Fury: I plan to smash Deontay Wilder to bits

Tyson Fury

WBC heavyweight world champion Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury expects history to repeat itself when he takes on Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder on PPV next Saturday, October 9from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. After dethroning Wilder via seventh-round knockout in February 2020, Fury reiterated that he expected the third fight to be a shorter, more dominant affair.


“I’m very excited. I’m looking forward to this fight. I’m very motivated, focused, and determined and I can’t wait for October 9. I wish it was this weekend. I have to wait one more week until I get these big hands on Wilder for a third time. It’s one of the few heavyweight trilogies since Riddick Bowe and Evander Holyfield. I’m going to go all guns blazing, full out attack, all in victory, straight out of the door from round one until it finishes. It’s either going to be me or Wilder. I’ve never had a bad training camp, and I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m injury-free, which is the most important thing. I’m really looking forward to it, and I can’t wait.”

“I don’t really make much of the excuses that were flying around for so long. I think they just made him a weaker character and less of a man and less of a fighter, because when you get beat, you get beat. Shake the man’s hand and move on. Lots of fighters have lost. Muhammad Ali lost fights, Mike Tyson lost fights. It’s what they do after they lose that makes them who they are. I don’t really have a lot to say about what Deontay Wilder was saying. It’s none of my concern because when some people lose, they have to make up an excuse for why they lost and that’s what Wilder’s reason is for convincing himself about whatever happened. That’s up to him, so good luck to him in the fight, and we’ll see if he can do anything better.”

“I don’t make much of his training videos because a lot of people speak a lot of words and nothing ever gets done about it, but we’ll see on the night. I hope he brings a better fight because {our} last fight was disappointing, to say the least. I trained for an absolute war, and it was a one-sided beatdown, so hopefully he can give me a challenge.”

“It’s none of my concern about where the belts are as long as my belt is strapped around my waist. The rest of them, I don’t care where they go because there’s only one man that can bring them all back and that’s me. There only has ever one, and that’s me. I’m sick of saying it. There has only ever been one, and there only can ever be one, and that is me, ‘The Gypsy King.’”

“It’s nearly that time of the year again where I take over Las Vegas, and it becomes the home of ‘The Gypsy King,’ and just remember that I plan to smash Deontay Wilder to bits….and I will.”


“There is no heavyweight in the world that can beat Tyson Fury, period, end of story. No heavyweight in the world, now and in the near future.”


“I think we only saw him a few weeks ago. Other than that, it was closed down.

“When I saw him, he was in extremely great physical condition, and he was great mentally. This is a dangerous Tyson Fury. When he’s like this, he’s a dangerous man, and I think Deontay Wilder will have a real problem.”

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  • Anybody know how to purchase the ppv without cable or satellite if you just have a streaming service?

    • All jokes aside, you know how it goes. Someone will have it uploaded for free hours after the fight is over.


        • Chip, thanks for the reply. I have been doing fine. Overworked in the hospital, making extra money in overtime, but really no life to spend any of it. LOL…Hope life is treating you well. I had a college classmate I studied with that lived in East China, Michigan.
          I use my personal laptop during downtime, when on call, and it’s great stress relief.
          Yes, in this day and age, uploaders seem to hurry and want to take “bragging” credit for getting an event online quickly much like movies.

          • Thank you for your service. hospital workers are miracle workers and are desperately needed nearly everywhere. Seems you get quite a bit of downtime btw:).
            Put that extra money in Crypto, you’ll be done with work in 5 years.

          • NJ, thank you for the reply. My call time can run 12-24 hours a day and some days I don’t get called in outside of my normal working hours. Great times to surf the web. On my lunch breaks, I check this website [and others] as well. Due to the pandemic, my work hours are running up to 6 days a week with call time. The same goes for my spouse.

            I will check out the Crypto investment movement as this sounds interesting. I have a friend who is a financial planner/investor. Have a great day today.

