Fury-Wilder 3 in Australia?

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury could defend the title against former champion Deontay Wilder in Sydney Australia according to Australian promoter Dean Lonergan. Top Rank CEO Bob Arum and Lonergan had previously worked together in 2017 when they co-promoted Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn in Brisbane that had 52,000 fans in attendance. Bob Arum mentioned in a recent interview with Peter Maniatis that Australia was a possible venue for the third Fury vs. Wilder bout.

“When Bob came out and said that we are talking to ‘our friends in Australia’, I’m the one he’s talking to,” Lonergan told the Herald. “It’s my proposal, I put it to him with budgets, how we’d do it, the whole lot.

“Bob has been an incredible partner and ally for me in the world of boxing. I just had a thought six weeks ago that if these guys can’t do a major fight in Las Vegas or New York, why not come down here where I know we can get a crowd?

“We are flexible around the timing, but if we did it at 1:30pm on Boxing Day (December 26)? It would be beamed back into the States on Christmas night….this could be a massive historical event!”

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  • Sorry but i don’t give a fuck about a third fight between them, Fury already beat Wilder two times he should move on and fight AJ or White for example. Ruiz would be a great one too..

  • I like them both but I think I speak for everyone when I say, I don’t want to see this shit again. Wilder is going to say he’s focused, rededicated, and the loss woke him up etc. Predictable situation.. AJ vs Fury is the only fight in the HW division we want to see.

    • yea, just saying, if and thats a big if, wilder gets some boxing skills, he will ko tyson

      • Wilder will revert back to what he knows when he gets in trouble. Its too late to learn how to box against a boxing master. He should have learned this against weaker opponents.

        • Wilder used a jab, uppercut, left hook, and moved side-to-side earlier in his career. Perfect? No, but the effort was there. However, after he realized many guys could be put to sleep with the right cross, he simply got lazy with the other fundamentals. Make no mistake, that right hand has some KO power. Wilder has made a lot of money in boxing and that right hand got his checkbook healthy for a good retirement if he keeps his head on straight. Fury has not been perfect in all his fights and he himself has had struggles outside the ring that makes him vulnerable and lazy in fights. I really question Fury saying he would like fight till he is 40 years of age and stay champion. Possible? Sure, but that’s a long time to keep your head on straight, train, and be serious at what you do. I wish both men the best.

    • Kind of funny. Easy to forget AJ’s loss and boring performance in the rematch I guess.

  • So Fury is going to whup Wilder down under? That’s cool!

  • I have no problems watching Fury vs. Wilder for a final time.

    Fury will use his significant weight advantage, combination punching and smart ring pressure to wear down Wilder’s movement and HORRIBLE defense. In addition, Wilder’s right hand was nullified by Fury in the last fight because of Fury’s significant weight advantage, underestimated defensive skills and high pressure that forced Wilder to throw punches in retreat off his back foot – this pattern will repeat itself in a 3rd fight.

    I believe Fury will win a third fight quite easily IF he stays on point outside the ring, and IF he stays at the same functional weight as the second (2nd) fight against Wilder – Fury’s ring pressure is the key. Thereby, Wilder’s excuses will get fully exhausted, and his boxing career may also get fully exhausted.

    • hey maybe wilder will put on 40 pounds, just saying ha ha, to even out the weight

  • A Christmas fight eh? That would be cool, however it’s gonna another mismatch cause Tyson Fury is gonna dominate Wilder again.

    • Yes, “Joy to the World” and what a neat gift to watch that Xmas evening!

  • Australia has no good boxers so they need to import decent fighter to get crowds coming in again. Boxing is dead in Australia but this fight would save it a little.

  • The timings good for the UK as it would be 13.30 Hrs over here. I don’t think the date would work though. The World’s been waiting to long so October/November works best.

  • The third fight is simply a contractual rematch based off a legal agreement from the last fight. Hey, both men make $money$ and if Wilder would win this time, we will have a fourth fight to make more of you grumbly talking about it (snicker). Neither fighter is perfect and anything could happen. Wilder still dangerous with that winging right hand. As long as Fury keeps his head together and stays focused, he can win this third fight. That is what makes this third fight a wild card again. Yep, call me crazy with a thumbs down, but that’s my opinion.

  • Wilder had a much needed break with the pandemic to reassess himself and understand he needs to make serious adjustments. If his plan is to rely on landing his right hand and going for broke in this process he will be atthe end of yet another embarrassment.
    From what I’ve been hearing he’s still in denial and was hoping for a $10 million step aside check and a chance to get the winner of AJ vs. Fury winner. According to Fury he’d wouldn’t give him 10 grand and would much rather embarrass him in more devastating fashion one last time.

  • The Boxing world is always quick to write a fighter off after just 1 loss. You guys did the same with AJ, when he had just 1 loss. AJ was able to reclaim his titles although nearly everyone figured Ruiz would win the rematch. If you cant see why Wilder should get a rematch, and another shot to get his titles back, it’s because you simply dont know Boxing. Or, more than likely, you’re just biased.

    • NJ, you are right. One great example of a fighter who corrected errors from a few defeats and reigned 12 years as a champion was Wladimir Klitschko. I recall when Wlad was dropped by Corrie Sanders and many questioned his longevity in the sport. Wlad prospered from the mistakes and became a long time champion. I am not sure Fury would have been able to beat a younger Wlad. Fury got a hold of him when Wlad was older and slowing down. Yes, I give a lot of respect to Wlad as he always was in shape, intelligent, and analytical as a fighter. Wlad never acted like thug-club fighter with a big mouth. He let the ring do the talking.

    • At last, some sense spoken. In boxing the saying goes that you are only as good as your last fight, is so true (in the eyes of fans)

  • I like this 3rd fight. In the 1st Wilder came in surprisingly light. In the 2nd he came in fat. I’d be interested to see if he can just come in at normal weight and make an adjustment. All he really needs is a check left-hook and he can beat Fury. He really needs to switch trainers because he lost his legs in the last one because of his weight combined with not being used to moving backwards. Moving back on your legs is harder than moving forward and he’s never had to do it his whole career.

  • It will be a close fight but im putting money on a decision victory for Jeff Horn lol

  • Wilder needs to use his feet more instead of trying to land one big right on Fury,does it again and the result will be the same …….. monstered.He needs to use angles instead of standing straight in front of the Big Bear.

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