Golovkin returns Dec 18 on DAZN

Matchroom Boxing has announced that IBF middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin will fight on December 18. Golvkin (40-1-1, 35 KOs) will face IBF mandatory Kamil Szeremeta (21-0, 5 KOs) behind closed doors at the Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood, Florida, live on DAZN. Canelo vs. Callum Smith is the following night, also on DAZN.

Gennady Golovkin: “This is not just any fight. It is a fight with great meaning. I always have the greatest respect for all of my opponents. I have really missed boxing and I wanted to fight this year. The goal — fighting for a record twenty-first successful world title defense.”

Kamil Szeremeta: “I want this title for Poland and my family. GGG is a great champion, one of the best in history, but it is time for replacement. Thank you for the great chance, I must take my opportunity to be the first world middleweight champion from Poland.”

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  • I hate DAZN, but let’s see if GGG locates the fountain of youth to become inundated with boxing “piss and vinegar.”

  • Kamil “feather fisted” Szeremeta
    Kamil “pillow-hands” Szeremeta or
    Kamil “paddy cakes” Szeremeta?

  • I really ponder if GGG’s age is really catching up to him at this point. He seemed a hair off on his timing at times in his very last fight. Maybe I am over analyzing his performance, but since his second fight against Canelo, GGG seems to be maybe struggling to find that “special beast” he once had that made him who he was in the past. Time catches up to all fighters.

    • He’s still the same fighter he’s just facing better competition, ad in my honest opinion he lost his last fight. He’ll knock Szeremeta out and everyone will think he’s invincible again, same as when he beat Steve Rolls a guy who had no business fighting him. GGG says he wants the best fights but stated he has no interest in fighting Charlo and he doesn’t want to fight Andrade, pressure needs to be put on fighters to stop taking the easy routes.

      • Ace..I agree 100%. Hes always been a descent A side fighter fighting against the B team, but when he stepped up to the rest of the A side fighters, he looked meh… he really thinks he is worth more than what he really is. IMO of course. He needs to get over himself and stop believing his own hype lol D’chenko proved it

    • Only his clean life an spartan training discipline help him at this point, but as you say, age has taken away his fearsome instinct. Soon he faces a skilled and heavy puncher, he will be soundly defeated. I will suggest Germal at 160 or Benavidez at 168

        • Mike: agreed… i wish he wld fight one of those names, but we know he never will. Much less a Benavidez which is bigger than him. He would never go for that. He likes rhem smaller fighters so his power shines. IMO, this is why he called out Canelo long ago when Canelo was barely gaining weight

  • GGG is a distinct hard-hitting pressure boxer with superb timing. I love him. But when he’s ageing, and when facing world-class contenders, his lacking in both technique and speed are exposed easier when his pressure lags.

    • Lacking in technique ?! That is a proof that one : you don’t know the sport of boxing or toi : you are very young or three : both !! 350 amateur fights with 345 victories and he’s lacking technique ?! 20 world middleweight title defense and he is lacking technique ?! I hope you understand how your statement sound stupid ! Sorry but i can’t no more read some posts like this one..

      • 20 title defenses against whom? He wasn’t defeating world beaters he was beating guys like Kamil S. The first world beater/career defining fight he had (a smaller opponent of course because his scary ass never takes risks)in Canelo he couldn’t get the job done. Brooks (another smaller guy) made him look like shit. Go back and watch the fight and you’ll see GGG’s terrible footwork. So yes as far as his footwork his “technique” needs work. His 345 victories in amateur fights is irrelevant because that doesn’t always translate. Rocky Marciano had a shitty amateur record and look what he did in the pros. Mayweather had a respectable record while Lomachenko had a god-like record (more proven as a pro than GGG nonetheless) and look at how that translated in the pros.

      • I’m a GGG fan, but no, he’s not a technical fighter! Even though he has outstanding records and is a truly legendary fighter. GGG is lacking in technique comparingly to fighters like Sugar Ray, Shane Mosley, Roy Jones Jr, Dmitry Pirog, Joe Calzaghe, Mike McCallum and so on. And I’m comparing GGG with the best for some reason. He belongs there! 40 is approaching, well, he’s still one of the best and he’s terribly exciting to watch. But I see perhaps his major quality lagging, the pressure, and against other true champions it will be difficult. The pencil is blunt. With lacking technique and being rather predictable, there’s no pencil sharpener.

      • Dude, u really think GGG is a technical fighter?? Wow dont confuse technical with power. Aka Wilder.. GGG has always been a good fighter but no where near technical. Hes always relied on brute force and power against smaller opposition. This is why he had such a hard time with Jacobs and especially D’chenko

  • I don’t know if GGG has it anymore. The Derevyanchenko fight he looked like an old fighter having a really hard time with bad defense, got hit far too much.

    • He lost it in the Brook fight. He only won because he was taking the shots of a 147lb fighter.

  • Really? An aging GGG will still walk right through and knock the crap out of any feather fisted fighter in his division regardless of their skills. No offense intended to harder hitting top ten featherweights…

  • GGG is a shot fighter now, this fight is a easy pay day for himself as he cashes in on retirement. There will be no more big fights for the has been, just easy beats until a unknow contender KTFO him.

    • GGG has been shot since his fight with Brooks. Kell Brook was lighting him up like a Christmas tree and showing up GGG’s shitty foot work. He won because he was the bigger man.

  • Crawford will be watching this fight to see to what degree GGG has regressed. Robinson, Greb, Duran all stepped up to fight middleweights and that is what a pound for pound best fighter should do. GGG 70.8″ vs 74″ Crawford reach and a small middleweight Crawford could win. .

  • Were Kamil this kind of negative/spoiler type of fighter then maybe he could give problems to a 38 year old GGG who is trying to chase him down, but he really isn’t. He’s fairly aggressive, not afraid to take a few shots and, obviously, he isn’t the hardest of punchers.
    Unless Golovkin has fallen off the proverbial cliff in the last 14 months, he really shouldn’t have much of a problem here imo.

  • GGG back into the DAZN scene and it’s great! He is one of the most underrated since his robbery’s in Vegas! Canelo got his gifts and put on a pedestal.

    • The Canelo fights are upsetting, especially the first one. It will never be shown in the record books and with time people will forget. Same with Kovalevs victory vs Ward and Furys victory vs Wilder in their first fights.

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