Horn: Tim Tszyu still a boy with a man’s name

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Australia’s top junior middleweight, former world champion Jeff Horn says IBF #11 rated Tim Tszyu (14-0, 10 KOs) isn’t ready for him yet. “Tim Tszyu is still a boy with a man’s name,” Horn stated after Tszyu’s ten round unanimous decision over Dwight Ritchie. “He’s still holding onto that Tszyu name. He has to build himself up a little bit more.

“Sure he is one of the best in Australia in that weight division, he is making inroads, he is doing great things for the sport but is he ready yet for that massive fight? I don’t know. I would like to see him against some world-class opposition.”

Horn (19-1-1, 13 KOs) next faces Michael Zerafa (26-3, 15 KOs) on August 31 at Bendigo Stadium in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

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  • Horn has an inflated opinion of his status in the sport. If you genuinely think he beat Pacquiao I am embarrassed for you.

    • It is amazing how many people have said the Horn v Pacquiao was a robbery. Turn off your tv volume and don’t let Teddy Atlas biased analysis influence you. The fight was close. There were many rounds where Horn was doing most of the work and Manny would make a push the last 30 to 45 seconds of a round. That doesn’t win you the round in most cases. You can make an argument Pacquiao won but the fight was not a robbery.

    • Southhall is right. It was a close fight, but I personally scored it for Horn. He controlled the action and dispite what punch stats says, he landed the most punches. Manny didn’t have nearly enough output. He looked more like Broner that Pacman in that fight. Manny did have the biggest round fight but not the most rounds. Sidenote, the word robbery gets thrown around WAY too much now. Manny/Bradley 1 was a robbery, Manny/Horn not so much.

      • You just contradicted yourself there mate. On the one hand, you said you scored it for Horn. But on the other hand, you admitted that Manny-Horn was still a robbery, though not as so much as Manny-Bradley 1 was.

      • Very clear it was a roberry. Very clear Paquiao won the fight. Very clear Pacquiao was against 4 opponents: 3 judges and the referee.

  • Horn is alright. I don’t like the Hornet nickname. Plus, Pacquiao is with PBC, Pacquiao had the option to fight Crawford or Horn a 2nd time, but he only wanted Horn in the Philippines (this is truth, look up the date Sep 3, 2017, and Pacquiao wants rematch in the Philippines). Why would Horn have fought him in the Philippines? Anyway, not that many fighters are chasing after the WBO belt at 147 these days. Horn has to win one of the belts at 154 to prove he is a top fighter in the World at that weight. But he has to get past Zerafa first. Horn wants a big fight at 154 after fighting Zerafa (if he wins). He isn’t looking for Tszyu after this. But Jeff Horn has nothing going in the IBF or WBC ratings, at #14 and #13 by those organizations. But Horn’s WBA and WBO ratings at 160 are looking pretty promising.

    • I am disappointed in the Jeff Horn comment regarding Tszyu. Jeff still has to prove himself at 154 lbs and I will reserve further comment until after is fight with Zerefa. The Pacquiao fight could have been judged to have gone either way. I think Manny underestimated Horn. However, Horn was totally out classed by Bud Crawford. Would love to see a Crawford Pacquio fight followed with the winner from Spence v Porter? As far as 154 lbs goes, Julian Williams is the man. The Williams Hurd fight was a classic.

  • This coming from Horn who looked like a little boy against Crawford. Shut up Horn! You’re overrated for a gifted decision against Pacquiao who had on off night and still beat you in my opinion

  • I dont understand Horns reply. When he fought Pacquiao he didnt have much fights himself. So what makes Tszyu any different?

  • Horn lost the Pac-Man fight no need to turn volume down I don’t even like listening to big mouth Atlas he is an arm chair warrior always questioning fighters’ heart such a coward when he never even fought pro.

    Anyone who had Horn winning is infatuated with him and probably dreams of riding on a motorcycle with him riding behind holding horn by the hips and saying faster Jeff please faster daddy..

  • Horn was just building the fight , Tzu and Horn fight may happen in 2 or 3 fights time when the money is there and build up is at boiling point , Horn is very strong and its a difficult fight for Tzu which adds to the intrigue , Horn didnt beat Pac and at world level against Crawford he was obliterated so lets see how it all plays out ..

  • I like the quote and love the motivation behind it. Jeff Horn vs Tim Tszyu needs only about 6 to 12 months to marinate to become one of the biggest fights Australia has ever seen. Tszyu’s name actually does bring boxing fans out too just to see what he’s about. Regardless of whether you think Horn beat Manny or not, he’s a perfect trial for Tim. Whoever wins can move up to a true contender fight.

  • Why not go back to america and challenge the big names there, like mikey garcia, danny garcia, porter, or mungia? Won’t you win outside australia?


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