Ruiz challenges Joshua to fight in Mexico

Still no date or venue for the rematch between WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz and former champion Anthony Joshua.

Joshua told Sky Sports “I’m going to battle for it to be in the UK, because it’s my stomping ground. I done one out there, so let’s do the rematch here…I’d fight in Tijuana and Ruiz’s uncle could be the referee and I would still whoop him.”

Ruiz responded on Twitter. “AJ says he can ‘whoop’ me in Tijuana. Prove it! Let’s run it in Mexico. Remember that you did have a huge reason to come to America and that was to build your profile. #Ruiz🤖 #cherrypickgonewrong

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  • Ruiz knows he was cherry-picked as an easy late replacement with a good record. I hope the same thing happens to Fury for his cherry-picking

    • i don’t really think he was cherry picked. They may not have thought Ruiz was a tough opponent but I can’t think of an obvious better replacement for Miller who AJ hadn’t already fought. They pushed for Ortiz first and he turned it down. Usyk maybe, but that would have been an absurd debut HW fight for him. I believe them when they say they wanted a respectable opponent for AJ’s US debut. They still just underestimated what Ruiz was capable of.

      • I can agree with that “CB”. Typical Rocky story. Joshua’s team wanted to find someone durable and can take his beating so that he could impress the USA and build his cred.. finding an easy opponent and KO’n him fast would have done nothing for him at all to build an American Brand for himself. Your statement says it all ” They still just underestimated what Ruiz was capable of” PERFECTLY PUT.. I hope Joshua trains harder for this next one as I think Ruiz is gonna take his game up a level too. He is the champ now and I’m sure doesn’t wanna lose.

    • let me see you get in the ring with fury, david..I think fury has you outta’ there by the ninth.

  • It makes sense for it to be in Mexico, and I’m sure they’d get a filled stadium. Hopefully there’s no contractual obligation to stage it in the UK. Hell, AJ had the crowd behind him in msg so let’s see how he does without the crowd support.

  • One thing confuses me about Andy Ruiz is that he was born raised in USA but he calls himself Mexican. I get it that politics and religion should have nothing to do with a boxer’s ring record. I still think he is a hero to his community but I hope he is respectful to the American flag and yes our POTUS

      • He can be born in The USA but still have Mexican Roots,he is still Mexican and it would be good for Mexico if he was to fight there AJ had all of his fights accept the one he lost in the UK, So what is the problem if Ruiz wants to fight in his Native Country? wht should he be deported? Hell if that is the case everyone should because this land was stolen and there cant be any rules or laws on Stolen Property…TRUMP SUPPORTER I say that because he is not a President he is a Motivational speaker for the racist

        • Eric Hancock, his “native” country is the US.. Are you thick?!? His parents are from Mexico… He was born in the US.. Which makes him a US native.

          • He can fight wherever he wants he has the belts so he calls the shots,,if he was Born here or not he REPRESENTS his Native ROOTS which is Mexico..My family is from CHERAW South Carolina ,extended from CHERAW Indians,,if I was Champion ,,I cant say I wanna fight in Cheraw because I was born here?..I have to read racist comments from people say I need to be deported?

          • Why not Mexican and American? Didn’t we have Irish Micky Ward and in movies the Italian Stallion? Both American?

        • Jesus Eric, at least go over your comment and make more accurate statements and use better English!

        • Eric Hancock, you’re wasting your time with these guys. They are obsessed with this crap. Nothing else in their lives is more exciting than this subject. Let them be.

      • What? And miss all the stress of school shootings and assault weapon attacks? You’re a pendejo and worse don’t know anything about boxing!

        • He would make the sign of the cross and kiss his ass goodbye if he said something like that to Ruiz! Better yet let one of his fans take care of his light work!

          • Crosswell, not get in the ring with him but what you said: deport him. So go grab him and deport him. But I’m sure you would step in the ring with him.

    • Of Course he is a Maxican
      Mexicali , lives across the border like 1000’s of Mexicans you fool

      • Ruiz is no more mexican than me and im from Uk. Next you’ll be telling me all US and Brit black people are African. Decendents maybe.

