Riddick Bowe comeback is off

By TMZ.com

Riddick Bowe will NOT be fighting against Lamar Odom next month — the boxing legend has been yanked from the event as a result of Evander Holyfield’s performance earlier this month, TMZ Sports has learned.

As we previously reported, the 53-year old former undisputed heavyweight champ was slated to go up against the NBA champ at James L. Knight Arena in Miami on Oct. 2.

But, after “The Real Deal” suffered a brutal technical knockout against Vitor Belfort at Triller Fight Club, Celebrity Boxing founder Damon Feldman decided it was best for everyone’s safety to find a different opponent for 41-year-old Odom.

Bowe had been training hard leading up to the fight … but ultimately, the idea was scrapped.

It’s probably good news for all involved … and plenty of folks in boxing will be happy to hear it.

After all, famous promoter Lou DiBella was LIVID with the idea of Bowe getting in the ring … saying, “No. Just NO!!!! This is barbaric and beyond dangerous.”

Now, Feldman is on the search to find Odom’s replacement at the last minute … so who knows, maybe we get an Odom vs. Aaron Carter II??

As for Bowe, he’ll still be in the building for the event — we’re told he’ll serve as ref for another fight on the card — Paulie Malignaggi vs. social media influencer Corey B.

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  • “Celebrity Boxing founder Damon Feldman…”
    – OK, now I know why that name sounds familiar.

  • Sooooo putting a retired basketball player against a former HW boxing champion in a boxing match was considered a bright and safe idea before they decided to scrap Bowe LOL?

  • At first I thought Florida commissioner Patrick Cunningham must have been shamed into paying attention, but then I saw that the promoter was the one who made the decision. I bet that incompetent state commission would have allowed it.

  • Lamar Odom is old and can’t fight. Bowe is old, but to compare this to the Holyfield fight? Belfort is a fighter who is still in good shape. Odom was in rehab years back. I wouldnt worry about Bowe fighting Odom.

  • Great to finally see someone in the sport do the right thing here, and consider somebody’s health over a few dollars. Dumb idea to have come up with this match-up in the first place, but at least they corrected the mistake before it happened. Couldn’t help but notice though that the article mentioned Holyfield’s “brutal” TKO loss to Belfort as reasoning for stopping this. Brutal would be something like Alan Green-Jaidon Codrington, not Holyfield-Belfort. There were a thousand other reasons not to make Bowe-Odom.

  • Let’s see some CT scans or MRI results of the brains before any older fighter can even fight! Bowe was not even fit to fight due to his progressive mental decline.

  • It’s kinda crazy that it’s the Olympic Silver Medalist and 3 time Heavyweight Champion of the World Riddick Bowe that they’re worried about in this stupid affair. Justifiably so I suppose. Riddick Bowe looks and sounds like a strong breeze could send him into a vegetative state, but Lamar Odom is no spring chicken himself, and has never boxed before, minus that one ridiculous fight he had against lord knows who. It was criminal that this fight was even scheduled in the first place

    • Also, check out Lamar Odom’s wiki page. According to the article, he “suffered kidney failure and several heart attacks and 12 strokes”. Totally agree that it was criminal to have ever scheduled this.

  • Why it was going to be allowed in the first place is beyond me. When legendary nights came out in the early 2000’s it was apparent now had some speech problems probably from the blows to the head.

    • Referee probably didn’t follow the script for that fight which insures that the fights look real but nobody gets really hurt.

  • Why? Did he think he had to fight Lennox Lewis? Joking aside, I’m glad. Last time I saw him interviewed, the fights have taken their toll, mate, don’t become a circus show. You deserve better

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