Talks ongoing for Parker-Chisora in October

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

A showdown between former WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker (26-2, 20 KOs) and WBC #10 Derek Chisora (31-9, 22 KOs) is in the works for October and is close to being a done deal according to Parker’s promoter David Higgins. ”It’s pretty close to being done,” Higgins told Sky Sports. “It’s been talked about for months and we finally received an offer yesterday which we will accept. The email we received is for October in London and we will take it.

”We haven’t been told if we’re the main event or not, only that Parker is the B-side despite being part of one of the biggest PPVs in UK history and then having another huge fight against Dillian Whyte.”

Higgins added that working with Chisora’s manager David Haye and promoter Eddie Hearn has been difficult.

“I do like Haye and Hearn, but they’re very wealthy British toffs. Communication has been very poor on their part. For the AJ-Parker fight, Hearn was returning my calls straight away, but for this, I’ve been ignored for the most part.”

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  • Don’t write Derek off for this one… he’s having a bit of an Indian summer as of late. If Parker’s not on top of his game he’ll come unstuck.

  • Parker is gonna keep getting good fights as long as people remember that he gave Andy Ruiz Jr. his only loss.

  • Disappointed to hear Hearn hadn’t been too forthcoming in returning calls. Maybe Hearn has too many HWs to manage properly or maybe he has been so tied up in making the AJ/Ruiz rematch and the Whyte case.
    You don’t know what you’ll get in this fight but you feel it could be the end (as far as WT aspirations are concerned) for the loser.

  • I like this fight quite a bit. It definitely has the feel of one will still be a legitimate contender and the other becomes a gate keeper. With that said, in the HW Division a gate keeper is one punch away from being given another title shot.

    Parker is the pick. I actually think Parker could still make noise, but might need a new trainer. He has youth, power and a chin all working for him. Plus, he has lost, so he might be more apt to get a shot.

  • Whatever Chisora has left in the tank will be enough to make this one a hell of a good fight. The pick must be Parker, even by stoppage late on the fight, but don’t expect an easy night for him, because Chisora knows this could be his last hurrah at this level and will give all in order to win. This could be a FOY candidate IMO

    • Mike: Your comment and prediction make perfect sense to me. Above all, I always hope to see a good fight.

  • The quicker Parker gets a new promoter the better. Parker is far too inactive and not in the mix.

  • Joe needs a new trainer more than anything,he’s hanging on by his finger nails to keep his spot among the heavies but to be honest he hasn’t really gone anywhere,back or forward ……he’s as tough as an old boot but seems to miss that mongrel you need to reach the top !!!

  • Why is Parker fighting Chisora? No upside in this pairing. Usky needs and opponent in October. If he is serious about fighting as a HWT Parker is a great choice. Would show he is serious and confident. I can see Parker turning the fight down.

  • Chisora is a entertainer.. He Will knock someone the hell out or get himself knocked out… Either way.. He comes to shred! I like him.

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