        • So you’re an United Kingdom citizen? What is your ethnicity ADZ? Just curious to see who to blame!

          • Im pink. I refuse to be categorised as being white after meeting people in Greenland who really are white.

      • Wow! Please tell me you weren’t educated in the United States! Maxican? Course capitalized? 1000’s? No period? The only thing worse would be if you’re from the UK! Please, please Fightnews, shame these so-called writers! An emergency e-mail to them would be SOOOO welcomed!

    • If you were born and raised in Japan but both parents were American would you call yourself Japanese. I think not.

        • I was born in the Philippines in a US Airforce base, we moved back the states when I was two. I’m no more Philippino than Manny Pacquiao is

    • @Dovid, 8 downvotes means that 8 brain-dead people viewed your comment. Zombies.. If that honest and good questions draws dislike from people.. Maybe they should volunteer to be rounded up and cast out… Just saying

  • It appears that Andy Ruiz is quicker than Joshua with his words too.

    You said it AJ, back it up! LOL!

  • The fight is better to happen in UK. Ruiz is a proven fighter that can fight in any place and the event and money is bigger by a wide margin over there than USA or Mexico. Ruiz can defeat Joshua again and maybe quicker this time. It wasn’t a simple fluke the win of Ruiz over Joshua, but by no means I am trying to say Ruiz has his numbers. Kovalev lost to Eleider Alvarez and seemed that in the rematch Alvarez would do it again. We know what happened, the same could happen in the Joshua vs. Ruiz rematch. Its hard to define the outcome of this rematch, but at the end is going to be conclusive about the status of each men

    • That Kovalev rematch was one of the highest wagers I ever put on a boxing match. I am not saying I pick them all, I lose money all the time. I could just not believe Kov was an underdog for that fight. Kov fought like a steam roller in the first fight and got caught with a stupid telegraphed straight right. Apart from that shot all Alvarez showed was a good chin. A guy of Kov’s caliber could definitely box sensible and take the rematch comfortably

  • I’d like to see it happen again in the US. If AJ beats him in the UK then the haters will say he’s a hometown fighter who can’t travel and maybe even cite events re Whyte etc and UK is a dodgy country etc.
    Also , not sure I like AJ talking about whooping Ruiz. Not his usual style.

  • 100,000+Gate and huge viewership on PPV for a Mexican Heavyweight Champion fighting during a Mexican Holiday. Sorry AJ, but this is far greater an event then your plans. This would be huge and a promoters dream!
    Question for everyone out there; what fight did Chávez pack 100,000 people and at what Mexican stadium?

    • Adam that was mostly at the domestic level thanks to JCC immense popularity. But at the world level it wasn’t that big. Does Ruiz has that charisma in the heart of the Mexican fans? The answer is no.
      Greg Haugen vs. Julio Cesar Chavez took place in the Estadio Azteca on February 20 1993 and there was a good build up that pushed Mexican fans to the event to support their idol. I don’t see this way this time, but I can see a massive support from the UK people in Joshua’s favor and a crowd of 80+K in attendance, also a good PPV numbers

    • 132,000 plus for Chavez vs Haugen. Your forgetting that Ruiz is born and bred in USA and hardcore Mexicans know this.

      • Andy Ruiz is Mexicano 100%, do you really believe that we give a shit what side of the border he was born? Sure he’s pocho but so what? I’ve never ever felt that that word was negative like some do! The Golden Gordito is the man! Who else would have gotten up after that knockdown and gone forward to beat the crap out of the FORMER champion with his reputation and power? Most would have run and held like an octopus! The rematch belongs in Mexico and just watch how many real fight fans show up!

      • Listen Cunnigulus, Andy Ruiz has never disclaimed the US! Please tell me when and where this was reported! You do know that Caligula enjoyed men, right? Change the name please but I’ll still know it’s you from your asinine comments!

        • Guadalaharry, dude you’re wasting your time. This caliagua guy along with Juan Valdez and Jonathan are obsessed with that. They have nothing better to do in life.

        • @ guadalaharry, if you feel I’m the real Caligula, this is a problem.. Your own problem. Secondly, ranting about the name is merely showing your emotions are out of control and you have no real point, you’re childish.

