Prograis files lawsuit and withdraws from WBSS

Today in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, Regis Prograis and DiBella Entertainment, Inc. filed for a declaratory judgment that Comosa AG, the owner of the World Boxing Super Series, has breached its contractual obligations to Prograis and DBE. Prograis and DBE further informed Comosa that Prograis is withdrawing from the WBSS, effective immediately.

The lawsuit cites a long and repeated pattern that includes late payments, scheduling delays, bad faith representations, missed deadlines, and broken promises.

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  • This guy is becoming the next Chávez crybaby. Not only does he have a big ass mouth talking his stupid shit about knocking everyone out which is pretty pathetic I mean who has he knocked out to be talking his stupid shit but now he’s bitching and crying about all this nonsense? Yo Regis quit your temper tantrums and just fight and the rest will take care of itself, no one believes your sorry ass about fighting for the love of it you are just a greedy lil biatch

    • Its a good move for Prograis. Josh would have kicked his ass all the way to Hell and fed him to the Three Headed Dog. I could tell he was going to “punk out” when he was being interviewed during the Ramirez/Hooker fight.

  • you guys don’t know this situation so stop talking shit about it until more is learned. that being said, i think he should have just finished the series seeing that he was at the final already. either there is a bigger fight for his on the horizon for more money (think a broner fight) or he is not getting paid right like he said. still can’t knock a man that takes punches for a living for his decisions.

    • Well of course we know enough dip s***, because it was all laid out in the article. Just because you can’t read doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t. He can’t bitch about delays or unfulfilled promises when he’s got the fight scheduled for the tournament final. This is inexcusable and anybody who does is a double standard prick. Probably a socialist and a welfare collector too.

  • Sounds like cold feet from Prograis. He had complained before and threatened to pull out of the tournament but that was all behind him and the fight with Taylor has already been scheduled with a date and a venue. If comosa had any more delays beyond that point then prograis and DiBella would have a leg to stand on. The kid from New Orleans is literally pulling out of the last fight of the tournament with the final fight scheduled. WTF!? This is indefensible. Taylor should be given the trophy and fight Ramirez for the lineal championship at 140. Prograis is a quitter.

  • Bad move. I would just fight Taylor, beat him, and end the relationship after that. It’s just one fight. Not something to bitch over. And if he loses, learn from the loss and move on.

  • As some have stated here, we don’t know what happened, but this is unfortunate. Would not be surprised there is a counter suit. Unless of course the tournaments people are totally in the wrong, as some have questioned certain things about them.

  • I find that most of the content on DAZN is unorganized. After a fight you have no clue when the next fight is going to be scheduled in the WBSS nor time listings. Prograis was among 5 other fighters threatening to pull out of the tournament since the semifinals because of payment and schedule delays.
    As a fan I want this fight to happen and I want DAZN to succeed and help do away with old PPV practices. However at the end of the day if prize fighters aren’t happy someone had to make it right.

  • Don’t know enough about how much is owed etc but it’s a shame as there was a real chance that this division could be unified.
    So is there a replacement or is JT declared the winner.?

    I too wonder about a counter lawsuit and also how it will affect his standing in future bouts etc. Hopefully they can work something out so that the bout can still go ahead , albeit delayed.

  • Boxing been know for that, promoters taking advantage of boxers. now is looking at the totally opposite, Boxers taking advantage of everyone. look what happened to Canelo and allstars Boxing. Canelo had to pay 8.5 mill for singning to Goldenboy while was singed by Allstar Boxing. progais is making the right move??? only time will tell.

  • Dibella wants to breach the contract based on those allegations, but the real reasons why they want to leave the WBSS is Josh Taylor. This is a very risky fight with not much reward. Superlightweigh division is getting hot wit some marquee fights on hand and they want a piece of that. What about a loss, what could be left for Prograis? Right now there are at least 4 marque fights for him, bigger and more lucrative than the one against Taylor. Mikey Garcia, Pacquiao, Jose Ramirez and even Broner are better. But a contract is a contract and the law for a reason exists, so, expect Prograis facing Taylor.

    • Not much reward he gets two belts and then gets to go fight Jose Ramirez to be the unified champion

  • This dude has just ruined his career as far as I’m concerned. I will never watch another of his fights.

  • Fu** this fake ass crybaby he did so much talking about being 24-0 with 20 ko’s and how he was too good for anyone that no one even tested him bla bla bla. He backed out of this fight because he was scared plain and simple. Now he’s turning it around and suing while crying. GTFOH Regis you are a bum ass.

  • Damn I wanted to see this fight! I hear him though, most people don’t understand these things from a fighters perspective. This is a short term career so you have to get paid fairly and with a guarantee. Plus, two fighters died in the same week recently so I wouldn’t take any fight without having a concise contract. Fans just want to see fights and talk shit. If you had the balls to get in their and do the job they do then your opinion would be different.

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