Kovalev: I really want the fight with Alvarez

After his eleventh round KO over Anthony Yarde Saturday, WBO light heavyweight champ Sergey Kovalev says bring on Canelo.

Kovalev Ko Yarde02
Photo: RCC Boxing Promotions, Pavel Tabarchuk

“I really want the fight with Alvarez, so if he has the same desire, then I’m only for that fight,” Kovalev told reporters. “[Golden Boy] played this cunning game, whereby they made an offer which was very hard to turn down when I was in training camp. But I promised Chelyabinsk, that I would be here. To fight in my home town was unbelievably cool.”
A few online sportsbooks have already posted odds on a potential Canelo-Kovalev fight, with Canelo being anywhere from a -450 to -800 favorite.
Yarde reportedly turned down a million dollar step-aside offer to let Canelo-Kovalev happen first.
At the time of the KO, Kovalev was ahead 97-94, 96-93, 98-92.

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  • Yarde should hav taken the million bucks, Then maybe fought the winner. (If that was possible)

    • Rwb: that’s an interesting thought! He’d have a million now to invest into a better trainer :))

      Although he had two excellent rounds against Kov, the fight came a 1 or 2 fights too early for him – his trainer should have known that. Although he had a legitimate chance to win – there wasn’t much missing in the 8th round – he lost most other rounds and just didn’t have it in him to KO Kov when he almost had him.

      Anyways, he didn’t take the million, he still got paid well (over a million) and now he will have to continue to work his way up into a solid top 10 LH.

    • I applaud his desire and competitiveness to enfoce his mandatory, but he was nowhere near ready and his training and management crew was irresponsible not to implore him to back off. They were either greedy & impatient to take their cut or just failed to exercise enough objective judgment, although Kovalev’s back to back stoppage losses must have made it seem he might be the most vulnerable champion to go after and he won;t be around much lnger.

  • What Kovalev really means is: “I really want that cash a Canelo fight generates. I may be over the hill, but I love money more than my health, so any fight that is lucrative is more than welcome. If the pay is good, even a fixed fight is ok with me.”

    • Well sort of, but you;re in the business to make money, fighting the No.1 money guy in the sport is one of the goals of every prizefighter, especially near the end of the line. Kovalev seldom fought for any significant purses, some say he was extremely flexible on his end of the purse to get the Pascal, Hopkins & first Ward fight (was robbed in that one) so I can see how he feels he’s due for a payoff.

  • Kov can win every round against the redhead and he will still lose a decision that’s how bogus decisions are with paid off judges and especially in Vegas.

    • Truthfully im still surprised how that little red head who moves like a butterfly and stings like a Bee is capable of taking on and beating Bigger boxers out of his normal weight class ?? Any answers to that ….

  • The question is Canelo trying to get Kovalev down to 168. That is a b.s. request. Either fight Kovalev at 175 or forget it. I mean, if you ask Kovalev to make 173, that might not matter too much, but when you start saying make 170 or 171, that is B.S.

    • I’m not a big fan of catchweights but if Kovalev accept one then that’s on him. I can’t blame Canelo for that. Again if Canelo makes the offer Kovalev has to the right to refuse.

      • That’s the theory. In reality, its all about the money and Kov will agree to anything.

  • At first I was going to say why. But seeing the highlights, kovalev looked like a middle weight fighting a cruiser. Ha sure can’t take body shots, regardless of those ripped abs, and his punching power seems to be non existent. Saul is a good body puncher and I can definitely see him wearing him down with body shot. That and the drop in weight could get him the ko or a fairly easy decision like with Chavez jr. I think a good fight would be Chavez jr vs kovalev.

  • Man, the dumb casuals that this article has brought out for comment. Those of you morons who thing Sergei we get blasted out by Canelo are delusional in know nothing about this sport or the science within it. Canelo will have to eat steady straight shots in order to get into throw his body shots. He can slip shots by the Russian and counter but not all of the time. The Mexican will get hit and it is how he responds to a light heavyweights power which we have to question. Alvarez has not fought even a real super middleweight yet, so we don’t know how he would do against any top 10 light heavyweight which kovalev is. Unlike Golovkin, Sergei uses his feet a lot to setup his very accurate straight punches. It will be interesting to see how Canelo can deal with the Russians offense before we say he just walked through kovalev and lands his ‘thunderous’ body shots. if the fight is made we also have to see if there will be a catchweight or a rehydration clause. We also have to see where the fight will be held because I believe this fight will go 12 rounds. I think that is what Golden boy is counting on to where Canelo cannot lose a decision.

    • Chris:

      I think you are missing one of the most relevant points here: Canelo and his fishnet friend have no interest to fight Kov at 175lbs. Their plan is to drain him, like they have done with other fighters before.

