Sergio Martinez vs. Marcos Maidana??!

Former middleweight champion Sergio Martinez is planning a comeback in Spain this June and he wants a real test, not a tune-up. The name of Marcos Maidana has been proposed and both sides are interested in the possibility, either in June or more likely in the following fight if Martinez looks good in his comeback. Both last fought in 2014. Martinez (45) against Miguel Cotto, and Maidana (37) against Floyd Mayweather.

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  • Maidana is really a jr. Welterweight. It doesn’t make any sense. He also has been inactive for years now.

    • I don’t know where you got that, because he fought as a welterweight against Floyd. Also the last time I saw a picture of Maidana he looked more a sumo wrestler than anything else. It’s just for the extra money, good for them, but this fight should take place in Argentina I guess

      • Not happening. This Pandemic we got going on is spreading like wildfire world wide.

      • Mike,

        Maidana began fighting at 140 pounds. He fought Amir Khan at that weight.

        But you are right, he ballooned up to about 230 pounds after retirement.

      • You should look up a recent picture of him, he’s looking to be in great shape again.

  • I must say, both fighters in their primes were fun to watch. Maidana’s battering up of Broner on Showtime was a great fight to watch even if you are not a boxing fan. Martinez had his moments especially when he fought Paul Williams. Martinez was a great all around athlete and even excelled in soccer. Maidana was simply someone who came to fight no matter how big the task was in front of him.

    • In their primes, Martinez could have schooled Midana at Jr. Middleweight, easily

      • Yes, Martinez’s athleticism combined with his quick reflexes and counter punching would have confused Maidana in much of the fight. I cant discount Maidana too much as he was great in his own right. Very gritty, unorthodox, and decent power thru the course of an entire fight with any opponent. You are right Mike!

  • Oh Lord, please tell me it ain’t true. These geezer fests are absolutely boring and lead to nothing. Maybe the kleig lights, more than the money is their calling. Mayweather…maybe if his heart is still in it.

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