Benn stops Vargas in one round

Unbeaten WBA #11, IBF #14 welterweight Conor Benn (18-0, 12 KOs) needed just 80 seconds to defend his WBA Continental title against Samuel Vargas (31-7-2, 14 KOs) on Saturday night at the Copper Box Arena in London. Benn, the son of former world champion Nigel Benn, jumped on Vargas early on and referee Michael Alexander quickly waved it off. Vargas complained about the stoppage.

Photo: Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

WBO middleweight champion Savannah “The Silent Assasin” Marshall (10-0, 8 KOs) scored a third round KO over late sub Maria Lindberg (19-7-2, 10 KOs). Marshall dropped Lindberg in round two, then put her down for the count in round three. Time was 1:11.
Photo: Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

“The Baby Face Assassin” Shannon Courtenay (7-1, 3 KOs) won by ten round unanimous decision over the previously unbeaten “Blonde Bomber” Ebanie Bridges (5-1, 2 KOs) in a clash for the vacant WBA women’s bantamweight world title. Bridges’ left eye was closed for the last few rounds. Judges favored the home fighter 97-94, 98-92, 98-92. The bout seemed much closer than that.
Benn V Vargas Fight Night
Photo: Dave Thompson Matchroom Boxing

Bantamweight Kash Farooq (15-1, 6 KOs) outpointed Alexander Espinoza (20-3-2, 8 KOs) over ten for the WBC international silver title. Scores were 97-93, 97-95, 97-94.

Heavyweight Nick Campbell won his professional debut by TKO2 over Petr Frohlich (2-31-1, 1 KO).

Ajagba, Real Big Baby score early knockouts
Huni victorious, remains unbeaten

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    • She wasn’t robbed but the cards definitely didn’t reflect the fight.
      I had Courtenay up by 2 rounds poss 3 but that’s it,
      I did think it was the fight of the night though.

      • Savannah over Shields? Hmmmm……There is a huge difference in hand speed there, and not in favor of Marshall. Not sure I’d bet on that one either way, but that’s certainly no gimme for Marshall. Wouldn’t be shocked if Shields outpointed her.

  • The Benn fight was stopped too early, but i was impressed with Benn. But one must remember that Vargas has had a ton of tough fights, and i think his resistance must be waning. I think Benn to takes out Khan if they do fight, Khan likes to engage and he has a weak chin.

    • I agree that it was stopped too early, but I’ve seen worse. Conor looks really good technically for a guy with such a short amateur career. He will be a factor in a loaded Welterweight division before too long…

    • Nice win for Benn, thought he looked very impressive in the short time the fight lasted – Yeah I thought the same – still, home fighter, home ref, pretty much bound to happen and Vargas was getting a bit of a hammering, still less than half a round in, I thought he could have been given a bit more time.

      Be great if Benn can get another fight relatively soon and build on this momentum and improvement

    • True – and I’m glad Benn won, I rooting for him to go on and do bigger things…..but watch the first round of (Nigel) Benn v McClellan – you wouldn’t have picked Benn in a million years at that point

  • marshall whped shields in the amatuers and you see Sheilds dont want that smoke in the pros marshall has 8 kos out of 10 fights yikes keep n ducking shields lol

  • The fluid boxing style of Savannah Marshall will be a nightmare for Shields to overcome. Peter Fury has done a magnificent job training his young star fighter. Can’t imagine any fighter out there who will pose any problems for Marshall. She could quite possibly become a superstar in the fight game.

  • There seems to be a direct correlation between allowing women to participate in a historically male-dominated sport, and that sport’s demise (e.g. boxing, wrestling, auto racing). Please, don’t support female boxing by providing news coverage!

  • Body beautiful Bridges lost this fight. I was rooting for her. Going forward, she should focus more on skills, techniques, and conditioning, and less on flaunting that obvious sex appeal.

  • The UK is one of the worst countries in the world to have fights. The referees always jump in there when there’s just an upper hand by one of their fighters. It’s beyond frustrating, it’s disgraceful. On a more positive note, ratchet Clarissa Shields knows she can’t beat Savannah Marshall. I believe Marshall will beat Shields if they ever meet, because the Scottish girl can actually punch.

    • Vargas took 20 unanswered shots after he was stunned with the right. Some people think there should be a temporary morgue at boxing events to ensure entertainment

    • Totally true. When a British fighter is staggered, the ref will practically let the guy get killed on the off chance he can survive and recover. If a foreign fighter makes one false step, those refs are salivating to wave it off. And when it goes to the cards after a 50/50 ten-rounder, expect about 98-92 for the British fighter.

  • You kno know better yet Canelo wants a piece of pollo also so there chicken mayweather there’s 4 me included. Well so do yourself a favor and stop saying your the best in the world your not why is that you run from a challenge as well as a rematch you never gave them so in saying that i believe the tje boxing assoc. should always have in contract of a fight atomactic rematch clous so that the fighter can chose his date when he wants that rematch to be inforce so chickens like money bags mayweather cant run and go around saying he’s the best now magregor fought you in your house now go fight him in his house lil bi–h. by

    • Stop hating on pretty boy’ it took years to become the highest paid PPV man in the sports today’ so if you got the crown’ chose your playground you want to fight on’ 50_0′ baby’ keep hating’ while he makes delivery’s to the BANK????

  • Interesting to see the intensity, power, and explosiveness of Benn, just like is father. Wonder how he will react when he meets his Chris Eubank and Steve Collins.

  • Savannah Marshall will not only beat Claressa Shields, she will knock her out.

  • Kudus to Benn BUT he was GIVEN a gift tonight,I am not saying he wouldn’t have knocked out Vargas in the later rounds,he came out aggressive and was landing eye catching combinations against Vargas who has a history of starting slow but he was he was not allowed by referee to fight back….this fight WAS STOPPED PREMATURELY!

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