Pacquiao-Thurman Official Scorecard

Pacquiao Thurman Sumio14

Manny Pacquiao just out to an early lead on all three scorecards. After round nine, Keith Thurman had drawn even on one card and was within two points on the other two. Pacquiao, however, essentially won the fight in round ten when he doubled over Thurman with a body shot. Thurman won round eleven on all three cards, and even had he won the final stanza across the board, Pacquiao would have still won a split decision. (Photo: Sumio Yamada)

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  • I like them both but Thurman, altho he may hv gd reason, got too cocky against Pacquaio. Saying he gna retire him, go play basketball etc….. God don’t like ugly. Don’t use ur breathing rights as bragging rights. Stay humble and do what u do the best u cn do. Bottom line.

  • How does Feldman explain giving 7 rounds to a fighter who was clearly beaten and who had no choice but admit it?

    I hope that Feldman will be sanctioned or at least strongly warned for his bizarre verdict.

    Maybe its time for judges to undergo official drug and bribe testing?

    • Maybe because Thurman outlanded Pac-Man by over 70 power shots and punches overall. Saying that I thought Manny won 6 rounds and with the knockdown that’s a 1pt win. Fight was closer than most of the fair weather fans who listen to bias commentary and the reaction of the crowd might think. I could totally see how he came up with that score!

      • No way. You must have been watching a different fight. PAC was in complete control and land the more damaging punches.

    • I watched this with no audio. Clear winner, clear command of the ring, clear angles being used.. a master performance by Manny. Post me thinking this PPV was a ridiculous money grab from an out of shape part timer. Kudos to Manny! He dominated this fight and Keith is lucky it wasn’t 118-109. Blocks were superb, angles were superb, and it shows goes to show the massive skill gap difference between the Thurman/Porter generation and the Mayweather/Manny warriors. Keith got in maybe six clean shots all night. Enjoy Manny! Time will catch up to him, and congratulations and THANK YOU for the training and effort he must have put in prior to this fight. This is a no joke wake up call that ice cream sundaes and funny looking boots with big words about power shots against imaginary heroes as a manufactured brand identity is NO SUBSTITUTE for hard work.

    • How would they conduct the bribe testing? After the drug test send an undercover junkie “hey man, tell em I’m clean I swear.. here’s $100,000” if he accepts he fails.

  • The commentators all thought Pacquiao was up going into round 12. I just saw the replay, and it seemed like a pretty close fight. Still, if Thurman won the 12th 10-9 or 10-8, the commentators were saying that wouldn’t be enough. I guess it was 7-4 or 6-5 for Pacquiao going into round 12 by the commentators assessment. I thought the 8th round was pretty even. And some judges will score 1 round out of 12 as even, but usually a judge will only score 1 round out of 12 as even. If the fight was 5 rounds Thurman, 5 rounds Pacquiao, with 1 round even, going into round 12, Thurman had to win round 12 to get a draw. He didn’t come close to flooring Pacquiao in round 12. Just saying, all the judges had given Thurman 5 rounds, so if they all gave one round even, Pacquiao still wins 6-5-1 (115-113). Thurman should just move up to 154 and try his luck with Kell Brook. Thurman would have to sign with Top Rank to fight Alexander Besputin (#3 IBF, #1 WBA at 147), Egidijus Kavaliauskas (#1 WBO). I doubt Crawford would fight Thurman right away coming off of a close loss. Thurman could also fight Amir Khan, but would have to make a deal with Eddie Hearn-Matchroom Sport to fight Khan or Brook.

  • Pacquiao got the W. That is all that matters. Thurman got dropped in the 1st, hurt in the 10th. And lost 115-112, 114-113, and some say he lost 116-111. If Thurman had a big 11th and 12th, he could have gotten a draw, or lost by 1 point at worst. Thurman landed more punches on Pacquiao than anyone I can remember in quite some time. Thurman landed 210 compared to: Cotto landed 172 on Pacquiao, Bradley landed 159 on Pacquiao in the 1st fight, Mayweather landed 148, Algieri landed 108, Horn landed 92. To me, who beat Pacquiao in the past 19 years? Marquez in the 2nd and 4th fights, Morales in the 1st fight, and Mayweather. Pacquiao almost got stopped by Nedal Hussein in 2000, but held on and recovered. And Pacquiao should have gotten the decision W over Agapito Sanchez after the fight was stopped at 1:50 of round 6 due to headbutt cuts.
    WBA 147 lbs top 8
    1. Alexander Besputin (Top Rank)
    2. Danny Garcia
    3. Mikey Garcia (going with Eddie Hearn)
    4. Jessie Vargas
    5. Jamal James
    6. Radzhab Butaev (big amateur record, fights out of NY)
    7. Cody Crowley (out of action until 2020)
    8. Conor Benn (Matchroom Boxing)

    • No way Marquez won on that 2nd match. May be on 3rd but fight was so close and they gave it to Pac.

  • Pac-Man was really small compared to Thurman. Kind of have to ask why Thurman didn’t apply more pressure. He was hitting Pac-Man with some good shots, but they weren’t his hardest or most aggressive. I guess he was afraid of the counters, but when you are so much bigger, why not press forward more? Pac-Man must still have strong punches and great counter punching for Thurman to be so hesitant to attack forward.

    • He got hesitant becsue pacman floored him very early in the fight. He didnt want that to happen again.

  • Mayweather must be thinking…for $200 mil, why not fight Pacquiao. Mayweather would win again. I thought the fight was pretty close and there was a lot of bias towards Pacman. 115-112 or 114-113 for Pacman seemed fair.

    • Why would anyone want to see Mayweather-Pacquiao again? First was a boring sparring session.

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