Fury-Joshua announcement this week?

Promoter Eddie Hearn says the announcement for the undisputed showdown between WBC heavyweight champ Tyson Fury and WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua is imminent.

“I think it’s a very bad secret that the fight is happening in Saudi Arabia,” Hearn told Sky Sports News. “It’s the same people that we did the deal with Andy Ruiz…of course, you’ve got the Olympics finishing on August 7th, so in terms of a global spectacle, it would make sense to go on the 14th. That’s one of the things to tick off in the next, hopefully, few days.

“We’re in a stage where people are getting frustrated. The deal is done. Now we’re on the finer details of the contract, which came back last Friday. It went back last night. They are on calls now in the office about it, and I think at some point people are going to have to take a little bit of a leap of faith in this deal.”

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  • Lots of people getting frustrated. Tickets will sell out where ever it is – would be harder getting tickets to this than it would have been to see Arthur Brown back in the 70’s hay day of British experimental/occult music. This is a show down for the ages Gypsy magic v true Black Power.

  • Everyone needs to take a chill pill & fucking relax.

    Great Job, Eddie Hearn, Bob Arum, and everyone else involved.

    And, yes. I will be paying for this fight.

    • Fury will put on a boxing clinic and pull way ahead on the scorecards. Fury UD.

      • Im not convinced Fury does so good without a 40lbs weight advantage. Fury is self destructive and likely needs camp just to get back in shape. Hard to say Fury will put on a clinic considering his past. We seen Fury lights go out with a good shot. If a ref doesnt take the time to wake him up before the 10 count, AJ by KO. Cant expect Fury to keep those legs on that big frame.

        • NJ, you are right. Fury has imploded with his training due to mental distractions. I admire Fury’s jab when he is on his “A” game. I am not a huge fan of Fury, but it amazes he moves well for a “big” man. I am going to pick Fury over AJ due to that jab that can dictate the distance in the fight. Do I think this fight will be a barn burner? I am not so convinced it will be as I feel it will be a tactical boxing match with some holding on the inside. I expect the ref to say “break” many times! Have a wonderful day today and thank you for your presence on this thread!

        • Fury is overrated-AJ will put his lights out!-AJ will be ready and Fury will go down unless ofcourse he punches himself out with an own goal-lol-The circus waits for Fury

          • Rubicon. Agreed.. if Joshua fights Fury like he fought Ruiz “the second time” i think Fury is gonna be in for a long night. Joshua does have the power to KO him, for sure. He also showed he has the stick n move slick boxer capabilities as well. Never was a fan of Joshua til that second fight. Lets go Joshua!!

          • Fury overrated? Far from it. You will see when we EASILY beats AJ.

    • Language, young lady language.
      Why pay for this fight when you can buy the Amazon Fire Stick for $30 and watch every PPV fight for free?
      No comprendo.

  • Looks like Fury retired Wilder. Wilder has been MIA since Fury exposed him in that beatdown. Fury-Joshua will be an interesting matchup. I hope it happens sometime this year.

    • Actually, Wilder is the reason Fury-Joshua is not happening. Wilder is suing Fury for not honoring the agreed contract. I dont recall either guys fighting since the Wilder-Fury fight.

      • I read elsewhere that Malik Scott is now training Wilder and he is making a comeback.

          • Weblink I posted is under moderation. Hopefully, it will be posted for you.

    • Lexusnexus: lol agreed.. well i dont think Wilder retired. I jus think he is out there searching for some boxing skills. Unfortunately, he still cant find any lol

  • Was hoping it would be on in Australia, just shows they are only interested in money and not the fans / they could do 100,000 at the MCG and wrote their names in the anals of History, instead fight in front of 500 drug lords in the desert. Cheapens the good name of the sport. Before I travel to this one I’ll need to see some quality on the undercard. Some local v some ex Thaiboxer isn’t going to cut it!!

  • Producer of the event is a local – Dan Kinihan. A “colourful character” almost like a Bond villain. Just needs Interpol to give him back the 300m in cash he had put aside to stage the event and away we go. With the instability of the Middle East at present they may have other issues with the choice of venue. Time to go to plan B and fight for the belts and no money. Ireland’s Heavyweight Champ v England’s Heavyweight Champ.

  • So if they fight on August 14th, will the rematch be in late December of this year?

  • They can have this fight in my backyard, if they wish. I would only charge them a site fee of $5 million.

    • I agree and whenJoshua wins this Fury and Wilder can battle it out for another shot at the prize

  • This fight depends on what version of Fury we get.. if in shape, snapping the jab he should take Joshua the distance for a UD. Thank you Gary MG for the fire stick tip!

    • No problem, my friend.
      Best $30 that I ever spent.
      Note that each TV needs its own Fire Stick. You can move the Stick from one TV to the other with no problem.
      Take care.
      – Gary G

  • I for one say this fight is not happening. This is the same announcement we’ve been getting for the past few months. If it does happen I have AJ winning. Furys best W is over Wilder who lets be honest is not a very good fighter and was given a ton of easy wins even when he became champion. AJ on the other hand is fighting contenders. Ruiz,Takam,Povetkin,Whyte,Vlad,etc. Fury beat Vlad but that was a style nightmare for Vlad and it could be said that the challenger should have taken it from him. Fury ran all night in that fight and pecked with a jab. IDK if Fury has fought anyone at AJ level yet. By that I mean a young hungry champion with tons to prove.
    AJ by UD.

    • Wasn’t AJ KOed by Andy Ruiz?

      Didn’t Ruiz take the fight on a weeks notice.

      Didn’t AJ win the rematch by avoiding any engagement and fighting scared throwing “pecking” punches.

      • Hahaha Exactly!! It makes me laugh reading these comments. AJ has a very slim chance of beating Fury. Even if the AJ they fought Ruiz the second time shows up, he won’t win. Of course he easily outboxed a 300 pound slob. Fury would have done it much easier. AJ can NOT outbox Fury.

  • Putting this fight on in an Arab dictatorship that opposes freedom and common decency has ruined this fight for me. Some things are more important than money and far more important than a boxing match. Hard pass and shame on the stooges that sold themselves to a terrorist state to make this deal happen.

  • It’s the (alleged) drug lords that are hiding out over there using it as a scam event to launder cash.. don’t take my word for it – check out the BBC doco. It’s called Boxing and the mob panorama on YouTube . Lots of people in England and Ireland were happy to see BJS beaten the other day as a result of that doco.
    Don’t shoot the messenger man. PS AJ’s just this eras version of Frank Bruno.

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