Fury offers Joshua a 60/40 split

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury says he’s getting bombarded with questions about the purse split in a potential bout with British rival Anthony Joshua – which would take place prior to a 2023 unification fight with WBA/IBF/WBO champ Oleksandr Usyk.

“Everyone is saying 80/20, 70/30, 75/25… The actual answer is I’ve offered him 60/40. 40% of this amazing fight because I want this fight to happen. He doesn’t have any excuses now not to take it. He can’t say I’ve lowballed him by offering him 20% or 30%. I’ve offered him 40%. Take it or leave it. Let us know.”

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  • Joshua should take the fight. 40% of this one is going to be at least 100 million Pounds. For that kind of money? Take the fight, have a Michael Spinks moment, and walk away from the sport with more money than you can ever spend.

    • No AJ should not take the fight. We seen how fragile his mental state is after his last fight. Why would you rush him back into a big Britain Heavyweight matchup fresh off a loss at this point? Especially against a talker (and fighter) like Fury.

      “more money than you can ever spend”
      Have you heard of Mike Tyson or Evander Holifield by any chance? How about Michael Jackson? lmao

      • AJ’s “fragile” mental state is exactly why he should take the fight. Mentally weak fighters like AJ can’t be fixed, and there’s a danger that if he takes a tune-up fight, he’ll be beaten, thus ruining his chances of securing another huge payday.

        • Yup. If you’re going to lose? You might as well walk away with a huge payday while you can. And on the off chance you win? There’s a third Usyk bout to be made, and under those circumstances, there’d be plenty who would want it made (even to see him lose to Usyk three times in a row).

          • If I was Usyk and Joshua’s father Eddie Hearn came begging for another fight, I’d accept Eddies’ offer and let Usyk beat ten shades of sh*t out of Eddie!

  • I think this will happen now. I had a feeling they’d offer AJ. It makes sense for both sides.
    AJ may have a long route to another opportunity. Fury has seen AJ go back to back 12 round defeats and will be even more confident.
    It may actually be AJ’s best chance because complacency could set in , even if it’s Fury’s to lose

  • Who wants to see this fight? Anthony Joshua has nothing to lose now. The hunger is gone. Fury will be a massive favorite. I’ll pass.

    • The hunger has gone? He got found out and crumbled after being fed lies!
      With Zombie-like footwork and a balsa wood chin, Joshua never had enough of what a top fighter needed in the first place.

  • Also I thought this clown Fury retired or retiring? I’m starting to get sick of this guy.

  • I’d watch it. I think it would be amazing if they got this going in December and AJ already said that’s when he was looking to come back. Why not surprise everyone with this fight? I’d pick Fury, of course, but it isn’t unwinnable for Joshua.

    • Which fighter in the right mind, after two consecutive losses would reject such a massive purse. If Fury wins, Joshua can return a year later if he wants or retire with a lot of money earned.

      • Massive payday, immediate title shot and you’re right on it Burucho – losing to Fury after two losses to Usyk probably doesn’t set him back too much. If he were going to fight a rebuild type of fight in December, he can still do that sometime next year. Unless he’s injured or something that we don’t know about, I can see no good reason for AJ to decline it. Who knows how much many he’d make with the type of business this fight could do.

  • If it is true that Joshua was offered 40%, after his last loss to Usyk, then it is an offer he should not refuse.

    Fury vs Joshua is still interesting but imagine what a cash-cow it would have been without the last fight against Usyk.

    But who thinks Joshua could upset a well-prepared and mentally fit Fury? Hardly anyone I guess.

  • Im not sure Ive ever seen a champion call out a fighter thats fresh off of a loss. He know AJ dont compete well at the highest levels and maybe looking to help AJ out with a farewell fight.
    I think Fury’s worried about Wilder getting the fight.
    Great favor for Fury he can announce his retirement and still be announced as the WBC heavyweight champion
    AJ could take acting lessons and be an underwear model at this point. He is ruining his good guy image with every fight, and soon that will be gone too.
    Seems like AJ trains more for a fitness model championship than a boxing match. He needed an ol time trainer (Futch, Steward) to advise him to put the weights down 1-time. Got enough muscle.

