Pacquiao: Spence better than Mayweather

Pacquiao Vs Spence Kickoff Press Conference 07.11.21 08 21 2021 Presser Ryan Hafey Premier Boxing Champions (1)
Photo: Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr. faced off at the kickoff press conference in Los Angeles Sunday for their August 21 PPV from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Spence looked quite a bit larger.

Manny Pacquiao: “I don’t think Errol needs advice from Floyd Mayweather. I believe that Errol is a better fighter than Mayweather. Errol can teach Floyd how to fight toe-to-toe…I won’t predict another first round knockdown like I had against Thurman. I’m focusing my mind, body and spirit on winning the fight. That’s the only goal.”

Errol Spence: “I have the ability to finish Pacquiao. For me though, I’m focused on winning the fight. If you rush and go for the knockout, you either look sloppy or something goes wrong. I have to fight my fight and at my pace. If the knockout comes, I’ll go for it.”

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      • Watch the fight again. And again. Floyd only moved hard off the ropes. And only held in the first few rounds. But Manny can’t adjust to that he’s just a 2 dimensional fighter. He’s not 3D. And he lacks pressure power and stamina like Castillo and Maidana.

        • He was injured and shouldn’t have took the fight, don’t make it out to be anything else, it was a farce because Manny had a bad shoulder. I couldn’t force myself to watch it more than once

          • To start with pac lied to all the people who bought the fight… To me that’s fraud and I looked over the net for a few hours and did see the fight for free… i would have been livid if I paid for the fight…. He ripped everybody… Statesman my ass!!! while some ate hot dogs that week he ate steak off of a lie…. Sorry but he’s no hero to me!!!

        • Don’t explain to them. If it makes them feel better let them believe. Floyd still won and Manny was “injured” supposedly lol.

          • Well he had shoulder surgery after the fight. I guess supposedly was a reality. That running coward still owes us the fans another fight.
            A real champion would of gave the fans a rematch.

          • Top Rank fighters ALWAYS have shoulder surgery after losing a big fight. The surgery is always performed by the same doctor too. In addition that wasn’t a new “injury” for many and he fought fights prior too with the same injury.

          • Manny would have received the rematch had he just given Floyd credit. He shouldn’t have fought if his shoulder was hurt. Manny usually gives fighters credit when he loses but he made more excuses than a dude going to jail. I wouldn’t have given him a rematch either. He basically telling Floyd I will never give you credit.

    • Floyd ran like a chicken on fire! Floyd is a great tactician but did not want a fire fight with Pac. I cant call it a win if the fighter runs for most of the fight.

      • I hate to be criticial but this is a dumb comment. So what you’re saying that Floyd shouldn’t use his advantages and just fight a fight to make it easier for Manny to win. Don’t forget that Manny has to find a way to force Floyd to his fight and control the action. Floyd neutralized Manny and Manny didn’t know how to adjust. That’s Manny’s fault not Floyd’s.

        • Thank you. Aaron Pryor found a way to force the action so why can’t Manny? Manny just doesn’t have the style to meet master class boxers.

          • Think about all Marquez fights with Manny they could have gone either way manny has problems with superior boxers

      • Fire fight doesn’t win fights intelligence and boxing iQ is supreme

    • Floyd was too quick to run during exchanges. Although Floyd is a great tactician, he was able to make Pac miss a lot. Pac still was the aggressor and landed more and threw more punches. Pacman should have got the decision. Floyd could have used that opportunity to show that he can stand and trade but he didnt.

      • They fought in Vegas and Floyd is the favorite there. Manny has to KO Floyd to win which he couldn’t. Floyd is smart fighter he won’t go toe to toe with Manny.

        • That would be like fighting Manny in the Phillipines. Floyd loses even if Manny doesn’t throw a single punch. Why wouldn’t Floyd use his advantage when he’s clearly the A side? going “toe to toe” is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Boxing is hit without being hit not “toe to toe”. Floyd seen his uncle Roger (RIP) suffer damage as a result of doing that so why would he repeat this?

        • Why do people keep saying Pacman will knock Floyd out
          Please people when was the last time Floyd or manny knock any one out. Both of them were good punchers in the lower weight class that’s it. There was never going to be a knock out in that fight injury or not Floyd once fought with a broken hand and he still won how about that

      • Manny missed Floyd WAY more than Floyd missed him. Which fight were you watching? Are you a Manny fan or boxing fan?

    • So true. Leonard was shot against Camacho but at least he was the much bigger man. Pacman is much smaller much older. Pacman’s corner gonna have to stop the fight at some point. Pacman was certainly great in his prime but he is now a Senator in his homeland.

