Golden Boy Postpones Canelo Fight

Golden Boy and Canelo Alvarez have made the strategic decision to postpone their typical September fight. According to Golden Boy, the decision was made in an effort to secure the right opponent and to do justice to the level of promotion required for a boxing star of his magnitude. Though Canelo typically fights in May and September, it is not without precedent to fight later in the year as Canelo did fight in December of 2018 in Madison Square Garden. Canelo’s next fight will now take place later in 2019.

“As a Mexican, it’s a responsibility and an honor to represent my country in both May and September,” said Canelo Alvarez. “Those are my dates.

“However, as a world champion in multiple weight classes, I also have the responsibility of delivering the most exciting and competitive fights possible. That’s why Golden Boy and my team have decided to postpone the date in order to do right by my fans by promoting the best fight possible and with the best opponent possible.”

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  • True warrior looking to fight the best and easily defeat them as he did x2 vs ggg

  • Why not just retire with your millions. I am sure that the clowns at the WBC will continue to recognize you as their lifetime champion.

  • This just means GGG just got fucked over. Andrade, you just gained your shot.

    • Both Canelo and DAZN rejected Andrade. Its not a big money fight, nobody wants to see it volume wise. Im not saying Andrade doesn’t deserve the shot, but he isn’t a big name that will draw huge numbers, nor is he a stay busy type fight. Once you are a superstar you only fight big names, or people to pad your numbers, not high risk zero reward fights.

      • Total nonsense, who did Canelo beat in December 2018 for the super middleweight title? Canelo is afraid to fight Andrade, GGG and Charlo. He and De
        La Hoya want to give the impression of being fearless. If Canelo continue to fight he is going to have to fight a top contender, if he wants to remain a PPV star. I am convinced, Canelo don’t want to share the ring with GGG again and he don’t want to take the risk of fighting Andrade. Finally, to say DAZN rejected Andrade is foolish. Andrade is in the DAZN stable. Canelo know Andrade is a tough fight and is avoiding him at all cost.

  • Well Chicken De La Hoya and Canela the Chicken once again showing they don’t wanna fight the best. They said they wanted to fight fellow champions but are afraid to fight Demetrius Andrade, WBO champ. And are definitely afraid of fighting GGG in New York. Just ridiculous!

  • What a lying sack of poop!

    Any top ranked fighter would fight Canelo, it would be a career defining fight, he and Oscar just can’t find an attractive enough punching bag to fight in September besides the top guys.

    • Juan Valdez, I agree with you. When I was reading I was thinking it sounds like they couldn’t secure some one he could beat.

  • GGG is the true champion – Canelo knows deep down he lost to GGG twice and now he made the perfect excuse to aviod him. He will fight him in late 2019 when GGG is too old and could be easily beaten.

  • Andrade lost his shot last fight he had. That performance was horrible, he confirmed how unattractive could be agaisnt Canelo or even GGG. I honestly believe Canelo should fight Callum Smith, but I think his team is waiting the time when Smith might have weights issues to get the eternal unfair advantage of facing a drained fighter. The offer to Kovalev had almost the same intentions I guess, but it was kind of decoy to turn our sight away of Smith or GGG.

  • Damn, fishnets up to his dirty tricks again. Why not fight Smith? Little reward with big risk huh?

  • His 365 day VADA testing protocol agreement expired in May, 2019. Thus, one can now cycle for a few months and work out hard and keep those gains for approximately one year after stopping your cycle. Is this the reason why no fight in September? One can only speculate.

  • “However, as a world champion in multiple weight classes, I also have the responsibility of delivering the most exciting and competitive fights possible.”….
    Is that why, after winning the WBC MW belt you fought Khan, then vacated, fought Liam Smith and more recently Fielding?….easy defences and cherry picking of titles….

    Canelo is a good fighter for sure, but please, quit the BS, real fans know the truth.

    I’m pretty sure Saunders, GGG or Callum Smith would fight you in Sept….guess Saunders and Smith aren’t old enough yet, and GGG, even at 37 is still too much of a risk….

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