Fres Oquendo not giving up on world title shot

WBA #15 heavyweight “Fast” Fres Oquendo is still fighting a years-long battle for his court-ordered world title shot. After numerous start and stops against several different opponents, Oquendo was scheduled to face WBA regular champion Manuel Charr last September 29 in Cologne, Germany. However, Charr tested positive for two banned substances and the fight was canceled. Charr was suspended by the WBA shortly after.

10K run last week. (Photo: Fres Oquendo)

Here’s where it gets complicated. Oquendo’s guaranteed six-figure purse for the September 29 Charr fight is being held in escrow. According to Oquendo, when the fight was called off and not rescheduled, he should have been paid because the bout contract stipulated that he would be compensated if Charr tests positive for drugs.

Thus far, Oquendo has been unable to collect and he has filed a lawsuit to get his money. After recently winning a battle over country of jurisdiction, the case will be litigated in the U.S. with likely an August court date.

Going back to the Charr situation, when Charr tested positive for the anabolic steroids epitrenbolone and drostanolone, there was a snafu with the opening of the “B” sample which resulted in Charr not having a representative present. Charr was given a six month suspension by the WBA, but not stripped of the title.

With Chicago Bears great Gale Sayers.  (Photo: Fres Oquendo)

In January, the WBA cut short the suspension and ordered Charr to defend against Oquendo within 60 days, however, Oquendo and Global Sports Management (Charr’s promoter) couldn’t come to terms. “They didn’t want to negotiate a price for the April bout with Charr because they wanted to pay me with the funds that were in escrow but I made sure that wasn’t happening,” explained Oquendo.

When the Charr-Oquendo bout didn’t come together, the WBA then ordered Charr to face interim champion Trevor Bryan.

Last week’s conditioning workout. (Photo: Fres Oquendo)

At this point, Oquendo has lost five years of his boxing career and he wants the whole matter resolved. “I want my $325,000 escrow funds and to be declared champion by challenger’s default because of drug use which caused me and my boxing career irreparable damages,” he said.

However, Oquendo says he’s fit to fight for the title if asked to do so, having very recently passed a physical exam administered by the Illinois Boxing Commission certifying that he “is in good physical condition and is medically cleared to be licensed as a competitor in professional boxing.” His weight was 243.4 pounds.

When asked if talking to the press might jeopardize his case, Fres told us, “My attorney said the public needs to know about the injustices in the boxing industry.”

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  • What an absolute circus show!! Even when he does finally get into the ring, it’s going to be the most boring fight of all time! Hug fest for sure. Just call it a day and move on, dear god. How many years has it been since he fought? The show is over!

  • I love boxing but hate how corrupt it it. I am glad Fres is fighting against it. I hope he gets his money and his shot.

  • This is a fight nobody really wants, apparently even the fighters . If Oquendo was serious about his boxing career he would have fought someone else by now.

  • Injustices? I’m not stating boxing is clean, but Fres hasn’t fought in 5 years and is coming off a loss. When was the last time he beat a ranked opponent? What even qualifies him for a title shot?

  • Oquendo was robbed of the title years ago by the crooked boxing judges, vs. Chris Byrd and John Ruiz.

    • Actually, of his 8 loses the only ones that weren’t close were his to stoppage losses. I thought he beat Vander as well. Unfortunately for him his time is past, although as weak as the sport is now he’d probably still be competitive against many of the ranked HWs.

    • He was not in the Ruiz fight. He got stopped and the cards were close. Ruiz was up 2 on cards and the other card was even. Considering Ruiz hurt him and the fight got stopped, Ruiz would have went into the last round with a 3 point lead. He wasn’t robbed.

  • It’s about time he gets back. Fans are dying – most are allready dead – for his comeback, a direct challenge for the title. Without a fight since he was 45, Fred seems very fit at 50 and he must be a favorite to defeat Manual Charr, the man neither Fury, Wilder, Ruiz dare to mention as an opponent. I am 61 and I would like to bring myself in to the picture. Still fresh on my feet I look pretty well in the mirror and I do not demand a silly amount for fighting Fred or Manual in a tuneup or a title fight.

    • I’m 75 but I would get in the ring with you for a ten round event…I get up at 4 in the mornings and run 6 miles, eat breakfast then go to the gym for 2 hours. I usually spend an hour a day on the heavy bag.

      • I am 60, and I eat a bushel of potatoes, 1 Lb of bacon and a dozen eggs every day…And that’s just for breakfast…I am ready for any heavyweight !

        Haystack Calhoun

  • all y’all fres haters, let that man cook! he has the right to fight for a living and get paid for it. even if its boring for some of us. he needs to get his money out of escrow, fight charr and call it a career but its up to him. he is a good stepping stone for a up and coming heavy.
    imagine, had he fought and lost, team charr could have used that against him.

  • It’s ridiculous that this bloke had his last fight five years ago – a loss – yet he is promised a title shot.
    What a crock.
    If someone gives him a shot he gets knocked into retirement inside 3 rounds.
    It will be great for the circus to finally end, but he is at risk of getting seriously injured.


  • The Comedy Central television network is trying to get the rights to air this bout. Boxing must grow up and the self-appointed sanctioning bodies must be replaced with a system where boxers, promoters and fans can get reputable representation.

  • This man just cannot catch a break, seems like every fight falls apart due to cheating in this sport. I believe Fres just does what others don’t and that’s keep people accountable for their actions. Sad he lost so many years with garbage managers, promoters, and advisors.

  • >