Jaime Munguia moving to middleweight

After five defenses, WBO junior middleweight Jaime Munguia (34-0, 27 KOs) makes his middleweight debut against Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan (30-3, 21 KOs) in a 12-round bout on January 11 at The Alamodome in San Antonio, TX. This fight will be streamed live exclusively on DAZN.

“I feel very happy to be starting the year 2020 with a great fight at a great place like San Antonio, Texas,” said Munguia.”I have fought in Houston, Texas before, where the people there treated me very well. I think that San Antonio won’t be any different. We’re going to deliver a great fight against a tough fighter in Gary O’Sullivan. He’s great and he’s strong, but we’re going to come very well prepared. We plan to do an excellent job and make it very clear who is the best in the ring!”

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    • As long as he’s WITH The Raza…..he should be okay!

      No way they’ll let him loose, just look at the Hogan fight. He got beat yet pulled out a MD.

  • Not sure that I like this match at 160 looks to me like De La Hoya is using Spike as the sacrificial lamb knowing what happened in the last fight Spike had at 160

    and knowing what happened I fully will support spike to pull this one off as long as he stays smart early and works the body Munguia is a big kid Spike needs to be smart in this fight especially the first four rounds.

  • I’m not sold on this kid at all. This looks like his toughest matchup based on his opponents KO rate. I don’t think Munguia will last very long in boxing. He doesn’t adjust very well. And it looks to me he might not have a good chin and that’s why they set him up with low KO rate guys. I think all champs beat him at 160. They might be setting him up for a get rich fight with Canelo before they set him up with a few go away fights.

    • Anthony J, you may be on to something. If they can get Mungia a few good wins, i can see Canelo coming down to fight him. Big money fight for him, especially since Mungia doesnt have that much skill as he does power.

      • It makes sense. Plus he’ll have a huge record and they’ll probably find someone to throw him a belt somehow.

    • Spike is more than a tomato can…he’s at the least a serious gatekeeper and maybe on his best night an upset contender.

  • He better work on that defense or he’s going to get knocked out when he fights a guy who can punch.

  • This kid will do well he’s young and still learning, an eventual showdown with aging GGG will happen but behind Munguia climbing throught the ranks keep your eyue on 6′-7″ Fundora who will rule in many weight casses as he both grows and gets older, he should end up ruling as heavyweight… Great News for the game both fighters are both hungry and eager to learn as they grow…

    • Pfft. Fundora? Ruling at heavyweight? Man, you mexicans are the most delusional fans in boxing. Fundora just had a draw with a can.

  • Munguia is a work in progress; simply a slugger, decent chin, with limited boxing skills. His promotors are simply cherry-pickin’ his way to stardom thru mediocre matchups tailored made for his style. It’s a matter of time he will meet his fate when they put him up against someone with a decent track record. Yes, Arturo, Dave Lemieux has enough pop to land traumatic blows on Munguia to defeat him. In addition, Lemieux is not even on his A-game, but clinging onto some decent future fights as a retirement nest egg. In summary, Munguia is an mirage more than a reality in the boxing world.

  • …….where there will be more of the same against sub par opposition who is no threat to this hyped kid. Lemieux, who cannot hang with the elite at 160, blitzed ‘spike’ quick. If Munguia cannot get spike outta in under 6 rounds, then he has no business in there with the best at 160.

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