Jacobs wins when Chavez Jr. quits after five

In his super middleweight debut, former middleweight champion Daniel Jacobs (36-3, 30 KOs) scored a fifth round TKO over former middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (51-4-1, 33 KOs) on Friday night at the Talking Stick Resort Arena, Phoenix, Arizona.

Jacobs Chavez
Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA

Chavez missed weight by 4.7 pounds, but the extra weight didn’t bother Jacobs, who had bloodied up Chavez by round five. Chavez quit after the round citing an undisclosed injury. Fans pelted the ring with trash after the fight.

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  • Great response from the partisan crowd. Fights, thrown objects, disrespect, bad behavior.

    Welcome to the new America.

    Viva Mexico!

    • Here comes “Juan Valdez” the brownest KKK member in the US. Lmao. Ill give u this one. Chavez jr is a disgrace to any race. Even his dad thought so!!!

      • So everybody who finds the crowds reaction repulsive is a KKK member?

        And if your “brown” you must support violence and lawlessness?

        Take a MENSA test, you’ll find your results below average.

        • Don’t pay attention to Tony, he’s still on the plantation and worships the Communists.

        • Awww.. u didnt like that statement??? But u always good with bashing Mexico or any latin fighter every chance u get. Ur prob jus afraid of getiing deported urself with a name like Juan Valdez..

        • Juan, great response from Tony, it was the perfect response to the racist comment you made, when you said “Mexican quitters and welcome to the new America”

    • Simple math equation: Chavez Jr. + Spoiled brat syndrome = a quitter

      Ethnic background does not matter to me. Bottom line is simple… Chavez’s attitude and stunt he pulled over this fight will haunt his career for years. Fans will not forget.

    • Juan Valdez perhaps your right but I think the fans just about had it with Chavez jr. They keep believing his “this time I’m serious” story and then he pulls this crap again. I know I don’t bother seeing any of his fights anymore.

  • Yeah Chavez is DONE! Finito! Finished! The man quit TWICE, ain’t no Warrior! I wonder how Mexico is gonna treat him when he goes back home as a quitter. Congrats to Jacobs!

  • Honestly, I would have given Chavez Sr. a better shot at giving an honest effort tonight ….

    • Many of us have been trying to say goodbye to boxing for years!

      Bad decisions, corruption, terrible referees, protected fighters, politics, etc.., it’s common in boxing however NEVER because of a boxer who quits! Fighters usually give their all in the ring.

      That’s seems exclusively a Chavez Jr. phenomenon.

      • Because clearly boxing was corrupt, fighters weren’t protected, referees weren’t bad, and guys didn’t quit back in the day? Also if you don’t want to watch boxing then don’t watch it. Nobody cares and you aren’t hurting anybody. But you choose to watch boxing and then complain that you don’t like it.

        • Agreed lamont. These dudes jus like to complain and talk crap n disrespect fighters n the sport when a crappy sitsution like this happens. I agree, then dont watch it. No one is making them

          • Yet your talking crap about my comment and took the time to read it and opine. Ohhhhhh the hypocritical irony!

        • The fight game has always had its shortfalls…but it was a rarity and NOT all flaws were present at the same time!

          Back then it was a sport first, today, it’s a business first.

          I made a comment on the fight and the state of today’s boxing, I’m entitled to my opinion as is everyone else, this is still the United States and freedom of thought is still allowed.

  • Big ups to Daniel Jacobs. He made weight, willing to participate in drug testing, put up a great fight, and came out victorious. All the characteristics of what a fighter is. I digress..

  • 5 rounds..About what i thought.

    Being Pelted by trash is Probably a better crowd reaction than he deserved.

    His next fight will probably be for $20,000 and not 2/3 millon

  • By far the most pathetic “fight” I have seen all year. Chavez Jr is a never-was who is now a has-been. No one will take him seriously anymore, especially with that hair. Jacobs is a boxer who doesn’t know how to harness his own talent. What is up with this “throw one or two punches, then stare at the other guy for 15 seconds, and then repeat”? Oh, this guy is so frustrating to watch! With his athleticism, he should be smoothly pumping the jab consistently and following with swift combinations fluidly. He has what I would call a “broken rhythm” and that is exactly why he has those three losses. No way does he beat Smith (who would overwhelm him), Saunders (who would box him silly), and certainly not Jermall Charlo (who would box him silly and overwhelm him). So it’s hard to take him seriously either. I am content to watch Canelo, Ramírez, the Charlos, and most definitely Vergil Ortiz. I am too much of a veteran of watching this sport to waste any more time watching pretenders like Jacobs and Chavez Jr.

