Pacquiao: I can still fight

By Miguel Maravilla

Following his victory Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, eight-division and newly crowned WBA welterweight world champion Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao (62-7-2, 39 KOs) talked about his split decision victory over Keith “One Time” Thurman (29-1, 22 KOs) of Clearwater, Florida at the post-fight press conference.

“I’m sure everyone is happy with my performance. My opponent, he is young and a heavy-handed man. He can fight. His journey does not end tonight. He has a great future. Your journey is not over. This guy is a warrior. I’m blessed for being a winner tonight.”

Pacquiao dropped Thurman in the opening round and seemingly busted Thurman’s nose in the fifth round. Late in the fight in the tenth, Pacquiao staggered Thurman with a body shot. Going the distance the judges scored the bout 114-113 for Thurman, 115-112 for Pacquiao, and 115-112 for Pacquiao.

“I think I can compare this to the Margarito, De La Hoya, Morales fights. I mean, you saw tonight what we did in the ring. You saw my opponent. He’s very tough and heavy-handed. Keith is like Margarito.”

Pacquiao concluded the post-fight making it clear that at age 40 he is not through and looks to return.

“I can still fight and give a good fight. The ability that I have, God gave me this ability. I’m here to inspire the fans.”

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    • Would be wise to stay away from Spence. Although I thought Thurman would beat him, Spence is on a another level.

    • A more competitive fight and possibly have greater fan interest would be for Manny to fight #1 P4P Lomachenko at 140 a fight Manny could be more competitive in such a potential match up. Manny could easily make that weight in order face whom is regarded as best fighter in boxing in Lomachenko who already is at 135.

  • I am happy for Pacquiao, and I hoped that he would win this fight (which should have been scored 116:11 or at least 115:112 by all three judges) but I still think it would be wise for him to retire.

    Thurman wasn’t the best fighter in the division: Spence and Crawford are. Does Manny really want to fight them? His legacy is already established and he has more than enough money to retire, so why take the risk? Why not quit while you are ahead?

    • Pacman faded in the 2nd half and the great body shot in round 11 saved Pacman from a draw or loss. Gotta believe the younger hungrier Pacman never lets Thurman back in the fight until Thurman’s corner stops the fight. Thurman was in great condition and made a great comeback in the 2nd half of fight. Obv Pacman can not beat Spence and I do not want to see Pacman out cold…

  • You all are forgetting Mr. Pacquiao does not have multiple 15Rounds. Nor does he have 140 plus bouts. This means he can still compete at forty plus. No people his is not ‘old.’ Archie Moore had 220 bouts and died naturally [in his mid 80’s] with his faculties because he took care of his body and cared for learning Boxiana. Whereas, Mr. Ali had 61 bouts and did not learn boxing science and with each pro bout incurred health erosion [and died at 74]. People are eager to ‘blame’ boxing strikes for Mr. Ali’s [then] visible health erosion, when in fact it was his decision to not learn and master boxing science and not adhering to Dr. Pacheco to cease [boxing] in October 1975 and then in September ‘77. Manny has a wife and children and sometimes that stability blossoms a man in unseen areas. Even being a Senator for the people could add positivity. Add humility as well. As far as, God, he has to confess Jesus Christ publicly. I hardly hear Manny Honour The Christ publicly. No human can split The Trinity. N O N E. Copyright 2019 Coach Hilario

  • Can never count out Manny. It’s like betting against Floyd. Both Floyd and Pac-Man find ways to win over other champions. Though Crawford and Spence Jr look invincible now, had they fought Thurman, I don’t think they both would look any better than Pacquiao’s performance against Thurman. Actually, I’d say Thurman can beat or at least be really competitive against both Crawford and Spence Jr. after seeing his performance vs Pac-Man. The top welterweight fighters can fight. Their skills are top notch, and they all have lethal power. It really is impressive that a forty year old fighter is one of the welterweight champion, especially when the division is stacked with great fighters.
    Though Pac-Man can still fight at the elite level, which Thurman is an elite fighter (*unless he was an elite fighter, he wouldn’t have survived the onslaught Pac-Man brought early in the fight, as well as the pain Thurman had to endure after the liver shot in the 10th), I’d like to see him fight Floyd and retire. This time I think Pac-Man beats up Floyd. Floyd seems like he doesn’t really have the legs anymore from watching his shows with CM and the tiny Japanese kickboxer.

  • Manny is not what he was and he was fortunate that Thurman has not regained what he seemed to have before the injury. It was a good win for him but if I was Spence or Crawford or Porter, I would not hesitate to fight either of these guys. I hope MP retires on this high note but he seems to have other ideas.

  • Why would Manny retire after his statement here? He wants money fights.
    I think Manny will go for Sergey Lipinets next, or possibly Mikey Garcia at 140. I don’t know why he would go with the winner of Porter and Spence at 41 years old? Crawford vs Manny wasn’t a big $ fight when Manny was still over with Top Rank. And Crawford is Arum’s talk up guy, as top pound for pound guy along with Lomachenko. So Arum is always going to poo poo Manny at 40 vs Crawford at 31, or Manny at 41 and Crawford at 32. I doubt Mikey Garcia is sitting around waiting to here about fighting Danny Garcia at 147 or Manny Pacquiao at a 142 lbs catchweight for the WBA belt. We already know Mikey isn’t up to be a full fledged welterweight.

  • Pac is a Legend and has nothing to prove to anyone. I’m AOK with him fighting any light touch in a stadium anywhere in the world and be happy to see it. He does NOT need to risk health/injury after all he’s done and his age. I rooted for him last night and incredibly happy I was wrong about how it could go :).

  • A fight at 140 with Loma would be amazing. Not a mismatch with Crawford or Spence.

    Pure boxing!

    • Much rather see that match up, Manny would be far more competitive at 140. Be interesting if Manny could nulify the master technician in Lomachenko.

      • My bet is on Loma, but hey, that would be an amazing fight.

        p.s. so happy Manny schooled Thurman, that guy is so cocky

  • Pacman is a living legend and we are all lucky to have seen such a great man in our time. He is the best prizefighter of our generation

  • This is the next fight I would love to see before the Pacman hangs it up for good. Lomachenko P4P #1 against the legend and all time great at 140, a weight both could easily make. It would be a most excellent fight I think would have great fan appeal with much anticipation to see the end result.

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