Paul vs. Silva is official

Most Valuable Promotions (MVP) and Showtime Sports today officially announced that YouTube boxer Jake “The Problem Child” Paul will face the biggest challenge of his career when he takes on UFC legend Anderson “The Spider” Silva at Gila River Arena in Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday, October 29 live on Showtime PPV. The bout will be contested over eight rounds at a catchweight of 187 pounds. Tickets will go on sale Wednesday, September 14 at 1 p.m. ET and can be purchased at

Silva has shown some boxing ability. He has a win over former world champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., in Mexico, no less. He followed that fight with a brutal first round KO over fellow MMA legend Tito Ortiz in a boxing match. Bookmakers have Silva as a slight favorite.

Jake Paul: “Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva is the most versatile fighter the world has ever seen. Just a year ago he outclassed boxing champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., and showed the world why he is often referred to as the greatest fighter of all time. Every expert, from MMA to boxing, has said Jake Paul won’t fight Anderson Silva. They said Jake Paul is afraid of Anderson Silva, and Jake Paul would lose to Anderson Silva. Well, to all the non-believers – Jake Paul is fighting Anderson Silva. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to share the ring with the greatest UFC striker of all time. On Saturday, October 29, I will walk humbly into the ring, touch gloves with a living legend and do my best to exterminate ‘The Spider.’”

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  • I think Paul over powers Silva here. I like Silva but Chavez Jr was a human punching bag and Titi Ortiz was a never was.

  • He is 47 years old and I wouldn’t be shocked if Paul won, but I expect Anderson Silva to win this fight.

  • Notice how Paul said nothing about Anderson Silva being 47 years old. As Don King always said: “Only in America!”

  • paul. That is the punchline. And the black eye on boxing. PLEASE Silva crush this bummm..

  • I cannot believe the Association of Boxing Commissions, Arizona Boxing Commission, Association of Ringside Physicians allows these gimmick fights to occur, either it is fake/predetermined like WWE or there is no integrity left in the sport commissions and is just a money grab.. a 47 year old mma fighter that should be retired, against a you tube fake boxer ALL FUN AND GAMES TIL SOMEONE DIES I GUESS, just hope it does ot happen.

    • Probably staged so that nobody gets hurt and they both laugh all the way to the bank. Surprised that oddsmakers taking bets on this but they probably have a good idea of who would bet on this.

    • 47 year old retired MMA fighter who beat Julio Cesar Chavez Jr a professional boxer and former World Champion. I think Paul would beat both of them on the same night.

    • It’s not real boxing. It’s equivalent to celebrity golf tournaments. No real fans will take it seriously. I’ll watch it. But won’t be buying. Pretty even match up to be honest

  • Paul specializes fighting old never was boxers! Fight James Toney, Roy Jones Jr. Mike McCallaum.
    Fight a fighter/boxer your age. Who’s next Archie Moore’s skeleton? Fight someone your own age! Paul will fight old never was boxers.

  • Paul should fight Tyson at 190. It would be a global event making each over $100 million (at least). Then we won’t have to watch Jake Paul fight anymore 😉

  • The fact that this event is on Showtime PPV really shows you the direction where the boxing world is heading…..

  • Paul is a gimmick, not a serious fighter. He’s not a boxer, doesn’t fight boxers. He shouldn’t be mentioned on this site.

    • He is a ppv attraction so he cannot fight the same 3-7 bums Canelo or any other prospect fought first 10 fights because it wouldn’t sell..spider is definitely tougher than anyone Canelo fought first 13 fights easy

  • Ortiz is 50 at least with more mileage than spider and he went distance with recent heavyweight champ ..quit hating on Paul

  • I think Silva wins this by decision. Paul gasses after the first few rounds and Silva is good enough to avoid a big punch.

  • People getting worked up about this fight but look at FML. Hes doing the same damn thing. At least Paul and Silva both suck as “real boxers” i doubt either of them can permanently hurt each other so its good for them. I wont watch it but hey, its fun to talk a lil crap about it lol

    • Ask yourself that. You wouldn’t be on here posting about it if this fight didn’t interest you .Hey, I’m not proud of it either, but yes, this whole Jake Paul phenom interests me.

      • No, I’m commenting because I’m sincerely confused at the interest in watching this guy fight at all. It’s a gimmick, the phenomenon as you call it is illusion. It’s just a money scheme, nothing more to it.

  • This will be a much better fight than Floyd vs. that non-boxer for his 50th win. How the Nevada commission sanctioned a non-boxer making his pro debut against a 49-0 all-time great, I’ll never know.

  • Oh great, another fight for Jake Paul fight to be cancelled! Can’t wait!

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