  • The deception is Floyd beat Manny. When a real man evaluates. A real man discerns the 6 LONG years Floyd took to finally fight Manny and then Mr. Mayweather, held excessively. Then the fight is in Nevada. Like all Mayweather fights because Floyd’s Xylocaine injections. Many of you do not behind the scenes reason[s]. The rules for excessive holding in Nevada and many jurisdictions are points deductions for repeated violations and then disqualification. Let‘s be honest Floyd is an entertainer. A true gladiator would NOT have waited out an apex rival one year, much less two. These are NOT opinion. The 6 calendars and said fight film validates said descriptions. Moreover, there are YouTube videos of Floyd ranting about how dangerous Mr. Pacquiao is, during said 6 years. People have Floyd as their hero and do NOT value The Christ. Men who value The Christ discern the facade. Like Frazier v. Ali 1 and 3, Muhammad also held excessively. He should have rightfully been disqualified. The video and boxing commission rules, irrefutably prove said descriptions and findings thereof, also. ——— ©️ Coach Hilario 2021

    • The reason the fight took so long is because Manny declined Olympic style drug testing!!! He stated he was afraid of needles but on the 24/7 it showed him getting a shot and he has tattoo’s. It’s clear you’re a PAC-man fan but truth is he struggled with Marquez all three fights and Floyd took two years off and beat him all 12 rounds. So please stop with the excuses, there was no holding in the fight Floyd boxed Manny’s ears off very easily!!!

      • Exactly Ace, Pac was juiced and didn’t want the random testing. His decreased muscularity is so obvious and it coincides with his loss of KO power. Coach isn’t usually such an emotional hater, but he’s dead wrong this time.

      • 100 Ace. Manny not doing steroid testing and the networks/promotion hurdles were why the fight didn’t happen. Floyd older than Manny anyway so the prime comment is so stupid it’s not even funny. Feel free to smash your head with a hammer when you make that argument.

        • It is funny that Floyd’s fans like to attack Manny for Manny alleging being on PEDs (in spite of the lack of any evidence in support of their claims) when it is Floyd who requested and somehow received a post fight exemption from the NSAC to retroactively use saline & IV drips to mask Floyd’s probable usage of EPO. In addition, oer Thomas Hauser, Floyd’s A samples allegedly tested positive in Floyd’s fights against Shane Mosley, Victor Ortiz and Miguel Cotto, but were not reported to the Athletic Commission due to the terms of Floyd’s contract with corrupt ass USADA.

        • Combo of that and Floyd being strategic and waiting. If they had fought when Manny was KOing everyone Floyd may have been put to sleep.

      • It’s even funnier that Manny who was “afraid of needles” used the fact that he wasn’t able to take a cortizone shot as one of the excuses of why he lost the fight. Afraid of needles for testing but needed a needle to fight‍♂️

    • Yes Floyd held and had spies in PAC’s camp. He was terrified of Manny! Wouldn’t give him a rematch. STD SCARED TO DEATH!!! I wasted my money on a boring fight. I still thought Manny won. He was the aggressor. Floyd held on for dear life!

      • Manny fans still be crying after Gettysburg ng smoked. That fight was 116-112 for Floyd all day. Theres no debating that.

    • I am also a coach and I agree with you. Based on the same standards used in the amateurs or pros Manny would have won on ring generalship alone. Floyd in his younger years was aggressive and had quite a few knockouts. As the years went on he became more of a swim without getting wet type of fighter. Although he has great skills I dont think that great defense alone should win fights.

    • “waited out an Apex rival”? ummm yes Manny got older, that happens. But wait, didnt Floyd get older too? There is a big difference in using that comment when a fighter in his 20’s is potentially going up against one of the greats in his mid 30’s.. Then there could possibly be some waiting the other fighter out. Not when they are the same age bro.. c’mon..

    • You have no knowledge at all and you’re speaking false narratives. Floyd didn’t wait out Manny anymore than Manny waited out Floyd. It was Manny and Top Rank that declined the fight. Bob Arum has stated many times that he waited out the Floyd fight and wanted it be Manny’s retirement fight (aka cashout fight). Also, do you think Floyd was in his prime when he fought Manny? Floyd is OLDER than Manny. Floyd was the only one that submitted offers for the fight. Top Rank never sent an offer to Floyd they just rejected the offers FROM Floyd. So by YOUR logic Manny isn’t a “warrior” which is complete BS. It’s also funny that people use the washed up narrative when it comes to Floyd vs Manny, the same washed up Manny that beat Thurman FIVE YEARS later. So, before you determine how a “real man” evaluates things you may want to at least fact check yourself.