    • You call out a fighter coming off a loss when it will be a monsterous money maker in the UK. Not as big as it could have been but this will be bigger than any other HW fight that can be made now

  • Hearn Ought to advise Aj to Jump on this . England could use the fight. AJ if he were to win is right back in that is a big if though. It will be his biggest payday. AJ is a good boxer just not great to muscle bound. You can have the finest looking sailboat in the world yet no wind you cant go anywhere. That is AJ biggest problem

    • Fury was forced to fight Wilder again after beating him like a drum. And had to keep fighting in the USA. He deserves some UK paydays

  • Bravo to Tyson Fury for even giving Anthony Joshua a shot at the championship, plus to offer him such a massive offer. This fight makes perfect sense because AJ may lose to a lesser opponent and call it a career. Let’s make this fight happen right around or before Christmas…

    • In one sense, it is a brilliant move for Fury. The AJ fight is far more lucrative. If he fights Usyk and wins, then the possible money for the AJ fight is diminished because of what AJ and Fury’s respective records would be agains a recent common opponent in Usyk.

      If Fury faces and beats Usyk to become undisputed, he will have to cycle through mandatory hell before being able to face AJ without getting stripped. None of the other potential fights are worth as much as AJ.

      If he fights AJ in December and wins, then the opportunity is probably still there for one last fight to become undisputed with the massive payday already in his bank account.

      If he fights AJ and loses, he can retire with a boatload of money more than he already has or perhaps get a rematch for another big payday.

  • Jesus Christ, will this clown disappear already? I for one have no interest in seeing this loudmouth Humpty Dumpty on stilts back in the ring again, moving around and punching like a puppet on a string. Go away!

  • This is a win win for Joshua

    Immediate title shot

    40 plus million

    Nothing to lose if he loses to fury and all to gain.

    If he does beat fury he gets a 3rd crack at usyk for all the titles

  • AJ isn’t the greatest Heavyweight by any means but he isn’t shit. He’s got heart, he showed that against Wlad and Whyte, and he has power. Would be hilarious if he were to ko Fury, would love to hear the excuses. And let’s not forget, Fury nearly KO’D himself in a fight haha

  • Let’s be honest here, who the hell is gonna want to pay to watch this fight ? Does Joshua really have a chance at winning, I highly doubt it. He looked awful in his past four fights and lost three out of the four. The only thing going for Joshua now, is that he has one of the best trainers working with him.. BUT, that’s not going to give him a chance in hell against Fury… I would rather see a rubber match between him and Ruiz, but even in that fight I wouldn’t pay to see it….

    • I think you’re going to be surprised John. I think a lot of people are going to pay to see this fight.

  • one way to lose intrest in the heavy weight division is look at the contenders and they want to put it on ppv ruiz wilder josua not much interest with these guys i rather watch old sonny liston fights

  • It’s probably the best time for AJ to fight Fury. He has just come off a 12 round fight with no (well minimal) physical damage and got good experience against a master boxer. It was a points loss, but recon he did better than in the first fight so learnt something. If he gets his head right you never know, not likely, but styles make fights.

  • Dont get how fury is so called unbeatable, apart from beating a one punch bum like wilder, the mans done nowt in the ring, and hes a bellend to boot

  • Joshua should get 80 percent and fury should get 20 percent considering his only big fight was Wilder!

  • The irony of Fury always preaching about how “it’s not about the money” but that’s all he talks about. In this case, 40% is more than fair.

  • December in Cardiff? Maybe 70, 000 packed together will raise the temperature, but average is 48 high, 40 low. Unless you are counting on the gulf stream, be sure to take a few woolen blankets.

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