AJ: Wilder, Fury, Ortiz, Usyk will call when ready

Joshua Hearn
Photo: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

WBA, IBF, IBO heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and his promoter Eddie Hearn talk about what’s in the future now that AJ recaptured his world championships against Andy Ruiz Jr on Saturday at the Diriyah Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Anthony Joshua

On fighting Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury:

“What can I say? I have been speaking about these guys a long time. You see this time, when I had the opportunity to just focus solely on Andy, my head is in the right place. When Wilder, Fury, Ortiz and Usyk are really ready, they will make the call. Until then, I respect them. I won’t continue to call them out. I am making my own lane and if they want to be a part of that, they will call. Ruiz did it and created a legacy. If those guys want to do it, they can create a legacy too. Look at all I have done, come on. When I call them out and do all of that, I lose focus.”

On a third fight with Andy Ruiz:

“Without a doubt. If you heard, we are going to do a third. He beat me fair and square the first time and I beat him fair and square the second time. So we will do it again. 100%.”

Eddie Hearn

On fighting Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury: 

“Anthony has been chasing them for years. Those fights will happen. Maybe they were right to walk away from those fights back then because the fight is worth much more now. AJ wants the legacy. He created that legacy tonight in Saudi Arabia. He sells out arenas around the world. He is transforming boxing. These other guys can’t lace his boots! He is only 24 fights in and he is only going to get better.”

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  • I like Anthony Joshua. He seem like a genuinely good dude. But wilder is so unorthodox and unpredictable.. Joshuas left hand his jab hand has to be glued to the left side of his face. Not sure how he’ll react to wilders right hand.. but I do believe wilder wouldn’t be able to take AJ shots like Ruiz did. I’d like to see Ruiz fight wilder next and see how wilder does. Ruiz style is a nightmare for anyone when he’s properly prepared. A heavyweight with a great chin and fast hands is a dangerous combination for anyone.

      • I like how AJ mentions Usyk. Out of all the fighters he mentioned, Usyk is the lightest and easiest one to beat in my opinion. I am sure they will select Usyk since that fight will be an ATM for them to make the easiest money. Usyk is tailored-made for AJ; stiff, pitty-paws the jab, limited head movement, and is an accumulative puncher (not a Wilder puncher). Give the fight fans what they deserve; Wilder or Fury.

        • AJ mentions Usyk among all of them because he’s a big name. Unless Wilder doesn’t fight Fury next in which case AJ may be able to fight Wilder in a unification and not be stripped of any of his belts.
          If not he’ll either fight Pulev or Usyk as a mandatory. Wilder/Fury have to be willing to fight AJ for it to happen

          • I agree… Usyk is legit. He deserves to be mentioned with the others. Ortiz is the one that makes no sense to me. Clearly, Wilder and Fury are in the mix, and Usyk has a fantastic resume. Who has Ortiz beaten to deserve a mention?

          • Usyk had beaten every Cruiserweight they put in front of him. To me when an Undisputed Champion wants to move up and challenge, then they should be put to the front of the line.

            Another reason to mention Usyk is that he might actually have an open date. Fury and Wilder presumably are fighting each other next and considering that most of us don’t want a 3rd Riuz match (at least not until he gets in shape and proves it against a contender), who would you have AJ fight?

          • Remember, Ortiz WAS handling Wilder pretty darn easy until he got caught. But everyone gets caught by Wilder, so no surprise. Cant take anything away from Ortiz. Id like to see Aj vs Wilder and Fury vs Ortiz. Winners fight and call it a day

          • Lol Usyk is trash compared to the top of the top. No idea what people see in him. tbh he is good. But not elite.

            I think the same about Spence, Wilder, Joshua. Overrated. Too many holes in their game. They only shine because of weak competition.

        • Wilder vs Fury is for the lineal championship in Feb. AJ lost his spot. Usyk and Pulev are your mandatories. You offered both guys less than 15 mil to fight you. DAZN was also making it a multi fight deal so They’d own the Crown for 2 additional fights if you lost. I’m glad they both walked. That’s completely BS.

