Pulev-Dinu weights from Costa Mesa

Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Kubrat Pulev 249.8 vs. Bogdan Dinu 239.6
Jessie Magdaleno 125.6 vs. Rico Ramos 127.2
Maxim Dadashev 140.4 vs. Ricky Sismundo 140.8
Erick De Leon 131.4 vs. Jose Luis Gallegos 131.4
Javier Molina 125.8 vs. Abdiel Ramirez 125
Chris van Heerden 148.4 vs. Mahrony Montes 148.6
Tyler McCreary 127.6 vs. Roberto Castaneda 127
Bobirzhan Mominov 147.6 vs. Jonathan Steele 146.4
David Kaminsky 160.6 vs. Estevan Payan 159.4
Eric Puente 133.8 vs. Alejandro Lopez 134.6
Tervel Pulev 207.8 vs. Mitch Williams 199.8

Venue: The Hangar in Costa Mesa, California
Promoter: Top Rank

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