  • Stupid and false comment for Manny to say.
    Manny did have a fair chance to beat Floyd,an OLD Floyd..
    Floyd would have kicking Manny´s ass in every age group.
    I like them both.
    If you don´t like Floyd you should still give him your respect as a fellow WARRIOR or if not keep your mouth shut dear Manny..

  • Dumb statement, that would be like Crawford saying Horn was better than Pac. Or something…I dunno. Charlo is losing this weekend though!

  • Manny is really testing time. Can’t see him winning this fight. Spence is in his prime n seems really focused. It happens to all the greats. Spence will knock Manny down a few times n win a lopsided decision. Let’s hope Mayweather/Manny 2 never happens. That was the worst built up big fight of all time. Not a single thing exciting happened in the entire fight. Horrible fight. I also think Mayweather knows his limits. He looked shot against McGregor n in that last circus fight. He knows he’s done as far fighting any real boxer. Got to give to Mayweather, he escaped boxing without any real damage to his brain. As much as people would like to see him get knocked out it will never happen. He’s too smart for that. That why he now fights in these circus shows n makes millions doing it.

  • I fully expect (Hope ?) Manny will retire after this fight . Spence will school Manny with Youth, Speed, and POWER … Make NO MISTAKE > Spence is THE REAL DEAL and is FULLY AWARE of what a DOMINATING WIN over Manny will mean to His resume and future purses . The ONLY fight EVERYBODY’S gonna demand after Spence schools Manny is > Spence and Crawford lacing ’em up ! Yep, I’m picking Spence by late TKO/KO in that one as well !

  • If this is the case, why even fight Spence? It as if he is saying he is fighting to lose because he was never going to beat Mayweather.

    • Because styles make fights. If he lost against Mayweather that does not mean he Will lose to Spence. Even if Spence was to be better than Mayweather. Pacman dominated Ricky Hatton and Cotto. Yet Mayweather only barely beat Cotto. Doesn’t mean jack.

  • The answer to Manny’s statement remains to be seen till we see this upcoming matchup. Then we can all conclude if Spence is better than Mayweather based on actual comparisons.

    • There is no way to make that comparison. That’s the worst comment I’ve seen you make. We all know styles make fights and age is a factor.

      • Anthony, I meant strictly by rating their performances in their own right against Manny. In other words, did Mayweather win more rounds than Spence. Which guy landed more power punches against Manny, etc. Does that help clarify my words? Thank you for responding.

  • pacquioa is correct mayweather ran like a chicken, spence doesnt run he fights like a man. pacquioa dont like chickens

    • I’m confused PAC says Mayweather was running and fans on here said he held all fight which is it???

      • Manny bought into his fans’ hype that not only was he better and faster than Floyd, but that he was going to knock him out.

        That all went to hell after Floyd smashed in with a right counter in the first few seconds. Remember that saying, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”.

        Floyd’s counter was there all night.

    • Did you think Floyd was going to go toe to toe with Pacquioa? Floyd is a master boxer. You do what you do. You don’t fight another man’s fight. He wanted to beat Pacquioa and he did rather easily. After the fight Pacquioa and others like you started making excuses.
      It really hurts you guys, that Mayweather was able to retire undefeated and RICH.

      • Mayweather, on paper, says he’s undefeated. However, Mayweather was gifted a decision in the Jose Luis Castillo first matchup. Even a drunken sailor at ringside could have seen Mayweather lost that one. It’s the corruption in boxing that makes some fighters undefeated with marketability for generating one thing; money.

  • I am not a Mayweather fan, but this statement is ridiculous. Spence may (and I stress MAY) one day prove himself better than Mayweather, but that is not today. Statements like this just reek of “sour grapes”.

  • This is a hyped fight, Spence is a good fighter however, his opponents have all been carefully chosen, Pacquiao is an old man in the ring and, even though one of the best in his prime will be no match for Spence. Kind of reminds you of Mayweather, picking his opponents on the way up with the help of Las Vegas judges.

    • If Floyd cherry picked his fights, then Manny was one of the cherries, because it was one of his easiest fights. LMAO!

    • Manny at his age will need to work some overtime to break Spence down. Shawn Porter was working overtime on Spence when they fought, Spence held his own till the end, and still managed to score a flash knockdown on granite chin Porter with a nice victory. Manny is not the same Manny he was years ago. Age is a factor in my opinion. Spence’s youth will get him the victory coupled with his longer reach and larger frame size.

    • Ya,
      Floyd just happened to pick Canelo, Hatton, Diego Corrales, Genaro Hernandez, Cotto, Judah, Moseley, Berto, De La Hoya, Mitchell, etc…
      Just hater drivel is what you wrote.