          • You’re saying that AJ offered both guys less than 15m – do you mean Wilder and Fury or Pulev and Usyk?
            Re Wilder and Fury , I think both have been offered 40% splits. and Wilder 100m for 2 fights with AJ and also a further 20m for a warm up fight.
            When Lewis fought Holyfield he was on 10m to Holyfield’s 20m. Lewis was commercially much bigger then than Wilder and Fury are now. I’m not bad at Maths and the 10m Lewis got for that fight was less than 40%. Why don’t/didn’t Fury/Wilder take these offers?
            Also he regained his spot (whatever it was) when he beat Ruiz. For those who say the rematch doesn’t count because AR was out of shape there are those who can say the 1st match doesn’t count because AJ wasn’t all there..
            AJ is probably seen as number 3 by most but there is not a clear number 1 and if you consistently fight better opposition your O is more likely to go.

          • Both ESPN and DAZN tried securing 3 fight deals with Wilder if he took Joshua money. Joshua was getting 60+ million. Both of them were making less than 20mil. That’s not 60/40. Joshua list his spot his own network said it. Usyk will get ordered and those typically are 70/30 or 65/35. But it’s not a unification like Wilder. Hearn is a liar so if you believe him than that’s your blindness.

    • Wilder vs. Ruiz, no way. We’re talking about Ruiz as if he’d be in top form, which is guarantee after last Saturday. It’s always a letdown when you have to worry about a good fighter with lots of skills, but questionable conditioning and training habits. Perfect example, Riddick Bowe.

    • Elpapisteve: Imagine if Ruiz feet were as fast as his hands. He would be more devastating in the ring than a prime Mike Tyson. Ruiz is crazy strong in the clinches as well so you can´t tie him up and get a breather they way you could Mike, very unusual for a short guy fighting giants…

    • Why does eveyone think Wilder has a glass jaw? Have any of you people watched any of his fights? Dammmnnnnn

      • They just don’t understand boxing. One reason why Wilder gets buzzed is because he leaves his chin out because he’s so offensive minded. Same reason Joshua doesn’t move his head and before this past fight was too offensive minded. Neither has a glass chin, they just don’t protect it. If either had a glass chin they’d have several KO losses by now. Fury probably has a worse chin. He just rolls and tucks so well it barely gets tested. The guy rocked himself with an uppercut once.

    • Wilder the 3rd best HW currently I fear looks great until he meets a real guy of similar ability ambition and youth. Deontay with his enormous experience should jump to fight AJ before he get to even better and adds more to his only 23 fights skill level. Its a 50/50 fight now still . AJ is still the flagship of the heavies plus has rests of the belts Wilder knows this. All the sponsors want and like the humble not flash well mannered good affable londoner. Ruiz is like one of those talented 80’s heavyweights with the great chins and skills (Tubbs,Dokes, Witherspoon though Tim a great fighter but too distracted and never really in shape and a bit lost.

  • joshau have not been chasing them for years. he don’t want to do anything with ortiz or fury,wilder. that is bullshit,he is afraid of ortiz.especially ortiz and wilder.wilder been trying to persue him for years.just the other way around.

    • Is that why Ortiz didn’t take the fight when it was offered to him? Or why Wilder outpriced himself when he couldn’t fill half of a 16k seats venue? As long as he keeps those belts and continues to sell out venues he will be dictating who’s next. They need his money not the other way around. He is the draw. Look at the PPV numbers Wilder did vs Ortiz, nowhere near AJ’s numbers.

      • Youll cheerleaders go over the same bs that has nothing to do with the fight. You wanna make the fight or argue about who sells the most seats. Many of you so called Boxing fans simply got a boy crush on AJ’s muscles. You dont know the terms to say DW priced himself out.
        Real fans want the best to fight the best, not some particular fighter to be protected from danger. AJ is lacking until he fights DW no matter what he got going on.
        Mayweather syndrome is now effecting the fans. smh

        • AJ fans want to see AJ Vs Wilder and Fury aswell. I see this debate about who was ducking everywhere. In 2019 alone, Ortiz and Wilder openly and formally turned down a fight with AJ. As a result AJ probably made over 100 million for his two fights with Ruiz and Wilder made much much less. I think even Ruiz made more than Wilder in 2019. It is a complicated business but those pinning all the problems on AJ are just seeing what they want to see.

          • Once again mis information. Ortiz’s management turned down 1st offer to negotiate and Hearn moved on. They even publicly apologized about it. Ortiz wanted that fight.

          • Sorry i saw both sides to the story regarding the 6 million offer. Do you have link regarding the apology?

