Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul???

A rumor that ring legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. (50-0, 27 KOs) is fighting YouTube personality Logan Paul (0-1) blew up social media on Wednesday. Reportedly Mayweather and Paul have signed a contract and the fight will be an exhibition taking place later this year. If true, the 43-year-old Floyd, a welterweight, would be giving up some size as Paul, 25, is a cruiserweight.

Mayweather’s last official fight was three years ago against MMA star Connor McGregor (0-1). In a December 2018 exhibition, Floyd knocked out a kickboxer in 136 seconds. In Paul’s only official fight, he lost a six round split decision to fellow YouTuber KSI last November.

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  • Lol Mayweather seriously needs to get a life already! He is an attention whore, anyone in their right mind does not want to see this guy stink out any more arenas anymore! GET LOST Floyd find a hobby already!!

  • Here we go! What a circus show! Anything for money and cheap a$% entertainment! What’s sad is there are people who are moronic enough to pay and see this circus side-show match up. I would be more entertained watching paint dry than to waste my time watching Logan “wannabe Cracker Jack boxer” Paul vs Floyd “I am really bored and need something to do” Mayweather!

  • Boxing was already having issues before COVID, but UFC’s response to COVID was rapid and efficient (largely because they have a relatively small centralized organization), and they have been doing weekly, high-level cards for months now. This is inevitably going to eat into boxing viewership, and the fact that boxing’s two biggest fights are joke exhibitions, while the average sports fan knows nothing about a Lopez-Lomachenko fight (arguably two top p4p fighters), has got to make any boxing fan a bit uneasy about the future of the sport.

    • The implicit bias is not too implicit. Loma is no different than MW. He’s a boxing technician. Most of his opponants were not on his level. Watching him beat up a guy is exciting but watching MW beat up a guy is not? You say MW thinks defense first? Fellas, watching an opponent through everything at may weather but the kitchen sink and seeing MW slip and pivot and not get hit is EXCITING to watch.

  • I would be interested in seeing this, if this is a free fight. Even DAZN.

    Mayweather in 3. With Mayweather giving up 40 to 50 pounds.

  • As I’ve posted many times before. Boxing has one foot in the grave and this does not help the situation. Boxing is becoming the WWE.

  • I spoke with a veteran boxing matchmaker recently. He said that boxing currently has the relevancy of sports like roller derby. That may be doing a disservice to roller derby, when you consider boxing’s marriage to these rancid sanctioning bodies hastening its demise daily.

    • Did that promoter ever look into Logan Paul’s eyes and see the eye of the tiger? I have. I think Floyd’s 0 is gonna go….,

  • Floyd still has above average reflexes in the ring. He played it smart avoiding punches through out his career. Perhaps he might give thought to a motor racing career. Floyd has the money to finance such a gamble and he would be a draw at the gate. Paul Newman raced and won well into his late 60’s. Lewis Hamilton vs Floyd Mayweather on a race track would be a money making machine.

    • Better is to have him in a track and field competition (100 m) against Akani Simbina, with the condition that the loser disappears of the face of the earth.

  • This is a joke, even if it happens, it is a joke! SMH, what on earth is the best of a generation doing climbing in the ring with a YouTube personality?! The sad thing is, way to many people will watch this farce, and that will do more damage to the sport and its credibility. Whatever Floyd…

  • NOOOOOOOO, FLOYD!!! Instead, try fishing, go bowling and/or continue searching for young, hungry fighters all over the boxing world.

  • I have no problem with this move by Floyd. Make as much easy money as possible while the opportunity is available. The man is a marketing genius.

  • This is no Joke – Paul is heavier and has been in training. McGorger never boxed before and nearly beat Moneyboy. Paul has fights and KO’s under this belt. Next thing he might have the Money belt on if he winz. He might catch Floyd sleeping and put him to sleep. He could present McGregor with his road to redemption if successful after McGuigans recent sex acts.

    • Niki: did u really jus say “Nearly beat Moneyboy”. Ummmm no bro. McGregor sucks at boxing throwing stupid punches and showed low grade amateur style boxing. He never had a chance. “Moneyboy” toyed with him to give fans a fair shake on the money they payed out. Get serious now. Mcgregor never even had a punchers chance. Canelo, mosley, Maidana, etc had a punchers chance, mcGregor had hype and draw. Thats all

  • I guess once you’re retired you have the luxury to fight all types of clowns of all shapes and sizes! SMH…. Yet another circus act, boxing has become so corrupt. Money is all that matters not the glory.

  • I for one would pay my hard earned $$$s to see this. Any opportunity to see Pretty Boy getting humble pie served to him on a warm plate with a scoop of Maryland cream is worth it for me. Boxing’s greatest tried and failed, UFC’s greatest went closer, Japan’s finest was unlucky so now it’s time for this Paul Logan dude. They guy can train that’s for sure. Not sure on tactics but weight will play a part, I’m sure he’ll use those effective hammer fists McGoat used. Ido Portal in his training camp I hear too. People want to be entertained, since the Roman coliseum’s gladiators duked it out and David defeated Goliath…….right up to the fat Cuban guy beating up AJ, Bring it in I sat and silence the haters

    • Japan’s Finest – I lost a lot of money on him… an awful lot… At least the PPV was free on you tube – would love to see him take on someone NYE again. CM Punk anyone????

  • Can’t really blame Mayweather; who wouldn’t turn down the oppurtunity to make millions for pretty much nothing. Sad thing is-there are fools out there who would think Logan has a chance based on his size advantage. Mayweather could toy with Logan for as long as he wants and knock him out the moment he chooses to do so. For the fans sake, I imagine Mayweather would allow the fight to go at least 3 rounds, then play time over! …what a bunch of crap!

    • Nonsense – Mayweather said it himself that McGregor was a great opponent. The way he Ko’ed cowboy.. man that was terrifying. He reminded me of Mayorga when he was dominating the game before the drugs and drinks and ho’s ruined him.

  • Calm down everyone, its just a rumor. Until we get official word from him its not official. However, if it is true as Floyd fan he’s a trend setter in boxing. This trend could be detrimental one. Floyd elevated boxing and wages to new heights but Floyd & Manny also killed that momentum with their boring “fight of the century”. Boxing hasn’t recovered and the last thing it needs is a Youtube nobody who kills off the idea boxers have to earn their stripes and climb the ranks taking on a p4p legend. Next thing you know Manny, Oscar, Canelo ,etc will be fighting someone from YouTube to make a quick buck. I could understand fighting Conor but a Youtuber c’mon Floyd don’t fuck up boxing like this. Lastly, if you’re fighting non-professionals now please fight me so I could make a million lol.

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