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Lara seeks revenge by KOing Canelo’s brother

Former world champion Erislandy “The American Dream” Lara will continue his quest to reclaim his spot at the top of the 154-pound division when he takes on Ramon Alvarez for the WBA super welterweight title this Saturday night in the main event on FOX from The Armory in Minneapolis.

Photo: Team Lara

For Lara, this is also a chance for revenge as Alvarez is the brother of middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez, who won a controversial split decision over Lara in 2014. “This will be a good fight for the fans because I know Ramon Alvarez is coming with everything he’s got. I know he’ll be looking to end all controversy about me getting robbed when I fought his brother Canelo.

“Everyone knows I won that fight, so I’m going to take it out on Ramon. He’s had plenty of time to prepare for this bout, as I did, so we will both be performing at our very best. Stylistically, I feel I have the advantages. I’m going into this fight with the mindset to dominate and score a knockout.”

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  • This will end all the controversy in regards to his loss to Canelo. Really! First this fight has nothing to do with Canelo other than that they are brothers. Secondly Ramon got destroyed by Omar Chavez and damaged goods Brandon Rios. This fight shouldn’t even be televised as a main event on Tecate or Bouncetv yet alone on Fox. To make matters worse how the heck is Ramon involved in a championship bout when Omar and Brandon are not even ranked in the top 100?

    • I agree – the fight really has nothing to do with the Canelo controversy. But its still an incentive for Lara to beat at least his brother convincingly.

      The Canelo fight was a typical puncher against boxer affair. Lara moved very well in that fight, and had a bit of a Mayweather strategy. The judges never minded Mayweather being on the run, but they didn’t like Lara doing the same. One of Lara’s strengths was always movement, which shouldn’t be confused with running. Canelo missed constantly in the first few rounds and Lara hit him almost at will. Unfortunately, Lara was mostly head hunting while Canelo went to the body. Lara won 4 out of the first 6 rounds. Lara cut cut over the eye in the 7th and got more careful. Lara won 2 or 3 rounds of the second half. Canelo was extremely desperate (but not effective) in the 12th, knowing he would lose the fight. The Lara camp celebrated what they thought was a win, while Canelo looked beat (until they announced the decision in his favor).

      For me, as well as many, it was either a draw or a win by Lara.

      • Lara doesn’t move well anymore Stone, as is Rigondeaux too. Age has taken away that, helping this to Ramon style. I think Lara will flatten Alvarez in a very exciting slugfest

        • Mikemiguel: I agree – Lara doesn’t have the “spring of youth” anymore. I think that he will still try to emphatically KO Ramon in the later rounds.

  • he just may get that knockout to. lara is a very good fighter from the cuba school of boxing.

  • Alvarez looked good early in the Brandon Rios fight, but Rios was relentless and too strong for him. He faded and got stopped. Lara may actually get the KO he is seeking in this fight. This Alvarez is a B class fighter and should not pose any issues at all for Lara.

    The much more well known Alvarez is a totally different story. I thought Lara lost the fight against Canelo because he ran in at least 4 of the rounds. That just doesn’t look good to the judges. He shouldn’t need to run against this brother.

  • This is almost a mismatch, but Ramon has at least been in the ring with some decent fighters like Antonio Margarito or Brandon Rios.

    Lara is getting old but he should still be able to KO Ramon within 7.

    • Margarito and Rios were B- fighters at their best. When Ramon faced them they were battle damaged shells of their former selves.

      • Margarito was a tough Monster and with a bit more pops in his hands would’ve been a nightmare to every champ at welter at the time and wouldn’t have been caught while cheating…

  • These days there is no such thing as the ‘WBA super welterweight title’. This is a misnomer. In reality the WBA provide a “super”, “regular” and “interim”.

    It’s almost become like buying petrol on a forecourt in England.

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