      Kov is past his prime but to face him at 175 lbs would be too much of a risk for Canelo, especially if he can’t be on PEDS.

  • If they fight at 175 i favor kovalev. If its at a catchweight i favor Canelo. Knowing him he will try to drain him

  • The fix is likely in if he fights the ginger… I don’t care who agrees. Not to mention red boy will likely want Mr. kovy to zap himself of weight to appease. The ginger and his keepers are a cancer to boxing.

    • <>

      Great line, and unfortunately true.

      Clenbuterolo hasn’t had a single clean fight in years. PEDS, catchweights, corrupt judges, etc. have become the norm; but there are still people who consider him a legit boxer. What do do :))

  • If this ends up at a catch weight, then definitely I am not watching. There is a good chance I won’t watch anyway because everything that is bad about boxing swirls around Canelo. Yes, he has talent but the steroids, the catch weights, the odd judging and listening to Oscar run his crooked, condescending mouth make it not worth it. However, I do not blame Kovalev for wanting the money. He won’t get it any place else and I do not like his chances vs Beterbiev, Gvozdyk or Bivol.

    • the steroids???? seriously?? lol everyone is so hell bent on “steroids/Peds” when reality it was “Trace” amounts. i mean, look if u walk into a buddies house and he and some friends are toking it up, and ur there for a lil while, ur gonna get trace amounts from the contact even if u dont smoke it, you will have Trace amounts. that doesnt make u a pothead.. lmao EVERYTHING ELSE, i can certainly agree with ya.

      • Tony: Sorry, but that’s a load of BS. Canelo has been a regular PED user for a long time and he lied about it consistently. There are testimonies by people around him (inl. sparring partners) who knew that he was taking PEDS without getting caught for years. Clenbuterol is performance enhancing (it retains lean muscle mass among other benefits) as well as fat burning and any amount found in any boxer would lead to a failed drug test.

        Unfortunately, Canelo only had random drug tests so far but I hope they will become more frequent and real.

        Canelo is a serious PED user and there’s no doubt that at least some of his fights have been fixed. As someone commented above: he (and his fishnet friend) are a cancer to boxing.

        • Stonefree: I can respect your comment.. I have never heard of him using anything like that before and I follow quite a few boxers very close BUT that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. He could very well be doing that as you are saying, especially if his inner circle is giving out the info.. only the people around him would truly know for sure, so yea, if that is the case you have a VERY valid point.. and I agree.. more random drug tests! I would even say a month after a fight. I’ve heard of some boxers (no names of course) starting their cycles after a brief resting period so when they do land a fight, it is out of their system and they are already at top performance. so yea, definitely agree with ya.

          • My respect for your comment, Tony. I commend you for it because its very rare that anyone in here ever stands corrected. The fact that you can do it, shows that you have character and integrity.

            I did research this particular case carefully before I wrote my comment above.

            Its unfortunate that its still relatively easy to cheat on drug tests and that so many boxers are using PEDs.

  • Alvarez couldn’t beat the Kovalev from the other night. Not with that endurance and heart. Might be really close, but it ain’t happening. You have to honor the guy for keeping his word. Bottom line? Big big money fight especially after that performance. That put more stock into it. I would dish it out for that one.

  • If the fight gets made and a catchup weight is included, Kovalev’s handlers should be taken to the execution wall. Fixed fight? No Canelo, maybe Floyd on his last couple of fights, especially the one agaisnt McGregor. Canelo’s haters look casuals saying this kind of nonsense. The fight will happen and not at catchup weight, but rather the next day weight stipulations, after the weight in. Canelo will have problems the first 5 rounds, but he will win by stoppage around the 10th. Is the way I see a this moment. This money fight is the best that can happen to this aging warrior, because I see him beaten badly by the top guys at this weight class if he decides going for unification with not much money included

    • Canelo has shown to be one of the few that can actually withstand and effectively counter Golovkin’s Arsenal. I doubt Kovalev’s overall power will have much more affect.
      Canelo has shown to have an excellent chin and has developed into an excellent overall boxer and ring technician.
      Canelo has good power but it’s not Earth-Shattering enough to damage Krusher or KO him.
      Kovalev is underrated as a boxer but he’s been far more reliant on his power throughout his career.
      I see this as being a “boxing” match that Canelo should win handily.

  • No entiendo x k Alvarez Todo El tiempo dice k El pelea con quiensea en tonces cual es El problema

  • Kovalev is finished as a top fighter. De La Hoya and Canelo know that this version of Kovalev is a big name low risk fight.
    More power to them trying to sell this fight on PPV. Canelo
    will beat down Kovalev and stop him between the seventh and eight round. Buddy McGirt don’t let Kovalev go near Canelo.
    Have a heart and save this warrior from himself.

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