      • It’s 2021 and you’re waiting HOURS after the fight to watch a downloaded version of it?!? Has no one figured out how to steam the fights in real-time? I’ve been doing it for 7 years and NEVER pay for fights and never will!

    • Johnny Ace: I posted earlier to buy the Amazon Fire Stick for $35 but it is still being “moderated”.
      – Gary G.

    • Johnny:
      Spend $35 for the Amazon Fire Stick.
      You can then watch any Pay-Per-View by opening up “3rd Party Apps” (also called “JailBreaking”).
      All legal and good-2-go.
      I can help you, if you wish.
      – Gary G

      • Appreciate it Gary but I am totally computer and tech illiterate. I go back as a little kid hearing Patterson Liston on the radio.
        Question though I pay on Roku (my daughter set up for me) for yearly apps RTN horse racing, MLB season pass, NBA season pass etc could I get these for free with firestick? Thanks

        • Johnny Ace:
          – They put my original post back but removed my e-mail address.
          I don’t really follow other sports, but I know for a fact that I get MLB, NBA, NFL Network, etc w/Fire Stick.
          – I’m not very hi-tech either (I have a flip-top fone), but if you can use your smart cell fone, you can work your way thru the Fire Stick.
          – You need an extra HDMI input to your TV for the Stick.
          – If you don’t like it, you can return to Amazon for a full refund (this is why I like shopping at the ‘Zon.
          – Take care.

          • Hey Gary, just to clear up. Everything is free? Are you able to get full ppv card or just main event? And finally do you subscribe to ESPN+ and DAZN for the boxing or Atmore you able to get those fights for free as well? Thanks for your help and stay safe

      • If I buy an already JailBroken firestick, will that save me the hassle of jailbreaking it myself? Or should I buy a “virgin” firestick?

    • Roy: Wilder in 2! if he lands early can just as easily happen. But I doubt that. Going to be exciting while it lasts.

  • Does Wilder actually believe he has a chance after two previous fights? Breland was his only hope. Who is training Wilder now? The trainer should just tell Wilder to go after Fury until he gets the KO or be KO’d. Landing a lucky punch will be Wilder’s only hope.

    • I guess we’ll see. It felt like firing Breland was a dumb response to losing. It wasn’t his trainers fault. I suppose Deontay had to find a reason, even if it was nonsense, so blaming everyone and everything was his way of dealing with it. Unless he’s changed his style and tactics enough will be seen in a couple of weeks. I still think if Fury comes out prepared and motivated, he wins again.

  • Wilder is not a man of much character. He wants to surround himself with YES men, groupies who sing his praises. He needs an Emanuel Steward type of trainer but he lacks the discipline to withstand that type of trainer. The moment he loses this fight he will shit-can Malik Scott mark my words. He will come up with some bullshit blaming everyone but himself. His absolutely silly and corny BOMB-SQUAD that he’s always screaming out. I can’t wait to watch Fury shut this clown up for good

  • although Fury won all but maybe 3 or 4 rounds in the first 2 fights, he is still not a big puncher. not so sure he will end it quick. (most all his fights have Not ended very quickly)

  • Fury surprised Wilder with his aggressive approach last time . It will be interesting to see what adjustment Wilder will make if Fury has the same plan. Wilder’s footwork is terrible . If he can improve it even marginally he would have a chance of making Fury miss and countering with power shots. That’s his only chance. He will never outbox Fury.

  • Wilder wins TKO Tyson not sure of himself he should have said I am going to knock Wilder out not I plan too

  • For a guy that did all he could to avoid this fight Fury sure speaks overconfident. Im not really buying it, I think Fury is scared and requires the comfort of having a 50lb weight advantage and anything else he can get away with. Considering the recent insight Victor Conte gave on the Canelo drug testing situation, Fury likely postponed the fight to cycle the PEDs, and help eliminate the “tainted beef” he likes to eat As a fan of the sport I dont support Boxing cheats. Ryan Garcia is still supposedly negotiating an Oct fight to avoid the early drug screen. Canelo like to negotiate until the last minute for the same reason. Valdez misjudged the cycle and got caught. They’re cheating!