    • Agree with you on Jr., but what did Jacobs do wrong? He fought the right fight. His team has a game plan and he followed it.

  • Condolences to Chavez Sr, all the love and support he has given his name sake, only to be let down again and again. You gave him your name and blood, but he has nothing close to your heart, respect and desire for the sport. Pending a confirmation of injury, Jr’s purse should be held.

  • Trump says god bless the USA, puts the needs of American citizens first and stands for the rule of law.

    Pelosi and the those who fly foreign flags, stand for foreign anthems, disrespect American sovereignty and laws, scream praises to a foreign land all on American soil…..are the TRUE racists!

    • And don’t forget the first Congress in history to have a fake impeachment without the balls to follow through sending the articles to the senate for confirmation. Juan, we don’t live in the same America anymore, and that at least when the Communists had an uprising we called it the red scare back in the 1940s. Now we don’t even mention the C word, and I don’t mean c*nt either.

  • Hahaha, what a laugh. He grounded her earlier this year like a little child when she tried to take that plane. Now she is going around saying he is impeached when he is just as much President as he was in January 2017. She is a delusional lizard eyed freak. Donald Trump is the man! AND STILL your President

  • Looking at the above picture, is that from a different fight or did Jacob’s punch the black out of Jr’s hair?

  • Chavez was good for a couple of rounds but was tiring badly and took the easy way out by quitting on his stool. He was the much bigger man and had some success in the first two rounds. After that, he just stopped punching and Jacobs took his time by hitting him to the body and occasionally to the head.

    Jacobs did what he had to do. He stayed against the ropes a little more than I’m sure his corner wanted to see and he wasn’t a ball of fire in the fight. He should have had that jab pumping consistently, but seemed to forget to use it at times. I could hear his corner pleading for him to throw the jab and to double it. He didn’t do much of that.

    It was a disappointing main event, especially after the Martinez-Rosales barnburner. Jacobs needs a much better opponent in his next fight. Chavez was his typical undisciplined self by coming in overweight then trying hard for a couple of rounds before retiring (as the British call it) in his corner. I thought I heard broken hand, but Roach said it was his nose and breathing problems. Who cares? Chavez should be finished with boxing, but some promoter will probably give him another chance to underperform.

    Jacobs should just take the win and move on. I’d like to see him against Saunders or Callum Smith. Smith didn’t look great in his last fight against Ryder. Jacobs definitely has a chance to beat him assuming his chin doesn’t let him down.

    • Excellent post as usual AP, but I have to disagree with you about Jacobs versus Smith. Ryder was a tunnel in style that Smith had not faced before and wasn’t motivated to face either. A tall rangy boxer like Jacobs would be fodder for the gigantic Smith. Jacob’s would be knocked out in the first half of the fight. Don’t let the writer fight get you to sleeping on the scouse. Smith may have outgrown super-middleweight so he could be taken through fatigue but I don’t think Jacobs would drag him deep enough and would be knocked out.

      • Callum Smith looked unstoppable until he faced Ryder. I’ve watched a few of Ryder’s fights and he is much better than a lot of people give him credit for. That said, I thought Callum would dominate the fight and he struggled. What the fight did was introduce some doubt, which makes for a more intriguing fight between Jacobs and Smith.

        However, the best matchup in my opinion is one between Smith and David Benavidez. Benavidez is one of my favorite fighters to watch. He hits hard, throws punches in combination, and looks unbeatable at times. That’s the match I would really want to see. Jacobs is just too cautious for my taste. He didn’t go all out against Canelo and I really don’t expect to see him perform any better against the elite in the 168 lb division.

  • I could be wrong but I think that’s the second time that Chavez has ever quit a fight. Still, a man known for his heart against a man not known for his heart.

    • He also quit against the pole Fonfara, but he was on his way to getting knocked out in that fight anyway.

  • Beautiful. Chavez showed his true colors of his people. Jacob’s got a real easy payday tonight too.

