New Fury-Wilder III date: October 9

The heavyweight trilogy showdown between WBC and lineal world champion Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury and former world champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder — scheduled for Saturday, July 24 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas – has been postponed due to Fury’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

The two will now meet Saturday, Oct. 9 at T-Mobile Arena, and live on ESPN+ PPV and FOX Sports PPV.

“I wanted nothing more than to smash the ‘Big Dosser’ on July 24, but I guess the beating will have to wait,” Fury said. “Make no mistake, I will be back and better than ever. We will fight Oct. 9, and I will knock him spark out!”

“This is what we went to arbitration for,” said Shelly Finkel, Wilder’s manager. “He just wanted what was owed to him. He remains ready to reclaim his world title on Oct. 9.”

Tickets purchased for July 24 will be honored for the rescheduled date.

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  • I hope both are 100 percent in shape and strong. I tested positive for Coronavirus in December, Took me 2 weeks to feel better and needed oxygen throughout the time. Feeling good now but my stamina is not the same as before…

    • Same here. I was ill over 12 months ago. I used to run 3 or 4 times a week. Just got back into it around a month ago but cant sprint as of yet. I feel better for eating a more alkaline foods though. No junk. Also the Wim Hof breathing and cold showers etc are helping.

      • Arturo and Adz, you guys have long hauler’s side effects from the virus. Long hauler’s side effects from viruses are not uncommon. It can take months to even years to fully recover in some subjects…

    • I honestly think he spent the last month getting wasted watching England (soccer) in the Euros. Probably blew his training program because of it

  • Rumor has it, Fury was getting beat up in sparring and having drug issues. The Covid excuse is very convenient. Wilder and his new Trainer will have more time to synch and work on more technique.
    Fury will likely work on bulking up and adding another 30lbs to his frame.

    • haha i think getting ‘beat up in sparring’ is the go to rumour for everything

      • Apparently Covid is the “go to” way to get out of a fight. It worked for Teo Lopez. I heard the fight wasn’t selling very well.

        • One thing that only occurred to me recently about the poor ticket sales. The rescheduled date may allow UK fans to travel to it. Maybe that was something necessary for the event to sell well

  • Just admit it, this guy is a Dam joke and a disgrace to all of the Old Great Heavyweights in the past. He has done everything possible to try dodge Wilder and not have this fight. Fight you cheating bum or quit!

  • Let a 280 pound man hit you in the head with a horseshoe in his glove and see how you respond. Clearly, Fury needed more time to prep for this fight. Revenge is a dish best served cold…Boommbb Sqquuaadd!!

    • Poor Wilder was hit so hard he thought he had just gotten ran over by a truck. Lol….!

  • Another website reported Fury was seen walking about in Vegas [at a car rental business] looking healthy and happy after the COVID announcement. Interesting to say the least.

    • I believe that was the real reason for the posponement. There is real fear that of this fightt being a financial failure for Bob Arum & Eddie Hearn.

  • As mentioned earlier where are the refunds!? I have tickets and like many that date may not work for persons. Not to mention hotel and plane tickets

    • Aye and that email they sent out initially was cheeky AF. Phrased in such a way, so it seems like they are doing you a favour by making your ticket still eligible for the rematch! haha. I am sure that we will be able to call up and force the refund but it is disgusting how they are trying to brush it under the carpet. I paid 700$ for flight so gonna do vegas anyway, but no way I am planning for the rescheduled date. They can get fucked!

      • And they still selling tickets I called today and option 1 for orders purchased not even working and top rank has said nothing but they will transfer to new date.
        Making us go lol

        • i just sorted that refund via the AXS website chat service. “Refund in up to 30 days” lolz

  • This is great news for Wilder. Now he has time to look for the “cat got your tongue” cure so he is ready for the next set of press conferences.

  • And if it is due to Covid-19, and not due to pizza, beer, drugs, soccer, and so on, it must be handled with care, so to speak, you never know how postcovid-19 develops. It affected me rather badly. Beterbiev looked rather pale in his last fight after his diagnosis to mention another example.

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