Hearn: Fury-Joshua a deal done

Promoter Eddie Hearn says a heavyweight unification showdown for the undisputed title between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua is a done deal.

“The deal is done, really — without being signed,” Hearn told the London Times. “The financial elements of the deal are done. We’re talking through the broadcast situation, the only thing really now is to paper it.”

Hearn says the bout will likely land in the Middle East and he hopes to stage the rematch in the UK.

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  • How come Hearn is talking about rematch?
    There are other fighters waiting a deserved opportunity, we can’t have the same two fighters over and over. Lets assume Fury wins, then Joshua and then what?
    Lets talk about the winner vs. Joyce, Usyk, Wilder or another top 10 guy.
    Don’t make a sick sport boring please!

    • Totally agree Mike.

      I know fighters often have a rematch clause in the contract, but if the winner wins conclusively and its not a particularly competetive/close fight why do fans want to see a repeat?

      This fight is seemingly more about business than giving the paying fans what they want, since when has the Middle East been a boxing hot bed?

      I want to see this fight, but not interested in seeing rematch after rematch unless it’s a close one.


    • Nobody gives a damn about those other scrubs you names. The only two in the division that matters at this point, Joshua vs Fury. Why wouldn’t he talk rematch? What sense does it make to not have a rematch clause considering his fighter already lost? Welcome to boxing son.

  • I shall maintain high hopes for this fight. I am pretty sure I will pick Fury IF he does not encounter serious problems outside the ring.

    • Already ya all are looking for excuses for when AJ stops fury, which i am confident he will. If AJ was to lose, i will not come out with any “out of the ring” excuses.

  • I pick Fury in this one. Interesting fight because of the status of both contestants, top two guys in the heavyweight division, but their styles couldn’t blend well, and as result of this, instead of having a great and exciting encounter, we might end up with a boring tactical battle, a 12 rounds snooze feast.

    • Definitely want to see it once, but unless it’s a super close and exciting fight I’d prefer to see one of the other top guys fight the winner

  • Couple problems with this. Wilder is still over contract to get a title match. It doesnt matter if fans see a need for it since there is a contract. On top of that the WBC would likely strip the title if Fury chooses to ignore that obligation. AJ is a belt collector. Fury doesnt care about belts so getting stripped of a title wont matter to him, but I wonder if AJ will still take the match if Fury has nothing to offer.

    • I think AJ wants to fight Fury as he’s seen as the best (or at least on par with him), sure he’s a belt collector, but my feeling is he collects them as he wants to be undisputed.

      Yeah Wilder may have some contractual leverage for a 3rd fight, but do we really need to see that again? Fury clearly out boxed him first time around, and 2nd time he just battered him almost senseless

      Here’s hoping we see Fury v AJ this year, my money is on Fury by mid to late stoppage or clear points win.

      • I agree the last fight with Wilder was very clear, but was it a fluke? Ive seen all of Tysons fights and he is not exciting at all. The fight he pulled off with Wilder was exciting and has me close to being a fan. I want to see if it was a fluke so Id like to see it again. AJ had said in the past that he wanted to fight whoever had the title and it wasnt important if they didnt have the title. That may have changed, but he has never clearly said he will face Fury if the belt was not on the line. Between the three fighters I still have Wilder over AJ since a loss doesnt mean everyone can beat you. I have Fury above both because its hard to see him losing to either. I agree with your pick on Fury over AJ in to late. I hope the Fury we saw in the last fight is who we get for now on.

  • A done deal without being signed? Uh, ok. Anyway, very interesting fight here. Last Fury opponent that had actual boxing skills of any kind was Otto Wallin, and Fury struggled a bit. Joshua is as skillful as Wallin with more power in both hands. Will be interesting to see how Fury handles his power. Joshua was able to withstand a still dangerous Wladimir Klitschko, but I can’t get that Ruiz KO loss out of my head. Leaning towards Fury, but this is by no means a gimme for him. Too bad this can’t be fought in a packed Wimbley Stadium. Usually a great atmosphere with British domestic fights.

      • @ Scooby Doo Possible. We’ll see. Will be interesting to see if Fury continues with the aggressive style that Javon Steward implemented for the rematch against Wilder. That might be a little more dangerous against Joshua, who has more to his arsenal than Wilder. Joshua hits hard enough to hurt anybody, including Fury I’m guessing. Fury SHOULD win, but stranger things have happened.

    • Good points, for me Wallin was very aggressive V Fury, not sure AJ will fight that way, post Ruiz, AJ knows his chin is his weakness.

