Harrison looking to make a statement

Former WBC super welterweight world champion Tony “Superbad” Harrison shared updates from his first training camp since the passing of his father and trainer Ali Salaam, as he prepares to return to the ring in the main event on FOX this Saturday against Bryant Perrella, who will be making his 154-pound debut under the tutelage of a new head trainer Roy Jones Jr.

“I don’t really know that much about Perrella, just that he’s a southpaw,” said Harrison. “I know that he’s gotten some knockouts. But it’s mostly about how I’m going to move and step on fight night when I’m going up against a lefty. Like anyone on this level, I expect Perrella to come in there and do his best to compete with me. He’s no tune-up fight. I’m treating this fight like I’m 0–0 and this fight is for everything.”

“I’m always looking to make a statement, but I’m not rushing into it and making mistakes that’ll cost me. I definitely want to win by knockout, but you’re never going to make everybody happy. I’m just looking to go in there and do what I know how to do. Winning is the biggest thing to me. I just need to walk away with the win. I’ve got my brother L.J. with me as my new head trainer and I’m doing this for me and my team. I know great things will come from a win, however I get it.”

The event will be promoted by TGB Promotions and will take place without fans in attendance at the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall in downtown Los Angeles.

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  • I wonder how good of a trainer Roy will be. He was unorthodox himself, used to leap in from the outside with uppercuts/hooks, but was able to get away with it with that freakish speed & accuracy he had back in the day. He did a lot of things that wouldn’t work for your average boxer. I suppose he knows the sport well enough to tailor his plan to his fighter’s strengths. Hopefully it works out for Harrison.

  • Speaking of Roy, just a side note here, but if you happen to have extra time on your hands, do a YouTube search for “The Gloves Are Off | Super Middleweight Special”. This was a Roundtable discussion Hosted by Johnny Nelson. The fighters were: Chris Eubank Sr., Steve Collins, Roy Jones, Joe Calzaghe, and Richie Woodhall. Filmed back in 2013. I wasn’t planning on watching the whole thing, but it was more interesting than I thought it would be, especially the exchanges between Eubank Sr. & Collins. They all came across as humble, classy people, with the exception of Collins, who somebody in the comments section described as a “proper prick”. Worth a look, especially if you were a fan of the sport when these guys were active…

    • Thanks for the info. Sounds like a great find, I will check it out. I remember seeing something like this but it was only Eubank, Benn and James Toney.

      • I’ve come across a few episodes of this show before, but never bothered to click until this one. This series started back in 2013, and is still running. It was nice to hear a discussion without the trash talk, or the over the top egos involved. Eubank Sr. seemed way more humble than I imagined. Good stuff.

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