    • Fury is a very clean fighter and that is why wildy can’t deal with. He is a one trick ponytat is why he ost.

  • Boxing’s so phony, wilder could ko fury for sure. Will he? We will see. This guy Fury fights hardly ever and gets paid like he kicks a ton of ass. If y’all really think nobody on the planet can take Fury? F y’all, put me in coach , pay me! Gypsy king my ass!!!wilder in 1

    • Probably not in one but think he has a better chance than the odds posted against him. Fury not so great that he should be that big of a favorite.

  • This is a fun fight! Wilder does have the power to end it with one shot, so it’ll be interesting in that level alone. And of course, Fury is so much bigger and knows he can succeed pushing Wilder backwards and is unafraid to be a little dirty. It really could go either way, but I think Fury will wear him out again.

    I wanted to say that I’m planning on paying for this PPV. How often do we complain about the undercard fights being awful? I can’t remember an undercard worth watching in recent years! I think you have to go all the way back to the Don King cards in the 90’s. With that said, this card is full of intriguing matches imo. It’s by far the best one I’ve seen in years and I’m definitely wanting to reward all involved with my hard earned money.

    • 100% Agree Scott*!
      With all the bad stuff said about Don King ~ Don promoted the best fight cards, with the undercards being fantastic matchups* * * * *
      Been at a show or two that King promoted that started something like, One in the afternoon, and go until 2 in the morning !
      All 12 or 15 rounders !
      Paul D’

      • I enjoy an undercard with competitive 10 or 12 rounders even if they are lower ranked contenders. Arum back in the day sold his De La Hoya undercards with Butterbean and Mia St John and King used Christy Martin I guess people enjoyed this but wasn’t my taste.

      • Sadly, many of the greatest achievements in human history have been accomplished by way of slave labour.

  • Rematches/Rubber matches never go well for the puncher. Fury has a mind for boxing and this will be his 20th round in round 1 with Wilder. The last round he knocked Wilder out. In 19 7th.

    This one will end within four rounds. Wilder may not be the same guy afterward. He has heart and he can take a beating but the last one was rough.

  • I’m looking forward to a great fight this coming November. Me being a former heavy weight Kronk fighter trained by Manny, I hope you beat him again for the 3rd time straight. My man the Gypsy King. God bless you…

  • Bob Arum needs to stay off the crack. Tyson Fury almost lost to Otto Wallin for crying out loud.

  • Wilder has no chance against an in shape Tyson Fury who already has the mental edge.

  • Tyson Fury easily beats Wilder for a third time and will destroy Wilder inside of 3 rounds. Most likely in one.

  • should be easier this time than the second. wilder has a hare it comes jab and right. not really a hook guy. he is helpless going backwards. tyson is better every time out because he learns. watch the gypsy king documentary and see why deontay has no chance. even his name deyontay is beneath gypsy names. fury in 4. nuff said.

  • Crazy wilder is in great shape too plus he allways going to have that right hand I think a lot of people are forgetting about wilders big right now I know fury can move head movements etc but Wilder is in a good place mentality and physically if he learned to box this fight and time fury movements while maintaining the defense Wilder picked up then no matter how fury or his fans fills Wilder looks strong and been training like mad man people understand practice makes perfect I think fury will makes a few mistakes like keeping that right hand down too much and Wilder must use movements like Usyk did AJ then wilder wins if wilder reverts back to his old self then fury wins again fury plans to attack again use the weight like last fight but if wilder changed “ and picked up a few weapons to add then fury no matter what he does fury is in trouble never count out a man like Wilder 41 knocks outs with a high percentage and who cares who they were against in reality a bunch of big names heavily weights we’re actually ducking wilder so to see fury and Ortez step up and fight wilder says something to me not all of Fury knocks out we’re against big name fighters hell” AJ fought more big names than Fury and Wilder put together. But yea u guys Wilder winning

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