Moloney Team demands a NSAC hearing

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Former WBA super flyweight champion Andrew Moloney’s is demanding that the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) hear his protest for the bout between Moloney and current champion Joshua Franco at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on November 14. The bout was stopped due to a swollen eye suffered by Franco. Referee Russell Mora ruled that the swelling was caused by a headbutt. Team Moloney asserts that no headbutt occured and Mora “misinterpreted the definition of ‘butting with the head.'” The Commission has refused to review the fight.

In a letter to NSAC Executive Director Bob Bennett, Moloney’s attorney Joshua Dubin wrote, “The Commission should err on the side of caution and hear Mr. Moloney out, instead of relying on a strained, narrow legal interpretation to justify denial of his rights before all of the evidence has been reviewed. I sincerely hope the Commission will reverse course and grant Mr. Moloney a hearing.

“In the event that you continue to deny Mr. Moloney the opportunity to be heard before the Commission, we will take appropriate legal action in the Nevada courts to enforce his rights. Mr. Moloney reserves all rights to further recourse, and waives none. “

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  • If they overturn this decision it will open a whole new can of worms. It happens too much, they would be too busy defending their erroneous decisions.

  • Once again, the age old problem of not having a national commision. This could have been corrected right there on the spot, without arguments because the monitor does not lie.

    • National commission to replace what is now would go a long way toward making boxing a major sport again. Too many sports fans have lost interest in the endless weight classes and champions.

  • Moloney’s jab was working overtime on Joshua Franco’s face. He was victim of a terrible decision and injustice. Highway robbery.

  • “Misinterpreted the definition of butting with the head”…..WTH’s that? You gotta be a complete idiot to not know what a head butt is. I’d be ashamed to say that in public, and show how crooked (or stupid) I really was. That kind of idiocy is what’s contributed the most to the downfall of the sweet science. I’ve followed boxing since about 1949 and keep thinking it can’t get any worse, but crap like this decision drags it down even further.

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