  • Still bitter about getting owned by the man and then looking like a complete jack ass afterwards with the whole shoulder injury excuse that he purposely did not disclose before the fight…smh.

  • I’am just happy Manny is fighting Spence and not a YouTuber if Manny pulls this of no matter TKO or Decision he has to go down top 5 all time Mayweather did even try to look Spence or Crawford way and these are the 2 top dogs in the Division and Manny giving us something to spend our money on but anyway it should be a great fight

  • As a businessman Floyd was smart in avoiding and ducking Manny Pacquiao for years. Got him at the right time. Pacquiao wins this fight easier than expected.

    • Errol Spence is no Keith Thurman. Keith look
      vulnerable in his comeback fight against Josesito Lopez. That is why Pacquiao went
      after Thurman. Pacquiao is now going after Spence because he perceived Spence to be an easier fight for him than Bud Crawford.
      Spence last three fights Mikey Garcia, Shawn
      Porter and Danny Garcia has not been his best. But I think he has enough to beat

      • I think it was more money with Spence. Definitely it would be a bigger win against Crawford.

  • Manny still salty because Mayweather beat him easily. What was it 9 rounds to 3? LOL

  • I love Manny returning shots to Floyd. It’s great for them. Hopefully they fight at 50yrs old on Triller. Lol

  • PAC sees weakness. Spence already talkin’ about “finishing” PAC?
    Somebody’s delusional.

  • agree 100%, Scoob. Mayweather was beaten rather convincingly in the first Castillo fight that, as great as Mayweather is, I never considered Floyd undefeated after that fight.

  • If manny lose dis fight.I’ll hope no more alibi.lose is a is a win.that is called a sport.

  • Manny you are totally wrong saying Errol Spence Jr. Is better than Floyd Mayweather Jr. You call yourself a Christian but you are not honest about Mayweather ingenuity and boxing prowess. You thought Floyd will be chained down for you to beat him during your bout. Errol Spence Jr. Knows that Floyd Mayweather is the master of pugilistic science. He defeated you and there is nothing you can do about it. Take heart and take care of business. If you do not stop your vendetta against Floyd, Spence Jr., will retire you. As a matter of fact, Manny you are due for retirement.

  • I’ll go waaaaaaaayyyy out on a limb and predict Spence is getting himself into a nightmare. I truly feel it. Yes pacman is in his 40s, but I guarantee his pride level is a 10. The way he fights in and out and catches Spence a few hard shots its over.

  • Out of respect – I think spence should just beat him respectfully – and what I’m saying , Pacman’s a legend and don’t do him like Larry Holmes did Ali – it’s a passing of the torch – let the veteran have his moments and whoop him in grace – in other words similar to slap boxing

  • Manny sounds like a jealous ex girlfriend. Manny is also unfocused which is why he will not be successful against Spence. I love Manny but his logic sometimes doesn’t make sense. If Mayweather beat him and Spence is better than Mayweather, Manny just admitted he has no chance of victory. Spence on the other hand isn’t phased by Mayweather, he focused on winning. People will say “Manny was old”.

  • The one fight I always wanted to see was Floyd Mayweather VS Paul Williams when both were undefeated in their prime. Other than the shot on the button, Williams looked unstoppable with his height/reach, endurance, pressure, punch volume and chin (he took margaritos best shots for 12 rounds and kept coming forward) he won against everyone he’s ever faced. Too bad the tragic accident cut his career short as he was one of my favorites to watch. Glad to see his spirits are still high these days

  • If I hadn’t seen manny beat Thurman like he did, I’d say errol spence would beat him but after what manny did to Thurman. “I dont know” and I really feel like manny probably gonna win this fight. manny carried broner and Thurman, he coulda stopped either one early.

  • Manny still stinging from losing and being dominated by Floyd in their matchup. Also, if Manny sincerely thinks that Spence is better than Floyd, he really is not as smart as I thought he was, and I can see why it was easy for Floyd to win their fight.

  • I love Manny but sometimes he says stupid things. First, why wouldn’t Floyd use his superior boxing skills as his advantage? Next, Floyd saw the deterioration of his Uncle Roger as a result of going “toe to toe” in all of his fights so WHY would he repeat the same mistake?

  • If somebody here really thing Manny have a chance,he doesn’t know his boxing!!!! But as long as it last,it’s gonna be good!!!!

  • marquez was more deadlier than spence pacquioa should have no problem

  • Good strategy PAC ! This will psych Spence into fight your fight toe to toe Hopefully, Spence fall for it.

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