        • Mike Tyson/Don King started this trend of making the most money fighting hand-picked opposition. Think about it – Leonard, Hearns, Hagler, Duran, Arguello, Barkley, made the most money fighting one another in their prime. Tyson rolls in as this KO artist and they exploited the consumer demand for explosive KOs by fighting the biggest names past their prime toward the undisputed heavyweight championship. Tyson got comfortable and lost to Buster Douglas. When Tyson returned in ’95, King gave him easy fights until he ran into Holyfield smh. Every promoter aims to reach the level Tyson/King had – low-risk fights for the most money.

    • I have to agree with you. Joshua is not prepared to fight any of them. Fury would outbox him easily, Wilder would probably trail on points like he did in the Ortiz fights, then he would land one of those right hands and put Joshua away. Joshua would have his best chance against Ortiz but it would probably be best for him to stay in his Lane and make a career off of B level fighters (Whyte, Parker, Usyk etc and avoid the others)

      • it is funny how you discuss Ortiz in the same terms as Fury Wilder and Joshua. I like Ortiz and he did alright against Wilder, but seriously, who has he beaten? You could even argue that Ortiz was made to look better because of WIlder’s strategy. Wilder just gave him the early rounds and landed when the time was right.

        • Agreed. If AJ fought Ortiz at any point after Wilder/Ortiz 1 he’d have been accused by those who say he should fight him of fighting an old man or Wilder’s leftovers.
          Wilder and Fury also look like they’re avoiding Whyte – a fighter AJ has already fought

          • I didn’t even think Wilder should have fought him again. There was no controversy to be resolved. Wilder did what he does and I think most of us expected the same result in the unwarranted rematch.

            With all that said, other than Fury and possibly Usyk who out there is better than Ortiz. The Division is very top heavy right now, but hopefully some of these new contenders step forward in 2020. The top guys should sort things out by close of next year and I’m hopeful that guys like Dubois, Hrgovic (sp?), Ajagba, etc… are ready to challenge by 2021.

            Note: Joe Joyce’s age and apparent limitations keep him off that list. Additionally, he might challenge in 2020.

        • Not funny at all. Ortiz has at least fought Wilder and was winning both fights until he got knocked out. He even had Wilder badly hurt and almost out in the first fight. So we know he at least has some skill against one of the best in the division at this point in time. The same can be said of Johnson. He defeated klitschko then fought nobodies. Ruiz would not even have been a conversation piece until he beat Joshua. How does the (as Joshua fans call him. The lineal heavyweight champ lose to a guy that Hass three spare tires around his waist. Someone who feels that roadwork means jogging a block to the local Krispy Kreme to pickup an order and back is a heavy workout for the day?). Yes he won in a rematch but his stock definitely plummeted. Put together a fight with Wilder or fury and let’s see how the chips fall.

          • yes but your logic is confused. You’re using Ortiz’ performances against Wilder to demonstrate how good he is, but Wilder uses his victories over Ortiz for the same reason. It is bogus logic. Ortiz has no other fights outside of Wilder to showcase that he is as good as you say. Wilder’s only other indicator is Fury and he got schooled. You say that “Ortiz has at least fought Wilder and was winning both fights until he got knocked out” but that is a better indicator that Wilder is bad than it is Ortiz is good. Wilder does not win rounds easily at the top level. We have seen that.
            Don’t get me wrong, I have Wilder as a favorite against AJ because of the brutal KO power, but I expect AJ to comfortably outbox Wilder until he gets knocked out.

            As for AJ fighting nobodies, this is just patently false. Outside of Wilder V Fury 1, his resume is far better.

    • Will, these guys are really not affraid of each other. Joshua is just falling behind Eddie Hearn, as long as he keeps getting big-money opportunities. Joshua got too settled into taking routine fights making lots of money. I agree Joshua isn’t chasing these guys, but he isn’t affraid of them.

  • He’s right. He needs to make his own path. He can still fight guys like Whyte , Usyk , Hunter , Hrgovic , Parker and the mandatory’s .

    • Yeah, fight With little risk and big easy money. SMH. Some champion. The past greats are rolling in their graves….

    • You have obvious bias to Joshua. Winner of Fury Wilder will be number . Joshua will have to give them split money if he wants it. Neither one of them need Joshua anymore.

