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  • Lopez may be confident now, but in the end, I hope admits to being schooled and beaten fair and square. Loma knows this is a signature fight and a win like this will be campaign material for better things to come.

    • Lopez gets this win you will need to come here and eat crow. Def not a clear win for Loma

      • I have no problem admitting when I am wrong when I pick my favorites to win. Hey, it’s all for the fun of the sport. I admitted I was way off when Fury KO’d Wilder. I figured that powerful right hand would get Fury like it did in the first fight. I appreciate you pointing this out, but I will admit defeat if I am wrong.

  • Both fighters may have to go to hell in this fight, and if so, which fighter is willing to come back from hell to win the fight.

    The world will see.

  • The best thing about this fight is that we really don’t know how good Lopez is! We know Loma is a beast. Lopez is definitely a very good fighter but we will find out tomorrow if he is a GREAT fighter. That’s what he will need to be to get his hand raised. I don’t think Arum would throw this kid to the wolves. They believe in him. They see him as a future star. Most compelling fight scenario in a long time! Can’t wait!

  • Seriously? Is there any real question as to who’s going to win this fight? It’s a classic old vs young, bull vs matador, but Loma is going to win! One way or another. Lopez may make it interesting for a second or two, but Loma is going to access the situacion and find a way to convingly break him down, and command the fight. This fight is a scientific equation, and anybody who really understands the sweet science of boxing,, knows that Loma is going to take Lopez to school. I say this unbaisesdly, and if I’m wrong, you can all eat my hat!

    • Kris, I am on the same boat with you. I will admit defeat if I a wrong, but I do feel as the fight progresses, Lopez will get frustrated swinging at air and Loma picks him apart. Yes, Lopez has a punchers’ chance, but he has limited skills working at angles since he relies on that power way too much. Plus, he’s young and learning. We will see…

      • Hey Scooby Doo Loma dont frustaded Orlando Salido ? What you talking about bro. Loma going to be running !!!!

        • Yes, Loma will move (not run) at angles to set up punches…..Loma’s so-called running will be setting punches up. Have a great evening…

  • The sure way to win for loma is to frustrate lopez but a KO win is worth trying ✌️

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