New opponent for Broner: Jessie Vargas

Four-division champion Adrien Broner will now battle former welterweight champ Jessie Vargas in the 12-round main event on SHOWTIME April 21 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Broner’s original opponent Omar Figueroa suffered a shoulder injury in training that forced him to withdraw.

Adrien Broner: “I’m feeling really good and I’m excited that this is an even bigger fight than Figueroa. I had to switch up some sparring partners but everything is going great in camp. We’re fighting at 144 pounds, so he’ll have a slight weight advantage, but it won’t matter. I’m going to be in great shape for this fight. Coach Kevin Cunningham is my head coach for this camp, but I did not fire Mike Stafford. I just added to my camp, because I needed the help. I know what I have to do at the end of the day to get back on top where I belong.”

Jessie Vargas: “This is a fight that should garner a lot of attention from boxing fans and they deserve a fight like this. We are two entertaining fighters who come in and give it their all. This is a fight that will have a lot of fireworks. I respect Broner and his skills, but he’s very beatable. The fight was presented to me and I didn’t think twice about taking it. We as fighters and entertainers have to give the fans what they want. We had a fantastic fight on Saturday in Brooklyn and we’ll have another one in April. I will have my hand raised and let everyone know I’m still a danger to anyone I face.”

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