      Yes, I’d prefer is to be staged somewhere with an atmosphere, where the fans are actually boxing fans and not just turning up as they’re mega rich and want to be seen at the ‘event’.

  • If this is true there is a deal that Fury and Joshua will fight, then there must be some agreements in place like step aside money. Or like Hearn has been saying lately that if belts get in the way then they are willing to drop belts.

  • I just got a new job $1.5m a year!!!! Starting at some stage in 2021 hopefully – nothing contractual, no paperwork, my future employer doesn’t know, nothing actually agreed, but it’s done deal. The future is bright.

  • Maybe belts should be dropped in boxing more often nowadays seeing that belts and organisations very often get in the way of the proper fights happening. Belts and then promoters. Don’t know which of the two are worse in this regard.

    • I’ve been watching boxing for over 30 years, but in order to keep my love for boxing I gave up on worrying about the titles. And alot of times, did the same for the decisions. Ya want to see the best fighting the best. For me, it doesn’t matter what belts are on the line.how much their making, or if they make for a “boring” fight. They ride in with the horse that got them there,let’s see whose horse rides out.

      • Agree 100% with you i’m a fan of the sport for more than 30 years; begun with Mike Tyson’s era in the 80’s and i learn to “don’t give a fuck” about the belts ! No choice.. Sometimes the real champ of a division got the WBA title, sometimes the WBC, WBO or the IBF it doesn’t matter..

    • Would be a start to getting rid of these organizations and their worthless belts.

  • I remember reading months back that this was going to be a two fight deal. I see Fury out foxing and out boxing AJ with possibly a late round stoppage win or a UD12.

  • great news for boxing- i think wilders should fight one of the top 3-4 heavyweights, before he comes into the picture

  • Joshua in all likelihood will not want a rematch as I strongly believe Fury will totally humiliate and easily defeat Joshua.

  • This fight definitely needs to happen, but I wouldn’t put too much hope in this being an entertaining fight. Both have proven highly capable of stinking a joint out. Fury’s win over Wlad was possibly the worst title fight ever. It’s only possibly, because AJ fought a terrible fight against Parker and his rematch against Riuz wasn’t very entertaining either.

    Fury is the key! If he attacks AJ like he did Wilder, then it’ll be good. Unfortunately, AJ is much larger than Wilder, so I don’t expect that. Instead, it’ll be a lot of taps, feints and poses.

    • I agree fury v wlad was one of the worst heavyweight fights I have seen in a long time.

      Wilder deserves no rematch he was KO’d

  • Garbage. Who comes into the ring first ? Who gets introduced first ? Who gets there nails done first ? Fighters today are a joke. Mayweather started all this crap.

  • Well I’m going against the popular vote and picking Joshua to beat Fury if and when they meet. OK Fury has beaten Wilder twice but the Klitschko that AJ beat was a different fighter than the one that Fury beat and then refused to honour the rematch clause. Wilder is still the best result for Fury and how good was he really?

    • Fury’s most impressive win was probably the Wilder rematch. Wilder is the most one dimensional fighter since Razor Ruddock. His whole game revolves around landing a single bomb. He doesn’t have much other than that right hand. Fury is a good fighter, but he’s no World beater. Fury-Joshua might be more competitive than people think…

      • Okay, but Wilder “landing a single bomb” worked for him and made him rich. Its what brought him to the dance as he almost beat Fury the first time. You do know what a “world beater” is don’t you? Fury beat Wladimir and Wilder in their primes. More impressive than anything any of the other active HWs have done. Are you saying he needs to beat Joshua to be a ‘world beater”? The same man who got stopped by fat man.

    • You don’t believe that. People can say Joshua beat an old Wladimir. He was gamed but still old. Fury beat him at his most dominant. Not making an excuse but the man was battling addictions which is why he didn’t rematch.

  • So many comments here questioning this now quite typical rematch clause. It would appear that money trumps boxing fans, again

  • If Fury is in decent shape, he just has to box until Joshua gets tired and then step up the pressure. It is really up to how well prepared Fury is as with both at their best, he is clearly superior.

  • The fight is a done deal ONLY when they’re in the ring. Nothing has been signed so its nothing more than hot air.

  • By the time this fight happens, Fury will have been out of the ring for a year and a half. Also, people are putting too much on the Wilder rematch and forgetting how crappy fury looked against Wallin and other C level fighters. Too much is made of AJ’s loss to Ruiz too and not enough made about his comeback win. To me, this fight is an easy pick, AJ by stoppage or KO with a devastating uppercut. If Fury comes forward, he gets clipped earlier. If he tries to box, he gets a lot of shots to his body and wears down after 8 or so. Either way, he loses and blames inactivity.

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