Munguia targets Canelo, Golovkin, Charlos

Munguia Hoganphotos
Photo: Tom Hogan-Hoganphotos/Golden Boy
Jaime Munguia spoke about his successful 160-pound debut against Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan in San Antonio, Texas.

“This was a new division for me,” said Munguia. “I felt stronger and with more conditioning, I just needed to adjust my speed to feel fully comfortable. I would give my performance a 7 or 8 because I needed to do a few more things, but we will get there fight by fight. I was confused about whether to attack or not to attack. Sometimes I thought I had to attack, but I didn’t. But thanks to my corner and Erik Morales I was able to get him. On the last rounds, I was more attentive, even though I still got punched a few times.”

“I would like to fight the best of this division: Canelo, Golovkin, or the Charlos. I know they have more experience, but I look forward to those fights. I want to thank everyone in San Antonio and Viva Mexico.”

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  • LOL you don’t deserve to be in the ring with Canelo/GGG or Charlo. I noticed he didn’t say anything about Boo Boo which he should fight as he is as boring as him.

    • He did not mention Boo Boo cause if he is going to take an L, it’s going to be for top $. Andrade is the guy no one wants to fight because there’s no real money in it, and he can beat most of these guys with a style that makes watching seniors sprint more exciting. Nothing sucks more than losing to a fighter in a boring fight for shit money.

    • “Boring”.?? alot of action & a ko but it ‘s boring? stfu…. you probably think Mayweather is a great fighter even though he NEVER fought with heart & balls.

  • Sullivan for the most part was a human punching bag most of the fight. Munguia simply repeats his barrage of punches all thru the fight; jab, right cross, and hook, repeat… Nothing creative in his entire onslaught of his arsenal. Time to grow? Yup, he needs to bring in a different second assist or consult a different trainer for improving his offense. If Munguia wants to step up and get crunched at this point, Charlo’s style would be tailored-made to bring the young fighter’s arrogance/confidence to a respectable level.

  • He’s asking to fight a top level guy? Finally! I think he gets whipped by all above mentioned opponents. Also see his next bout being with a low KO rate and a semi beefy record. Bold statement right there.

  • I like Munguia, he’s an aggressive fighter and pretty tough too, but he’s raw and way is he ready for the above fighters.

    He needs to learn a bit of defence as well as broaden his arsenal otherwise he’s in for a tough time if he steps up.

  • He can say what he wants but the fact is he’s not getting a Canelo fight because Golden Boy is going to “hand” him that belt when Canelo vacates to face Saunders. He won’t get Golovkin because Golovkin wants Canelo or unknowns. He’s not risking anything on any fighter with a pulse not named Canelo. Charlo ain’t even in the picture and is too big a risk for him and Andrade is even more of a risk with his ability to box, switch and move. I see more of the same for him at 160 as they did for him at 154; move him carefully and avoid serious threats at all costs.

    • I agree with everything you said except that Golovkin wants Canelo or unknowns.
      GGG just fought very well-known and top-level middleweight Sergei Derevyanchenko. If you don’t know who he is then you don’t watch boxing. Or you’re anti-white.

    • GGG allways fought the best fighters available who were wanting to face him.. He was going after Clenelo 3 years before they fought !! A fan favourite because he fought everyone 20 defense my friend it’s all we need to know about him and beat Clenelo in the first fight at 38 !! Most fighters at this age are shot..

  • BJS would also embarrass him if they ever fought. He is going to avoid all the above mentioned fighters and BJS like the plague.

    • WTF ?! He is from Mexico !! All the fighters from there who are training in the USA are rooting for Mexico..

  • I don’t know, I mean he almost went the distance against a guy who was knocked out in 10 seconds by Lemieux. He then cheated by going with the low blows knowing that low blows take away a mans legs. Kids got a lot to learn but as long s he’s protected with the judges and Oscar, he should be ok.

  • Call me crazy, but i’d like to Jaime in with GGG. I think if he gets out of the 1st four rounds he could win the fight. I think GGG is faded enough to make this more than a competitive fight.

  • Munguia is straight up clout chasing bringing up Charlo name knowing they on different networks and least likely to fight. He’s the mandatory for Andrade’s title on the same network and Munguia not willing to take a risk for to become champion. The new generation of Mexican top fighters haven’t been able to upkeep the proud Mexican tradition of bravery and willingness to take risks. Andrade and Charlo are the obvious kings of the division, by way of fear alone.

  • If Munguia gets hit by Charlo or Golovkin the way he got hit by Gary O’ Sullivan, on Saturday night, he would still be in the hospital today. No Middleweight belts fights for Munguia until 2021. He needs a lot of work.

  • Credit to Oscar for developing this guy name to the point that he is a head liner. He’s get a few big fights, lose but will make $ cause he has a pleasing style and can’t slip a punch.

  • Not ready for Canelo yet, time(experience)will play a solid factor in this bout. Ask Alvarez with Mayweather.

  • Ok, so I’m going to make the same comment I made regarding tank Davis. Maybe he had a bad night, many have and go in to accomplish great things. Only time will tell. With that said, I will say that this kid seems to have many flaws that will he exposed as he moves up in competition. If O’Sullivan, who isn’t elite, exposed some the three he mentioned will no doubt expose them even more. I think the worst thing they could have done for him was allow him to fight for a championship so early in his career. He should steer clear from those three and get some experience under his belt until he is more developed.

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