  • Omg!! The nerve of this fraud. AJ is scared to death of wilder and ortiz!!! Everyone knows this. A third fight with el tubbo? Please. Who in gods name would wanna see Andy again after that Taco induced fiasco?? Not me. Fight a real challenge AJ you chickenshit! The way you duck wilder/ortiz is the true disgrace!!! Then YOU claim to be waiting on them?? Wow!! British fans should be ashamed of this glass jawed ducker…..FACE THE AMERICAN CHAMP AJ!! But of course that wont happen, ever!!!

  • I think some of these promotors and fighters are getting more like politicians. They want us to hear something we like to hear, but in reality, it’s a joke. Hearn, I doubt, will ever put AJ in front of Fury. Fury would beat him and school him to death on the art of boxing. Easy win for Fury. AJ says in his quote when these guys are really ready, but I think the reality is AJ and Hearns need to quit ducking these guys and give fight fans real entertainment.

    • The real Boxing fans can see right through. AJ nor Fury wants no parts of Wilder. The whole Boxing community been making the call for the fight smh

      • Real boxing fans can see ‘Fury wants no part of Wilder’? He fought him already and there is a rematch scheduled. What other wisdom do the real boxing fans have?

  • The minute they signed the rematch in Saudi Arabia you knew there was going to be a favorable atmosphere for Joshua. And the second Joshua made it known (before the 2nd fight) that he would fight Ruiz again for a trilogy, you also knew that his titles were only a matter of him standing up for the 12th round. Now heaven forbid i’m not SUGGESTING the fix was in, or that HEARN pulled a Delaho, no never. However from the beginning when they decided that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia was the perfect place to hold a hwt championship fight, I mean afterall with their great track record of all things fair (human rights, head choppings in designated places, Women must cover their face in public, and must be chaperoned by a man in public, and on and on.So in essense this was a script that both guys knew how to follow. The MEATBALL at 283 lbs was perfect to piss and moan after the fact, and the Floyd WANNABE Joshua showed everyone how his impression of Mayweather was the key to victory. Of course Hearn, and the KING had nothing to do with the script at all. At this time both fighters knew what WWE script they were their for, and now Joshua/Hearn already has said they must do another RUIZ fight. Who in their right mind would want to see another snorefest again? Joshua is looking for ANYWAY not to fight Wilder or Fury, and is looking to not fight anybody that has mustard on his shots. Joshua has shown that he is not a champion, but is a media star brought to us by Hearn/DAZN. Ruiz was a disgrace, but i’m not sure Joshua was not even lower.

    • As far as Im concerned, whatever Dazn touches – stinks. There will always be Something fishy about the event. Rather its Canelo, GGG, Garcia or any Hearn’s fighter requiring drug testing. AJ and Canelo are simply too big to fail. Paid too much!!!

    • I cna’t remember chronologically when everything was said, but I seriously doubt you will see a third fight. Ruiz was pushing for it but there will be no demand. He would have to go away and show with a few fights and decent wins that he has a better mindset. I think talk of the third fight on the Matchroom side was based on this second fight being more competitive. With Wilder and Fury being tied up I am pretty certain AJ will fight Pulev and Whyte in next 2 fights. Personally i think Whyte is quite a dangerous option considering he already has the win over him. I am not all for taking easy fights, but after the Ruiz saga, I would prefer AJ to do a Fury and fight a gimme while waiting for the winner of Wilder Fury. I think AJ would be underdog against both but the fights need to happen.

  • In less than two years from now the name of the champ is Usyk. He is the closest thing to a prime Ali in years – especially his footwork.

    • skill level yeah. Just questions of power and punch resistance at HW. I hope they make the Usyk Chisora fight. I would pick Usyk to win, but CHisora is a good strong heavyweight who will be all over him from the off. It will answer some questions

  • AJ better keep fighting the Andy Ruiz’s. He will get starched by Deontay Wilder. Meanwhile, the fight with Ruiz was pretty boring. AJ looked timid and gun shy. The DAZN announcers gushed all over AJ, but no boxing fan tunes in to see a 236-pound heavyweight dance for 12 rounds.

  • Set up a mini-heavyweight tournament. Let Fury and Wilder fight each other, and let Usyk and Ortiz fight each other. The winner of each round will face other. The emerging winner will face AJ for the undisputed heavyweight title (all 4 belts). This could happen in December 2020. Let’s find out who the best heavyweight is out there. At the end, I guarantee you that it will come down to Usyk vs AJ, and the winner will be AJ – not because he is the best, but styles and luck is on AJs side.

