Promoter: Horn would thrash Thurman

By Ray Wheatley — World of Boxing

Dean Lonergan, promoter of WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn, says Horn is open to giving WBA/WBC champion Keith Thurman the thrashing he deserves.

“If at any stage Thurman wants to come to Brisbane to try and unify the titles, he will get the same warm welcome and outcome that was served up to our good friend Mister Pacquiao,” said Lonergan. “The Hornet is the world’s strongest welterweight and is open to any and all challenges. Should Keith Thurman want to make the mistake of getting into a fight he won’t win and get the thrashing he deserves, he should man up and get his promoters to call me rather than talk tough from 9000 miles away.”

In the meantime, Horn will clash with WBO #10 Gary Corcoran on December 13 in Brisbane.

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