Ruiz-Joshua II lands in Saudi Arabia

On Monday in London, Eddie Hearn will chair a press conference along with Omar Khalil, Managing Partner of Skill Challenge Entertainment, official event partner in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to formally announce Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Anthony Joshua 2 ‘Clash on the Dunes.’ The bout will take place December 7 in Diriyah, Saudi Ababia.

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  • Saudi Arabia?? What, Mars wasn’t available for December 7? Or what about Timbuktu? Saudi Arabia??

  • Omy.
    Its unlikely.
    But, Wouldnt it be great if Ruiz could do it again.
    5 months to get in shape. He will probably need every day of it

    • Rwb…. Why will Ruiz need every day of the five months to get into shape? He was in better shape than AJ in the first fight. He didn’t tire like AJ and he obviously knocked him out. What are you even talking about? AJ is getting knocked out again.

      • Berserker.
        Because Ruiz is probably pushing 300lbs right now. And yes. It would be fantastic if Ruiz beat Aj again.

  • Joshua will get exposed again. Andy by KO in the 6th. Clash of the Dunes? Seriously, who comes up with these event names.

  • Predictable comments. Only those with eyes know that this may be a rush -to-re-match because Mr. Joshua has to learn more than a few alternatives that can not be taught overnight to offset Mr. Ruiz. Whereupon, have to be executed repeatedly in sparring against many opposition.

    • He pretty much has to take the rematch straight away. It’s a gamble but it’s more of a gamble declining in because it would probably be a longer road back if he didn’t.
      If he wins then he gets all 3 belts back. Of course he could lose but he could lose to another ranked contender anyway. If he doesn’t exact the rematch clause he could drop down the rankings and with Haymon fighters owning all 4 belts he could find it difficult to get a shot.
      If Fury dethrones Wilder Warren is no more likely to give AJ a shot either

  • Ruiz is too confident and will be in better shape this time so if AJ uses the same strategy he gets KO’d
    AJ wins easy if he does a slap hold and run job for 6-7 rounds.
    AJ can go for the late KO or just keep the jab like in the Parker fight. Fighting in Saudi much better for AJ then Mexico

  • Another EASY win for Ruiz. Those of you saying 5 months isn’t long enough for Ruiz to get into shape don’t know what you’re talking about. He may not look like it but he’s in shape to fight. That’s all that matters. Same result.

  • December 7th will be AJ’s Pearl Harbor again! A day that will live in inflabby, Andy’s shape that is! I mean, he’s got a weight problem. What’s a vato gonna do? He’s Mexican.

  • He was in better “shape” than AJ in the first fight. Anybody that watched should know it.

  • I’ve got AJ by knockout this time.
    He was not trained for Ruiz and had his mind on other things, plus he tried to finish Ruiz from the wrong range and got caught with a shot he never recovered from. AJ is a better fighter than Ruiz and he is right about fighting him 10 times and winning nine.
    This is Lewis Rahman 2 all over again.

    • You are clueless. Ruiz is the better boxer. You have never seen AJ throw more than a 3 punch combo ever. Else he gets gassed. Ruiz throws like 10 in a combo….as he is moving forward! Ruiz by TKO!

    • Joshua will have to change his entire style of fighting to defeat Ruiz and he can’t do that in six months i.m afraid Ruiz wins again

  • A lot of people are talking about Ruiz being in shape, but I think AJ seems more likely to gas out. History is on Ruiz’s side. There are few fighters who have come back from being knocked out. I know Lewis did against Rahman, but that was a one punch knockout. AJ was beat up plain and simple. Couple that with the fact that he knocked Ruiz down only to see him get up really is a huge psychological blow.

    As for Saudi Arabia…money talks.

  • I don’t want him to, but I think Ruiz wins. His speed, counters and willingness to stand toe to toe are the attributes that make him the winner.

    AJ is big, strong and hits hard, but he’s not a fast in and out combo fighter….and his chin isn’t great either.

    Ruiz didn’t expose him, the writing has been on the wall a while, Whyte seriously hurt him and Vlad had him down and dazed, Ruiz just exploited these weaknesses with his natural style of fighting and won.

    • Then why in the hell would you root for Joshua? Nationalism is that strong, huh? I want Ruiz to win because he’s a better fighter and Chavez Jr. to lose because he doesn’t have half the guts that Andy Ruiz has!

      • Guadalaharry, I guess I’ve invested more of my time following AJ, that’s why I root for him, nationalism probably has something to do with it too, but it’s not solely down to that….I like to think I’m pretty unbiased and often ‘root’ overseas fighters v UK fighters, esp if I think the UK fighter is undeserving, arrogant or just a bit of an arsehole…

        I thought Ruiz was very underrated going into the first fight and I like his style and am a fan. I won’t be overly upset if he wins and I’ll certainly follow him going forward, he comes across as a really decent, humble bloke and we’ve all seen his talent, guts etc.

  • This will not be an easy fight for Ruiz. This is gonna be a good fight. We will see what Joshua brings to the table this time.

    • Not a chance. Ruiz is FAR more skilled than AJ. Ruiz is going to knock him out again.

    • AJ will destroy him, Ruiz should just enjoy his one hit wonder time as champion like Rahman did.

  • The only X-Factor in this fight is if Ruiz is still hungry to be champion after all the newfound fame and fortune. Other than that, this is going to be the same Andy Ruiz fighting in Saudi Arabia who TKOd Joshua the first time. If Ruiz has that same mindset, I predict another TKO for the much higher skilled Ruiz.

  • He wouldn’t go to UK, but he will go to Saudi Arabia? VADA testing isn’t enough as they only come once a month. Joshua will be on the roads this time and I doubt Saudi Arabia will care. However, I still think Ruiz wins again. But he should have made it easy on himself and stuck with fighting in Mexico or MSG again. He is the champion and should dictate where the fight is.

    • Tell me James if you were offered 5 times what you are earning now to go abroad for a bigger payday knowing it might be your biggest ever payday I think you might

  • Okay? The venue and the country mean nothing as long as it available for people on normal paychecks. Vegas or NY could’ve been great, but the rich sheiks may hopefully care less for the money than the greedy folks in USA.

  • AJ will destroy fatman Ruiz this time, AJ didn’t take him seriously last time and was thinking too much about Wilder and just wanted to get Ruiz out of there quickly.

  • Seems a strange choice of venue to me and I’m even wondering if AJ is thinking win or bust and that SA has been chosen because it generates the most money?
    Having said that , I think AJ will win the rematch. Of course Ruiz may be all wrong for him but I think it was an off night where Ruiz caught him in an area of the head where it is difficult to recover from. He got back up and chinned Wlad in a longer fast paced fight so I feel he has bouncebackability.

  • AJ will have ko’d The Russian doll by rd 3.

    The doll managed to buy a big house and feed his fam.

    Laters doll ….belts are coming bk and then wilder will be shut up too once and for all.

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