Kambosos: Lopez’ Dad got put in his place

Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

George Kambosos Jr. believes yesterday’s fracas between Teofimo Lopez’s father and his father shows the champion’s team is full of ‘nervous energy’ ahead of their clash for Lopez’s IBF, WBO, WBA, and WBC franchise Lightweight titles at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York, live worldwide on DAZN.

Challenger and champion attended the media workout in New York yesterday, and as their paths crossed in the new Church Street Boxing Gym location near MSG, the teams clashed as the tensions rose between the camps.

“He’s got a lot of nervous energy and fear,” said Kambosos Jr. “His Dad got put in his place, he knows we don’t play around, we’re here ready to fight, ready for war, and he tucked his tail between his legs and that’s what’s going to happen on Saturday night.

“If they want to get it on, my Dad is here too. We all saw it, what can you do? He was lucky that my Dad didn’t really unleash, or he would have not been in his corner on Saturday. If Eddie Hearn and Matchroom pay enough for the old fellas to go at it, maybe we’ll see it!

“This isn’t personal for me. Whatever delusional story he has in his head when he wasn’t even there on June 19, they’re just lying to him and telling him what he wants to hear. I am focused, even with what happened with our Dads, it’s forgotten, there’s no emotion for me, I am here to do a job.

“He’s coming to KO me early? No problem. That’s what I want to do. Victory by any means though, it would mean the world, all the sacrifice and hard work I’ve had to make, that’s what will make this special. It’s for my kids and the people around me, the belts are for them.

“I don’t think about what’s next. Ask Lopez, he thinks one million steps ahead. I’m focused only on him. We’ll see if Josh Taylor gives him a fight without him having any belts and coming off a loss to the Aussie.

“People say it’s been a long camp, but I am always in the gym, always training and preparing. I live in the gym, and I don’t take a day off, so this has just been like every day, I stay focused and retain the tunnel vision. When you are fighting for all the marbles, are you going to take your foot off the pedal? No. I’ve been very patient and we’re here now.

“I’ve got a very smart team and I am very smart at what I do. It’s not my first rodeo, I’ve been in the big fights, I’ve earned this the hard way. But we’re ready, and we’re clever, and the preparation has been great; there’s no burn out or weight issues, nothing, no emotion, just coming here to win the fight and be a real champion.”

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    • I agree h e g o t like a crap about you. lucky that night and now look what he’s done nothing and he doesn’t want to fight anybody what a punk ass I hope after cam BOCES Beats him he just hangs them up cuz he’s a punk

    • How about comey? This guy is talking himself into fight but if he were quiet, everyone would say teo is cherry picking

  • Low-class Lopez sure does bring down the quality of the discourse. He barely beat an injured Loma, and hasn’t fought since. He’s a loudmouth. Sounds like a dope. He exudes ignorance, doesn’t have the pedigree of a champion. He wants to be the next Muhammad Ali, but he has no more in common with Ali than Charles Manson. I not only root for his opponent, but have no interest in watching him fight.

  • Lopez is going to annihlate clownbosos…he’s bigger faster stronger and more skilled….bosos has no chance

  • This guy is talking this into an interesting fight but he looked very avg against lee selby..he going to get destroyed..comey would destroy him

  • I know a lot of people don’t like Lopez for whatever reason. But imo, he’s playing the villain and he’s going all in on each of his fights because he’s confident about his abilities. But I watched a few of Kambosos fights.. nah, idk what it is that you guys see maybe your judgement is being clouded by disliking Lopez.. or you guys are working for sports betting or something. The only way Lopez loses is if his long layoff somehow messed him up.. maybe Covid affected his stamina or something. Maybe he suffers the curse of movies.. every time a fighter makes a movie they don’t come back the same. But other than those freak possibilities.. you guys must’ve forgot about Lopez to think that he’ll lose to Kambosos tbh.. it’s not even a comparison honestly.

  • All of the bile spewing haters on here will be back calling Kambosos a bum and a nobody after Lopez flattens him with right hand bombs.

  • Latino power all the way, Lopez represents New York City and tomorrow people will see an Aussie get a beat down New York style, mark my words this is going to be a vicious knock out by Lopez.

  • >