  • Usyk has all the skills, but I am unsure about how he’ll react to a full size heavyweight hit. If he can take the bombs, he’ll be champ, no doubt. But heavies hit a lot harder than someone like Gassiev, plus they’re a hell of a lot bigger.

    As for Wilder, his one-punch power is certainly something and really is a get of jail free card – he proved that in the second fight against Ortiz whilst getting easily out-boxed. Will he go for the fight against AJ IF he gets past Fury? Personally, I think he’ll be outboxed by Fury – but should he land the hail mary punch again (and Tyson stays down this time) then the fight should be made.

    As for Joshua, he did what he had to against Ruiz, and boxed carefully to a strategy. Mandatories to take care of next though, with Pulev likely.

    That’s the trouble with owning a load of belts – those pesky mandatories – and there’s only so many times you can ask for a step aside unification fight.

  • Joshua v Ruiz II a snooze fest. AJ played keep aware for most of the fight. This tell me he is now worried about his chin, He wouldn’t be able to do the jab and move against Wilder. This might be the reason they have been delaying this fight from happening.

      • I believe that is they’re side of the story. But unless we are directly involved who really knows if true.

        • that is a fair point, but then why say AJ is delaying the fight? You can’t take the high ground and then speculatively take sides at the same time. IMO it wasn’t really AJ/Hearns side of story anyway. Finkel spoke in detail about why Wilder turned down that 120 million fight offer. Whether Wilder’s reasons were wise is a discussion in itself, but the deal/contract was not something just made up by Matchroom.

      • Lets say it how it is. Both DAZN and ESPN were selling Wilder to control type deals. I loved how he turned them down. And it’s insulting that they offered both him and Fury chump change compared to his rake.

  • Wilder has created a legacy that far exceeds that of Joshua´s, he is widely regarded as the hardest punching heavyweight of all time. I agree it´s either him or Ernie Shavers. People still talk about Shavers to this day even though he didn’t do much compared to others that isn’t mentioned as much.

    Well, Wilder have the same kind of punching power and 10 title defenses to boot. And undefeated. Joshua have the raw talent, charisma and a win over Klitscho. Great. Let´s see where they are at in 3 years time. Right now Wilder is the man but I do agree that AJ have crazy potential but as far as legacy thus far Wilder wins hands down.

  • No one wants to see a third fight between Joshua and Ruiz, that’s a fact. AJ will eventually give him a shot because he is a gentleman but no one wants it.

    • yeah it will be a hard sell unless Ruiz gets a good win over next couple of years. It wouldn’t surprise me if Ruiz never fights again. He had little discipline when he had nothing, so I can’t see him being motivated after getting the rematch purse. If the AJ third fight was immediate maybe, but i don’t think he has the long comeback in him

  • So I like Joshua and his abilities alot, let me put that out there first.
    But i dont think Joshua can beat Wilder, Fury, Ortiz or Usyk. He cant out box Wilder’s power and the last three are all better boxers than Joshua.
    Joshua draws numbers and that’s what the other heavyweights will be chasing, not the challenge. Honestly, I dont think too many people in the US are very interested in Joshua anymore and would rather see Wilder, Fury, Ortiz, Ruiz and Usyk mix it up against each other in various bouts.
    Wilder faces larger risks vs those guys than Joshua. Joshua cant handle Wilders power physically or mentally now.
    Best of luck to him bc hes seems like a good guy, but hes not a heavyweight champ that will earn comparisons to the greats unless he can clean out those guys mentioned, and his unwillingness to “chase” them will cement his place in History as a good but not great heavyweight. A ticket sales darling who successfully avoided real threats.

    • I agree AJ has lost his aura a bit. At least for now. I would have him as underdog against Wilder and Fury. Usyk, i just don’t know yet. I do think people are getting carried away with Ortiz though. Maybe Ortiz reputation gets blown out of proportion because it props up Wilder’s record, but the guy has beaten noone. Dillian Whyte has a better resume than Ortiz.

      • Fair point for sure regarding Ortiz not having the record to back it up. I look at the way he was able to outbox Wilder and neutralize the power until his KO and lean towards thinking his skillset and south paw stance might give Joshua real fits. But you’re right the paper on Ortiz prob doesnt back up my position.
        Usyk, the jury is still out on him at Heavy but I think everyone can agree if he can handle the size he probably is the most skilled heavyweight out there.

