Makabu beats Cieslak for WBC cruiser title

In a clash for the vacant WBC cruiserweight title, Junior Ilunga Makabu (27-2, 24 KOs) scored a twelve round unanimous decision over previously unbeaten Michal Cieslak (19-1, 13 KOs) on Friday night inside a temporary arena built for the event in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Makabu dropped Cieslak in round four. Cieslak was credited with a knockdown when Makabu’s glove touched down in round five. Competitive fight with Makabu taking over down the stretch. Scores were 114-112, 115-111, 116-111.

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    • Go to YouTube and copy this link in:
      Watch it. Nothing was wrong with the fight except the two min round 3 which neither boxer was really in trouble in the round.

      • Thank you for the link. At least two things wrong with the fight, aside from the bizarre milieu in which C’s promoter, Tomasz Babilonski, was the victim of an armed robbery in his hotel at 4AM.

        Round 3, which C was clearly winning, was only two minutes long.

        And in round 4, at 2:03 minutes into the round, why did C turn his back and walk away, at which point M hit him from behind twice and knocked him down!?

        • I still don’t know why C turned his back and walked away – and then didn’t M hit him with rabbit punches?

  • Cieslak was about to KO Makabu in round three. Makabu was rubber legged. So they shortened the round to two minutes! They should rule the fight no contest…but they won’t because boxing is so crooked.

    • I recorded the fight and just played it back after this comment. Makabu looked relatively ok, just dodgy timekeeping.

    • If it is the round I saw on Youtube just now, don’t think Cieslak was about to KO Makabu. it was about 58 seconds short. Where there any other rounds that were short as well?

  • Intererestilng comments here. Had this fight been in Poland, it seems that Ciesek would be the WBC champion. Certainly home field advantage would have played a part. It is curious to me that the fight was not there, comparing these two economies.

  • I don’t think I can post the link here but Makabu hit Cieslak from behind twice and knocked him down while he was walking away!

      • One eye: It was a good exciting fight yes. Can’t see why people are complaining, they could not have watched the fight if they do.

  • Cieslak vs Makabu
    They have cut Out round no3 as far as I remember for 58 seconds! Unbelievable!!! Ridiculous !!!

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