Ruiz agrees to fight Joshua in Saudi Arabia

WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz says he’s good to go for his rematch with Anthony Joshua on December 7 in Saudi Arabia. Ruiz initially balked at the pre-agreed terms for the fight, but after promoter Eddie Hearn increased Ruiz’ purse $1 million plus, Andy is now all in.

Ruiz said on social media, “I’m excited to announce my rematch with Anthony Joshua. In the first fight I made history and became the first ever Mexican/American heavyweight champion of the world. I am grateful to Saudi Arabia for inviting me. I took it to AJ in The Big Apple and I’m looking forward to ending his career in the Desert. Don’t miss this fight!

“Mostraré la grandeza del boxeo mexicano en Arabia Saudita y en todos los rincones del mundo. Viva Mexico!!!” (Translation: I will show the greatness of Mexican boxing in Saudi Arabia and in every corner of the world. Viva Mexico!!!)

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  • Andy Ruiz’ parents are Mexicans. Ruiz is a U.S. citizen but identifies as Mexican culturally.

    His moping around to avoid the contract was just to get more cash. Any legal dispute would have put his and AJ’s career on hold for a long time, so they had to settle quickly. Now we can all continue to speculate who will beat up whom this time….

  • Good negotiating! Most fighters can only dream of a 1 million+ payday but when you hit the big stage it’s chump change. Get every extra dollar you can because this opportunity may not come around again.

  • Shane Mosley fought Vernon Forrest too soon and without certain adjustments that weren’t visually discernible in their rematch. He did the same with Winky Wright. Vernon Forrest did the same with Ricardo Mayorga. There are many boxing trainers that reach a plateau and refuse to bring in other boxing minds to enhance the pugilist. And the pugilist seldom brings in new boxing minds not to offend their original ‘trainer.’ Pride made these fights. And insecurities. Not logic. The vast majority do not comprehend that boxing is an infinite science that needs to be taught as a variously valuable syllabi. Anthony Joshua made this fight on his own insecurities and haste. June to December is not enough time to come in this fight ‘different.’ It takes a gradual period to erode negative muscle memory to positive. And in this particular case to better prepare for Mr. Ruiz. So many fights are made on pridefulness rather than timing and educational preparatory measures. [I’m not referring to the low risk high reward Mayweather manipulative match making Ponzi marketing scheme.] Copyright 2019 Coach Hilario

  • This strange tribalism thing never ceases to amaze me. Andy Ruiz (like John) was born, raised and lives in the US but he wants to call himself Mexican and represented Mexico in the Olympics. Well, he can do what he wants and what he can get away with but if he wants to be Mexican, then why not move there, pay taxes there and live that dream? He beat AJ fair and square but it is increasingly tough to be a fan of his. I guess that lawsuit is one form of reality he was able to understand.

    • All these Mexicans want to come to our country and when they sneak across they carry the Mexican flag and shout Viva La Mexico..

  • Glad he’s signed and we get the rematch.

    Hopefully Ruiz gets in ‘shape’ and doesn’t go down the Buster Douglas route.

    Also hope AJ isn’t psychologically scarred after the first fight.

    Heart say AJ, head says repeat win for Ruiz….

    • What we all can be certain about is that AJ knows what is at stake and that he will do anything he can to be in the best shape of his life to win this fight.

      If he loses, he should get a better trainer and fight his way back to the top. If he can’t get there anymore, then he was never as good as many thought or hoped he is.

      As far as the first fight goes, I think Ruiz had a great day and AJ a terrible day. If AJ can work on his weaknesses and shows up in top form, I think he will win by KO this time. It would be good for Ruiz to have that experience – he’s way too cocky and undisciplined right now.

  • Given its deplorable record of human rights violations: public beheadings, murder of journalists, demeaning of women etc., Saudi Arabia was a very bad choice for the location of this event.

    • Brian P: one could easily say ‘yes and amen’ to this comment, but the reality is that the same thing is happening in many countries, but mostly just behind closed doors.

      Anyone who has ever studied U.S. history, knows that there’s no less torture, murders, etc. in the U.S. compared to SA. or any other violent country on this planet. The reality is that we live in a violent, hypocritical and hateful world that is hell-bound on destroying as much of the planet as possible.

      SA is officially a close ally of the U.S. and that’s one reason why they can get away with many human rights violations. In fact, many of them are fully supported by the U.S.

      But to not get off topic: high profile boxing events draw international attention, which may be a good thing for the people of SA.

      Personally, I think the fight should be in England. This way, each fighter would have one fight in his own country.

  • Bad move for Tubby Boy. I’m all for Ruiz winning a rematch, but he shouldn’t be fighting out of his home country for his first title defense. He should be fighting in America or Mexico for his first defense of his belt. And since this fight seems to be landing in neutral Saudi Arabia, I now shift the odds to 60/40 in favor of Joshua claiming his title back.

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