Mikey-Martin Final Press Conference

Mikey Presser
Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Four-weight titleholder Mikey Garcia (40-1 30 KOs) is plotting his path back to becoming a world champion again – starting with his return to action against European super lightweight champion Sandor Martin (38-2 13 KOs) on Saturday night at Chukchansi Park in Fresno, California, live worldwide on DAZN.

Garcia still has designs on winning a belt at welterweight to become a five-weight king, and should he secure victory over Martin as expected, he’ll be hunting former super lightweight champ Regis Prograis for a showdown at 147lbs – but he’s also open to facing undisputed 140lb king Josh Taylor.

“I wanted to stay at 147 to look at fighting for a world welterweight title,” said Garcia. “We had discussed the Prograis fight at welterweight as he was considering moving up to 147 and on Saturday we were looking to have the fight at 147, but Sandor has been at 140 so we agreed a 145 catchweight which I am not thrilled about but it’s OK.

“I’ve never stepped on the scales at 147, I’ve been 144 or 145 so it’s the same to me. I want to have both options available. If there’s a chance to fight for a belt at welterweight, I am ready but 140 is a more ideal weight for me at my size and body structure, it’s a more comfortable weight for me.

“I understand the boxing business, so I was disappointed the Regis didn’t happen, but we move on. I hope that we can make that fight happen soon, if things go well on Saturday and win without any injuries or cuts, I’d want to pursue that fight straight away. That is a fight I want, the fans and media want it, but the scheduling and the promotional time needed to build a fight like that just wasn’t there.

“If there’s a good fight at 147 with a big name or a belt, I’d love that. I think I am better built and more developed for welterweight now than I was the first time around.

“I don’t see myself at lightweight ever again, but I can see 140. There are some very good names at the weight, Josh Taylor is a great champion and if some of the guys at 135 look to move up, there’s big fights at 140.

“I just have to keep winning. Victory on Saturday and then getting another win against someone like Regis, I think that should create enough attention to land a fight with Taylor. He’s the undisputed champion and that’s the biggest fight that I could engage in at the weight of course.”

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  • Ok well the real fans hate Mikey Garcia because he has fought 8 times in 7 yrs. That’s it! You don’t deserve a title fight until you start fighting regularly. The fans are smart enough to realize you just want a payday.

    • Mikey stunk the place out against Spence. He merely showed up for a big payday & to survive for another future big payday.

    • Yes, of course Garcia is a bum. Not a single decent win on his resume. Every REAL boxing fan knows this.

      • – Who are you knuckleheads to call Mikey Garcia a “bum”?
        – Real boxing fans, my a$$

        • Real boxing fans aren’t disrespectful as hell like these two.. Who are they to call Mickey Garcia a BUM ?! Being a fan isn’t about being disrespectful, it’s about being dedicated, about knowing the sport and admiring these athlets who are taking so much risks putting their lives on the line..

  • Mikey is indeed a great fighter, HOWEVER there are levels to greatness right?! He’s not at a Leonard, Duran, Hearns, Hagler, Trinidad, Pacquiao, Canelo and even Prime De la Hoya level! But again, his accomplishments from 26 to 40 can’t be denied. And while he clearly lost against Spence, very few expected him to make it to the 12th round! INACTIVITY has been his downfall as well as pursuing a title fight @47! If Mikey had decided to honker down @40…Wow!!! He’d be the man going into defense number 25 by now

  • Before anybody criticizes Mikey you should stop and look at his resume, he has taught top level opponents for most of his career . His biggest fault was to move up two weight classes and fight a top level southpaw. We need to keep it relative he gave up too much too quickly. He’s one of the smartest technical boxer and a smart business man .

    • Moving up two weight classes not such a big deal when weight classes these days are three pounds apart.

  • Roberto Duran moved up directly from Lightweight to Welterweight, didn’t bother stopping at 140. Michael Spinks went directly from Light Heavy to Heavyweight, and didn’t bother stopping at Cruiserweight. Fact is, Mikey only moved up 7 lbs, charged boxing fans big PPV money to watch, and didn’t even look like he was in Spence’s league!

  • The latest chapter of Mikey’s career has been so disappointing. This could have been an all-time-great career. I don’t like his chances agianst Regis.

  • >