easy points win for garcia.

    Really unsure why ppl don’t understand that ryan’s length will be the difference in this fight.

    • Nothing will be “easy” for Garcia. He has a questionable chin that will get tested by Tank. Tank has fought guys who hit hard such as pitbull and Romero (the same man who rock Garcia is sparring). You keep bring up size. Tanks has defeated taller fighters that isn’t anything new. Ryan has never seen anything like Tank. Ryan tends to pull out. I just hope he doesn’t claim mental health and pull out of this fight.

      • This is not a good matchup for Tank. He knows it which is why he’s already talking about taking him to the deep waters, aka the championship rds late in the fight.

        Davis basically lost the first 6 rds against an amateur in romero because of the size difference. He had to lull romero out of what he was doing because romero was easily winning. Rolly then got overly aggressive and got stopped because he was stupid and started chasing davis.

        When Ryan doesn’t come forward at all, and sits behind a fast jab that touches and piles up points, how does davis get in position to score without getting caught?

        Typically you have to be the more physically imposing, more powerful fighter in order to come forward and take all the risks. But Davis will not be able to bully Ryan because Ryan is actually a lot bigger than him.

        Ryan is just as fast if not faster. If tank can’t get in position to land and actually hurt ryan then he has ZERO chance to win a decision.

        • Newsflash everyone knows Davis is a slow starter. Welcome to boxing.

          Davis has been down on the cards, once again welcome to boxing. You’re only telling half the story. What happened when he was down on the cards? He activated that great equalizer and closed the show.

          Ryan has bad defense and got knocked down by Luke Campbell backing up when he advanced him. Do you believe Tank will not advance him or Ryan will not advance Tank because he’s the bigger guy. Naturally, the bigger guy is going to try and walk down the smaller guy.

          Ryan is faster than Tank. Nobody will dispute that. Tank has precision. Ryan doesn’t have the best footwork, he has no variety outside of a left hook and questionable chin. When Tank beats him don’t make excuses about the hydration clause. Keep this same energy.

  • I hope Ryan Garcia doesn’t pull out, claim covid, mental health etc. Tank always shows up. If Ryan shows up on fight night I’m definitely a new fan for life. These are the type of boxers who deserve fan support despite who you are rooting for. How can you root against someone who is willing to fight the best in their division?

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