  • Basically what A.J. is saying is that he will wait them out and out price them out. He knows Wilder will except nothing short of 50/50 so he knows he will never have to fight Wilder. Big Puzzy!

  • I think the best that could happen to the heavyweight division at the moment, would be a ‘super six’ tournament, with all top fighters being forced to fight the best.

    Wilder, Fury, Joshua, Usyk, Ruiz and the sixth man determined by an elimination fight between Povetkin and Pulev, as well as Whyte and Ortiz.

    This would be the only format without excuses or cherry picking options. But that’s not going to happen because fans have absolutely no say or power when it comes to honest match-ups. Instead the industry will try to sell us AJ-Ruiz III (which no one is interested in) or similarly lame fights.

  • Please, I don’t want another Road Runner vs. Porky. Boxing needs new and some how more attractive fights. I hope the scare of the first fight with Ruiz won’t change Joshua’s style from a decent action fighter to a safety first runner fighter.

    • yeah it does worry me a bit. I hope AJ chose that style purely because of Ruiz’ hand speed. It was the right choice, but moving forward it will be a shame if he goes full Klitschko on us. To be fair, there is no way he would win a fight against Fury or Usyk with those tactics. Wilder maybe.

  • You lost your top spot dude DAZN broadcasters said so. Go beat your mandatories, and challenge the winner of whoever wins between Whyte and the winner of the linear championship in Feb.

  • Okay AJ had got the titles back so next step should be unification with Wilder….winner takes all !!!!!. None of this 60 /40 percent crap …winner takes all.
    No arguments then
    And my tip?…Wilder by ko 4th round…he hits harder than Ruiz and Ruiz hurt AJ….but if AJ boxes and boxes extremely well, he will win on points
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • — Sweet music listening to you Andy busted flushes singing in soprano for Deyonce…only in boxing!!!

  • AJ wins his rematch with Ruiz and all of the sudden he’s able to beat Wilder? AJ fans already forgot how Ruiz whooped his ass and made him quit in the first fight seriously Wilder will put AJ to sleep.

  • Wilder and Fury decline 40% splits (firm offers) to fight AJ and AJ is the one ducking?
    Lewis took 10m to Holyfield’s 20 to fight him and I know H took a much lesser split to fight Tyson. If these fights weren’t made because L/H wanted parity with the cash cow L/H would be seen to be greedy.
    In today’s game , what would people think of Jacobs/Kovalev if the Canelo fights weren’t made because they wanted parity. What would they think of guys like Smith,Plant,Benavidez,Andrade etc if they declined 40% to fight Canelo. I reckon they’d all jump at a 30% offer.
    Personally I reckon both Fury and Wilder are playing a massively risky game by holding out for more money. The winner of the rematch will have more leverage and Hearn doesn’t rule out 50/50 despite the numbers but the loser will probably never get that sort of payday again.

    • Yeah this is what I think. Not heard much about Fury offers, but Wilder has shown way too much ego regarding his purse . I have him as a favourite against AJ but he just seems stupid. If AJ hadn’t won that rematch that was literally a huge payday gone forever. he will get a great payday for fury rematch but outside of AJ he can’t generate the interest. I don’t know of it is because he is American and AJ is not, but it is like he can’t bare for AJ to earn more money than him. It is like nothing about that historically makes sense to him.

  • We know how the game is played. Most money for least risk and negotiations with serious risk (Wilder or Fury) will contain control options for Aj’s management. The fans or the legacy of boxing have a very minor roll in the calculations.

  • Why would the winner of Fury vs Wilder 2 need to call out AJ? That winner will be the true Champion! AJ can go do the Waltz in the sand again and play dress up with his paper titles for all I care.

  • He should try to land a fight vs McGregor and mayweather in a special attraction 2 on 1 battleroyal.

  • Im glad most of you see the truth about AJ. Its not hard to see. Its a shame he is allowed to do what he likes. Boxing organizations should MAKE HIM face either wilder, fury or ortiz!!! Or strip him of belts!! Either would get rid of this paper chumpion. Soooo tired of seeing this guy cherry pick/avoid true threats. And no, an old klit who barely threw right hands dont count….

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