Lara makes weight, Alvarez 4.6 lbs heavy

Erislandy Lara 153.8 vs. Ramon Alvarez 158.6
(WBA super welterweight title fight)

Lr Tgb Fox Weigh In Lara Vs Alvarez Trappfotos August302019 1072
Photo: Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions

Alvarez showed up an hour late and 4.6 pounds over the weight limit. The bout will go on as scheduled, but the WBA title is only on the line for Lara. If Alvarez wins or if there is a draw, the title remains vacant.
Lr Tgb Fox Weigh In Ramon Alvarez Trappfotos August302019 1053
Photo: Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions

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Kyrone Davis 159 vs. Alexis Gaytán 159.8
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Venue: The Armory in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Promoter: TGB Promotions

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  • Canelo thinks the world revolves around him and apparently so does his brother. Absolutely unprofessional.

  • i think attitudes towards making weight is changing. If the fight can still go on regardless of the belt it takes the pressure off. Alvarez winning this fight will do as much for his career whether he takes the belt home or not, so why kill yourself for the extra pound towards the end. Bad really. They maybe should allow the fight to go ahead but enforce a suspension for the following year or something to that effect. The guilty boxer can choose to fight or not. It isn’t ideal but i bet you would see less fighters missing weight

  • Even tho its his brother fighting and Lara will probably win, i think they’ll still give the decision to canelo lol

  • It’s time to straighten out the current rules in regard to excessive overweight. There has to be a serious repercussion for this much extra weight, otherwise the problem will soon escalate.

    I think anyone would have an understanding for a few ounces but not for 4.6lbs.

    If a fighter would have to forfeit 20% of his purse (payable to the opponent) for every pound over the weight limit, this nonsense would stop fast. In this particular case, Lara should get 95% all of Alvarez’ pay. This would guarantee that Alvarez wouldn’t be that disrespectful to the sport of boxing again – at least not by coming in over the weight limit. .

    • I love the way Japan boxing authorities handle this cases. First, the one missing the mark is severely sanctioned and then, the boxer is obligated to fight at the next weight up and will never be allowed to fight at the weight he missed. Last cases I learned about it was Daigo Iga overweight vs. Cristofer Rosales and Luis Nery vs. Shinsuke Yamanaka. Luis Neri is banned to fight in Japan for that reason (not because PED). What about to have cancelled the fight, send Ramon Alvarez back to Mexico with no pay at all and ban him to fight in USA? If that would have happened, things could change in the right direction. But some corrupted people are allowing him to fight with almost 5 pounds overweight and mark my words, a no distant day he will be fighting in the undercard of one of his brother fights. SMH!!

      • Thanks for the interesting and educated Japan info, Mike. Definitely a good policy!

        To just send Alvarez back to Mex without pay, still doesn’t help the fans who already bought tickets, and of course Lara who spent months training for this fight. That’s why I think it would be best if the opponent of the overweight fighter will get 20% of his purse per pound over the weight limit. This would not only be costly but also humiliating to the overweight fighter. If both fighters are overweight, they should be allowed to fight but still be fined.

        Whatever the outcome, 4.6lbs overweight is a scandal and it should be dealt with as such.

  • Looks like Canelo is keeping all that Mexican meat to himself and not sharing with his brother. Ramon was late because he was looking for it around the house and couldn’t find it.

  • Fox Network must accept a significant amount of the blame for insulting their audience by underwriting the Lara-Alvarez farce. Apparently, they have no Quality Control Department and just accept the matches the sleazy alphabet clowns sanction.

    • This is a fight meant for Azteca at 11:30pm not Fox. You would need to pay me $500 + expenses to see this live.

  • That’s totally unprofessional and just typical bullshit example how to promote on a brothers famous name

  • 4+ pounds overweight, disgraceful!….what’s the point in a weight limit if you don’t have to make it?!

    Agree with comments on here, fighters should lose a certain percentage of their purse (to the other fighter) for every pound overweight.

  • Part of this is all the added divisions-they are both middleweights only a few pounds apart. Would be a lot less of this if returned to eight weight divisions. Of course won’t happen as long as these corrupt organizations, with their every fight is a title fight policy, keep collecting their sanctioning fees.

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