R.I.P. Senator John McCain

By David Finger

Fightnews is sad to report the passing of Arizona Senator John McCain, 81, of brain cancer. McCain is best known for his run for President back in 2008 as well as his career as senator from the state of Arizona, having first been elected in 1986. He also proudly served his country during the Vietnam War, having earned a Silver Star, Bronze Star, and a Purple Heart as a pilot with the United States Navy. But to many boxing fans he is also remembered as the man who pushed to have the Professional Boxing Safety Act (also known as the Ali Act) passed into law. McCain first introduced the Ali Act in January of 1999 and due to his persistence and determination, he helped see that it was passed the following year. He remained a friend to the sport of boxing for his entire career and in 2016 moved to extend the Ali Act to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

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