Oubaali out, new foe for Donaire

WBC bantamweight champion Nordine Oubaali has reportedly been designated champion in recess after visa problems scuttled his December 19 defense against Nonito Donaire at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. Donaire will now face Emmanuel Rodriguez for the vacant title with the winner required to face Oubaali next. Showtime will televise in the U.S.

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  • How old is donaire? All the best to him, but it seems like he’s one that is going to stick around a little too long.

    • Well he gave Inoue probably his toughest fight yet. Had him in big trouble in the 9th, and inoue either received a broken jaw or nose. At bantamweight he seem more suited.

  • Retarded WBC rules, the title is NOT vacant. Champion simply has visa issues. This is why titles are watered down. Middle finger to the WBC.

    • Another “title” and sanctioning fee. Why do fighters put up with this when the titles are now meaningless?

      • to the boxers it might not be meaningless. Also, I don’t know how these contracts are written, but it might be that in the contract it is for a title fight. So there may be an obligation to the boxer that they are fighting for a title. I wonder about that.

        • It should be meaningless if you are a realist and follow logic. There is no way to defend the fake belt they will be fighting for. Oubaali the champion is out, plain and simple.

          • I understand where you are coming from. But for example, what if Oubaali decides he can no longer make weight, and decides to go up a division. Donaire might tell you, I could defeat Oubaali, and therefore I deserve to be a world champ. Sad these Visa problems,, why, I just would like to know why. Are soccer players kept out because of visa problems? , I think the US did do that for a Jr. Cup.

      • come on you know its all about the money now days fighters dont care about it they get paid alot of money and basically have NO say so otherwise we would have better fights ALL the time back in the day pre 2k fighters fought to be the best champion vs champion in their primes now days they wait until it the fans are willing to pay over priced PPVs and honestly most of the times one or the other fighter is past their primes

    • Yes they are sometimes retarded, however, is it fair to Donaire then that he would not be fighting for a title. Rodriguez is a viable boxer even though he got stopped early by Inoue. Also why are there visa problems, could it be that is because of the COVID 19 pandemic? the only thing that really makes this fight kind of silly is that both men lost to Inoue. If the frenchman had beaten Donaire, and perhaps easier than Inoue did, that would make that kind of match kind of more interesting.

  • Donaire gave Inoue double vision and I think he broke his nose. Donaire has been close in his few losses. Knocked down Rigondeaux solidly with left hook in the 10th and landed a lot more than most people. On occasion he would choose to brawl a little more than he should but other than that he is in the elite level. I attended the Montiel fight. He took care of business quickly. Won’t forget how he had Montiels leg quivering.

  • Good they put in a Top 10 contender and former champ as the replacement. Sucks for Ouballi to have to sit it out and get the shaft but for Nonito he will keep fighting the best they give him. In 20 fights Rodriguez is at prime age (28) and beat Guevara, Butler, and gave Maloney his first loss. His sole loss was to Inoue so it’s still top5 fighters at the weightclass. Exluding “interim” titles this is something like Donaire’s 22nd title fight so it’s a good opportunity to see them while we can. Not very many fighters in the lower weight classes get that many.

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