  • What?? I mean, the fight was going fine. I like how Jacobs corner acknowledged Chavez size and made adjustments to break him down to the body and not exchange early.. Chavez had to use his size more and smother Jacobs but damn that dude has no heart. I heard him say his hand broke but was acting like it was his nose.. maybe he made a mistake. To me the fight was pretty close maybe three rounds to two Jacobs.. I think it’s time for Chavez to quit for good because that was odd. But then again.. maybe he really broke something I don’t know. He looked strong.. he wasn’t really getting beat up yet. Every time he engaged he seem to land at least one punch. It’s disappointing.. look at how the crowd reacted.. look at his dad lol. I think Chavez needs a moment maybe a vacation with his family and think hard about what he really wants to do for the rest of his career. He’s only 26, but it doesn’t matter how big how strong or how much you train.. you have to have the heart for boxing. I don’t see any post fight press conference on dazn it would be good to know what really happened from him.

    • @ Elpapisteve -Yeah the fight was competitive and Jacobs was by no means dominating. Chavez is 33 by the way, and I really think he’s done. Over the years, he’s disrespected the sport and his family too many times. I’ll never blame a fighter for quitting because he’s the one in there taking the punishment. Only the fighter knows how he feels in the ring, and if he’s not feeling right, he should quit. That being said, if you find yourself quitting often, not making weight, looking disinterested and uncommited, I don’t think there’s really a place for you in the sport, let alone racking up huge paydays.

      • Oh, I thought he was way younger. Must be the baby face.. he was definitely still in the fight. Too bad we didn’t get to see more rounds. I felt like the fight was just beginning to get interesting.

  • Good win for Jacobs. By Jacobs own admission though, he had his hands full with Jr until round 4

  • read kevin Inole or something like that on Yahoo. he wrote how Chavez was s lazy, and how he cheated the fans in the audience. Sorry, but I can’t have any respect for fans who thought that this was going to be some kind of completive fight. Look at the odds in favor of Jacobs. these fans contribute to pay Chavez junior some 3 million dollars, of which one million he had to give to Jacobs for not making weight. As PT Barnum said, a sucker is born every minute, maybe many of them are in Pheonix.

  • Headline could say ‘withdrew’. He was well in the fight until the injury and the way the blood was pouring into his mouth and throat wasnt going to help him out was a proper mess. Booing fans need to grow up they’d been more than entertained during the undercard. We’ve lost a few good young men recently we don’t need anymore. Fine line between being brave and foolhardy.

    • Mick Watkins, we are not going to lose this guy. He pulls way ahead before he’s at risk of any injury

  • Never liked Jr. as a fighter. Relied way too much on his Dad and his right hand power. He’s an embarrassment to the sport, always has been. Hopefully, not disrespecting his Dad, Mexican fans will stop honoring the Mexican Chavez bloodline and see Jr. for what he is….a huge disappointment. Stop throwing your $$$ away on Jr.

  • Chavez is simply not a great, or even a good fighter. He lacks discipline, integrity, skills, talent, character, class, and maturity. This picture shows a very heavy Chavez, a man far too heavy to even be in the ring with Jacobs. Chavez tried to give himself the unfair advantage to get the win. It’s akin to Margarito cheating with his hand wraps against Cotto in their first fight. These cheaters have no business in the sport. An expected win for Jacobs. Chavez needs to disappear.

  • Congrats to Chavez jr, he is joining the Broner crew on how to deceive the boxing public. These one time fighters in some ways are very smart, in that they know how to make huge sums of money for basically doing less than a sparring session. This is what we get when HBO left boxing. And it’s easy to see why. Chavez jr will continue on, as will Broner because for what ever reasons boxing fans continue to buy this B.S. BTW i’d bet Chavez who would not take a drug test was tuned pretty good and was at least 185lbs by fight time. I guess he figured the extra hello he paid might as well get him a ball room meal for his non participation. Another DAZN /WWE production.

  • Regardless to what JR does: lose weight, change trainers, Relocate to the US, he still isn’t in any way comparable to his dad who was and STILL is a legend..JR, after his poor performance last night, should retire and retire for good.. NO more to be said about him…

  • What did everybody expect? When he missed weight by that much, every benefit of the doubt is out the window. He was a creation of the media, brought to life on his fathers name.

  • Perhaps Chavez and Ruiz can open a bar together and they can stay Fat, drunk and happy together! Fortunately this doesn’t tarnish the noble warriors we watch fight from Mexico!!

  • A great man once said do not judge me by the color. Of my skin, but by the content of my character.

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