          Ruiz claims Mexico and that he is Mexican whilst he was in fact born in the United States of America and thus A US citizen. What flag is ALWAYS behind him? What does he personally say he is? I never said he stated that he disclaimed the US(that would lose alot of fans directly). He does it in ACTION by having Mexican gear, a Mexican flag(No American flag ever present) and stating that he is “Mexican”.

          We can play head games all day and I’m confident I will wax poetic, without difficulty. Your response shows your IQ is likely room temp. At best.

        • @Gaudalaharry, I’ll go a bit further and tell you that this guy will not have the belts long.. 2 white Euros will take all 4 major belts in the next few years(Usyk & H’rgovic).

  • …Ruiz starts talking too much like he is much greater than Joshua since he beat him. Joshua collected those belt at the hand of different champions. If Ruiz is really great he must did it before since Ruiz became professional earlier than Joshua.

    • Joshua’s the one who got kod or quit or whatever that was and he’s the one talking chit I don’t know I hope Ruiz beats him again

      • AJ will hand him his azz in the next fight for sure. All he has to do is move and jab to set up the big right and then it’s going to be….Down goes fraza down goes fraza down goes fraza

        • He won’t. He is broken down. He may become champion again but his body language clearly showed that he will never beat Andy Ruiz.

    • What?! Ruiz beat the crap out of him, plain and simple. Until Joshua beats him, he is greater than him.

    • Unless the Border Patrol listens to you and Deports him.. then, what if they cant find him.. no third fight t.. MAYBE we shouldn’t deport the “American Citizen” just yet lmao

  • Ive just heard this rematch could take place in Abu Dhabi. Great then thats neutral. I prefer Monaco as its tax free.

  • It doesn’t matter where they fight, Ruiz will win. I said before the first fight Ruiz was going to knock AJ out and everyone laughed. He is a far more skilled fighter than AJ. Ruiz’s best chance of losing is a rigged decision in the U.K. He’s too fast, powerful and skillful for the robotic AJ.

    • Berserker, I was one of those who didn’t think Andy Ruiz could win. This time around I think Joshua will lose because we will never be able to get over the mental breakdown.

  • To what school of Boxing did Andy Ruiz assisted?? Winky Wright School? Hahahaha. Take the fight in Europe or Vegas and Cash out man. Titles means nothing in Boxing now days.

    • The title means A lot to this guy, first Mexican heavyweight champ! Oh and by the way Winky was the man and Delahoya wouldn’t fight him in us Mexico or anywhere else for that matter

      • He claims to be Mexican and American…Could it be that his mother was laid out EXACTLY on the border thus giving him both American and Mexican citizenship??

  • Why are they dragging this out? Ruiz was on Joe Rogans podcast a week ago and said the rematch is already signed and the location is set. He told Rogan where its being held, but that was off air. He said hes not allowed to make it public yet. This means Hearns is just dragging this on for no reason.

  • I’m surprised Juan Valdez isn’t commenting on the Andy Ruiz being a mexican(traitor) and yet live in the US.

  • he did meet with the president of Mexico, and I think he actually has dual citizenship. Man Mexican American fighters have issues with themselves as being either Mexican or American. I think it goes way back to even the 60’s though the 90’s. I spoke a fw years ago to a mexican American fighter who recently lost to a top contender, but also defeated some other fighters who are at the top. He told me he once wore some trunks with Mexican flag, and an official in amateur fight took exception to it, and voted against him in the decision which I think he lost. I also do think however that Mexican American fighters of the past suffered real hate from Mexicans, and were not respected by that community, even in the United States. Even Armando Muniz got robbed against Jose Naples back in the 70’s in Mexico. Look how Oscar Da La Hoya was treated by some Mexicans like Chavez and even Fernando Vargas. Perhaps this is a reaction. By some of the posts here, I think Ruiz should be asked how he feels about the United States. Also, I think is fight with Joshua should be in United Kingdom, where it will do great box office. If there is a third fight, by all means, perhaps go to Mexico. Also a forth fight, by all means go to Nigeria.

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