Lomachenko and Lopez collide TONIGHT

Vasiliy Lomachenko Vs Teofimo Lopez Rush
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

It’s finally fight night for the undisputed lightweight superfight between Vasiliy Lomachenko (14-1, 10 KOs) and Teofimo Lopez (15-0, 12 KOs). The WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO belts will all be on the line.

And no, it’s not on pay-per-view. You can see it live on ESPN and ESPN+. Loma is currently a -420 favorite. Lopez backers can get +350.

The referee will be Russell Mora. Judges are Steve Weisfeld, Julie Lederman and Tim Cheatham.

Regarding the televised faceoff, much was made about Loma going under the social distancing barrier to get at Lopez. What the camera didn’t show was that Lopez had gone under the barrier first. Trainer Teofimo Lopez Sr. told Fightnews.com’s Jeff Zimmerman, “My son went past the rope and called him out. You got it wrong. Look at video good.” Also, on finally getting the face-off that he wanted after the presser, Lopez Sr. stated “I was pissed, but we finally did it today.”


Who wins the undisputed lightweight championship tonight?

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  • I think Lopez is too green for loma.. I’m kind of a Loma hater though. Because he didn’t avenge his loss but what he likes to do is lean on the left side of his opponents to confuse them and land his left hand. If Lopez can side step and jab or stop it with a left hook to the body or face he should have a chance. But he’s confident and young lacks experience.. he might be easy to confuse.

    • Yes, Lopez had power and good basic skills, but a puncher’s chance. Loma needs to move at angles and confuse Lopez taking him into a chess match he is not used too playing. I see Lopez winging his shots at air in the later rounds. Loma on a split decision…..

      • If Bob Arum says Lomachenko is pound for pound it must be true right?
        Have any of you seen Lomachenko last four fights? Lopez will win the fight no doubt in my mind.

        • That is the fun of this sport. We all have a 50/50 shot picking a winner. Have fun watching the fight tonight.

        • I love living legends, Loma is great but in boxing its the old story, old Lion against the young Lion, Teo is going to bring the fury and overhelm Loma. Like Duran would have done to Floyd.

          • Duran never did well against clever boxers, and Floyd was more than clever at his best. Watch Duran vs.Benitez or Duran vs. Leonard II

        • I’m certain we won’t see you again posting on here after tonight……. Some guy named Dan. Lol

        • Saw his last 4 fights and he won.
          Moves up in weight and chops down bigger guys and shows grit in the process. Your statement is so bland and core ignorant that I can’t take you seriously.

        • Saw his last 4 fights and he won.
          The man moves up in weight and chops down bigger guys showing grit in the process. Your comment is so bland and core ignorant to the point you can’t be taken seriously.

    • He has no losses to avenge because he was robbed against the dirty Salido who hit him in the balls all fight long !! And the only loss he had in his amateur carreer was avenged 2 times !! Hater..

      • I saw that fight and he legitimately lost. He took that fight too early as his first pro fight. Solido was the more experienced boxer and adjusted well and won by a systematic attack to Loma’s body.

    • I agree Lopez might be too green. Fact is it’s hard to prepare for Loma. He stands right in the pocket and can slip shots while delivering his best ones. That’s why he had a streak of guys giving up on him. And why his amateur career was so good. But he has been getting touched a little more at 135 so Lopez’s power can always change things. Lopez needs to make it rough.

  • I hope this will not happen, but due to styles and stanzas, there is a high possibility of cuts. The one that gets cut, might have a huge disadvantage. Loma could handle better such situation, Lopez won’t.

  • This will be either a Dela Hoys v Vargas fight…or Pacman v Bradley trilogy…it’ll be an entertaining evening ending in controversy controversy & many split opinions

  • You figure if Teo (or most other fighters) try to “box” with Loma, they’ll be handily outboxed.
    The only way to go at him is roughing him up. Yes, the way Salido did… and those of you that say Salido cheated and all that, please figure that statistically he should have been blown out within a few rounds.
    He wasn’t. He gave Loma all he could handle and more.

  • Lopez Dad need to stop the hate….stop the jealousy ..teaching His son wrong ..remember you dont fight angry be smart do the talk in the ring…..Loma. Allready have his legacy.. Cant take it away even is he beat loma just get W TONIGHT and everythin that Dad wish for his son will come…the talent is there..

    • I agree. I liked Lopez prior to his antics and the antics of his camp leading into this fight. If he gets beat (and I suspect he will, although I wouldn’t be shocked if he doesn’t), his behavior is going to be seen as very unprofessional. If he wins, it’ll be ignored because winners set the rules. Either way, I’d have appreciated more professionalism; it makes boxing look foolish when guys act like this to sell fights.

  • Can someone please explain to me why Julie Lederman is still a judge??? She is absolutely horrible. I realize judges see fights differently, but I believe she has even been suspended for her fight card scores!!! WTF!!!

  • I am very curious about their weights when they enter the ring.

    Loma must use his complicated offensive/defensive rhythms to keep Lopez off balance and to create mental doubt in Lopez.

    Although facing difficult tasks to perform, Lopez must work a strong jab in order to work his way inside to hit Loma’s body and to create discomfort for Loma. Lopez must find a way to set up a complicated Loma for his long, straight right hand, especially in rounds 1-6.

    Lopez’s mental conditioning will play a significant factor. If Lopez has any doubts about himself, Loma will sense it and mentally/physically destroy Lopez in this fight. Lopez’s corner must also stay composed to make possible adjustments.

    I maintain my selection of Loma to win by UD or TKO 11, but Lopez will have good moments.

  • I’m surprised Russell Mora got the job. He’s terrible. Has he worked a big fight since he blew the Mares – Agbeko fight years ago?

  • The only thing i dont like about both fighters is weight. Loma should be still a feather and Lopez a 140lb fighter. Lopez only chance to win is rehydrate to 154 which isnt really fair. Boxers shouldnt be allowed to hydrate more than a division more.

    • That’s actually a good easy fair weight limit – shouldn’t be allowed to hydrate more than a division more.

  • God forbid they disobey social distancing. It’s not like they won’t be slobbering and bleeding all over each other. Glad the fight is happening and not ppv none the less. I’m hoping for Trinidad / vargas type of fight. My punchers chance of a prediction is Lomo by decision but he will hit the deck.

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