King Kong Ortiz: I was never worried

Luis Ortiz Vs Charles Martin 1.1.2022 01 01 2022 Fight Ryan Hafey Premier Boxing Champions (1)
Photo: Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

“I was very focused during this fight,” said heavyweight Luis “King Kong” Ortiz after coming off the deck twice to stop Charles Martin in round six. “I was never worried. My trainer just told me to keep working the jab and that’s what I was able to do. It was very difficult going southpaw against southpaw. At the end of the day, my intelligence won the fight.

“I maintained faith the entire time. I knew I had my family and these fans behind me. I told everyone that this fight would be fireworks. He knocked me down, but then I finished him. I respect him a lot and now I’m coming after every heavyweight in line for the title.”

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Ortiz comes off canvas twice to stop Martin

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  • Ortiz should be worried. Getting dropped by Martin is Not so good. Imo Ortiz is on the back nine and is pretty close to being done.

    • Martin is a big puncher and Southpaws rarely fight or spar Southpaws. So I think the southpaw stance gave him issues.

  • Ortiz should be worried. getting dropped by Martin is not so good. Imo Ortiz is now on the back nine and is pretty close to being done.

    • Ortiz’s advancing age is doing him no favors at this point in his career. However, he is still dangerous as a fighter with his counters and imposing size. Both Ortiz and Martin have seen better days as fighters, but Oritz rocked Martin in legit fashion and the glove being tied up in the ropes actually gave Martin a few extra seconds to get his faculities back. I agreed with the stoppage.

  • Basicaly a perfect punch landed on Martin’s jaw and he was out on his feet. Clearly at 42 + Ortiz is juicing on HGH. Martin came to fight this time. The early knockdowns had minimal effect on Ortiz. I doubt Usyk will be in a hurry to fight King Kong Ortiz. No doubt if Ortiz had left Cuba 10 years sooner he would have been a dominant champ.

  • I believe this man deserves a title shot and a good payday in the process, that way he can ride off into the sunset closing a very decent boxing career. He might be able to surprise an overconfident Fury, we never know, but for sure Ortiz at 42 is much better than Mahmoud Charr

    • Nah. Ortiz had 2 title shots and was KOed in both. Maybe if he beats a Ruiz or Parker. Ortiz will be 60 by the time the title holders fight their rematches and mandatories

    • Ortiz is in a privileged position now to get a title shot, but he and his team should be cautious about the next opponent, if a title fight is not there yet. Dubois, Joyce, Parker and even Arslanbek Makhmudov could precipitate his retirement hour IMO.

      • Now that would be a very interesting fight, Ortiz vs Joyce. Joyce isnt exactly a spring chicken either.

  • I’ve been an Ortiz fan for quite sometime, but after this fith, I beleieve ti’s time for him to step down and retire… He was hit too often by Martin and the two knockdowns convinced me that Ortiz’s glory days are behind him. He would have NO chance against top contenders or current champions… Luis, you had a great career but father time has caught up on you..

  • Imagine either of these guys at this point in their careers against the divisions best Fury or Wilder? It ain’t even funny.

    • It aint even funny? Not sure what u mean. He fought Wilder twice and was beating him bith times. Yes, he got caught both times and went down BUT so did everyone else besides freak Fury. I think Fury vs Ortiz is a great fight. Shame the Ortiz name gets pushed aside. Hes a high risk fighter for anyone. Only reqson Wilder fought him was because he thought he was invincible at that time.

  • Saying Ortiz is done is a little premature. First the southpaw issue. When southpaws fight each other flukey things happen. Its just a completely different angle.

    Now the knockdowns. First one was a big punch high on the back of the head. Dangerous punch. It was a clubbing shot and not a clean blow to the jaw. But the 2nd knockdown, courtesy of a southpaw jab as Ortiz was stepping in was a flash knockdown. I didn’t get the impression that Ortiz was in serious trouble. He fought a huge 6’5″ 250 lbs heavyhanded southpaw.

    42 is old but 42 aint what it used to be. For sure the clock is ticking and he doesn’t have much time left but he’s still got a few more big fights in him.

    I dont think he beats Fury and Wilder already bested him but he’s got a good chance against anyone else I could see him beating AJ.

  • The Ortiz fans that still hype him for title shots are baffling. KOed twice, drug suspended twice. Anyone else would be sent to the end of the line

  • Everybody talking about Ortiz like he’s ancient, yet he just won his biggest fight of his career. I don’t think he’s a great fighter, having lost twice to a guy like Wilder, but he just beat a legit contender and a non-legit former champion. Give the man some credit. Also , the fight set a high mark to beat for fight of the year.

  • turns out , ya kinda have to know how to fight to be a winner…Martin went backwards from the momentum of missing right hands. Unbelieveable. Martin is a C- fighter. PPV..oh my.

  • How many titles shots does this clown get? Please put him in with a Andy Ruiz Jr.

    • Actually, Ruiz vs Ortiz would be pretty interesting. Both have some skills a decent punch and marginal chins. It could be a highly entertaining fight with multiple KDs, and is most likely not going to the cards.

      It’s probably one of the better matchups in this dreadful group of HWs.

  • He looked awful. A little more ring intelligence from Martin would have equaled a loss for the Cuban.

  • If Andy Ruiz fights Ortiz, it would be the cuban retirement for sure. Brutal KO in my opinion. Ruiz has a good chin for Ortiz punches, not the Cuban for Ruiz bombs.

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