Exclusive Interview: JC Chavez Jr. (Part 1)

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By Hesiquio Balderas

Julio César Chávez Jr. today lives a different life. He looks fit and is staying in the gym. Even when we don’t see it, he works out every day and looks to resume his career fighting Mario Cazares on September 25. Junior is on a quest to conquer one more championship belt, even when the odds are against him. “The Son of the Legend” spoke exclusively to Fightnews.com.

“This is going to be a different Chavez Jr.,” he said. “I am more mature now and ready to shine on September 25. This is it for me. I want to continue my career and be world champion again, that’s why I took this fight against Cazares. My dad didn’t want me to fight him but if I can’t beat Mario, then I can’t beat anybody good anymore. Cazares is a difficult fight.”

Chavez Jr. continued, “I’ve been away but I kept on training. I train every day, two times a day. Life has been difficult. I’ve been undisciplined many times but I’m a different person right now. The fight on September 25 will be at 175. There’s no tomorrow.

“My objective is to bring back my old self, working every day. I will be like when I fought Manfredo, Andy Lee, working the jab. I am very motivated. I want people to trust me. I know what the people want and I’ll show it in the fight against Cazares. I will win by KO.

“I just to say hi to everyone. Please buy the fight at Superboletos.com and please watch my fight against Cazares and my father against Jorge “Travieso” Arce.They will have an exhibition for the third time and it will be exciting!”

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  • Folks, it’s all about the money to Chavez Jr. He lost his actual passion for the sport years ago. Chavez likes to take the monetary checks handed to him after the fights, but he does not want to put in the true work into the sport anymore and be a great fighter.

  • Groundhog day, stuck record, no thanks heard it all before. I’d rather s**t in my hands and clap.

    • Chris: thank you. I thought it was jus me thinking that. This was almost the same spill he gave last time when he fought and quit.. why they still interview this ass clown is crazy.

  • Wait until Cazares laands a good hand on his nose, and the fight its over with Jr. refusing to come out the next round. Buy the fight? Yeeees I can’t wait……

  • No need to apply detailed math like Calculus because Chavez, Jr. + claimed boxing hunger = ZZZZ!

    If remotely possible, Chavez, Jr. has a looooooong road to boxing redemption, and there are no guarantees that fans will embrace him at the end of this road. However, at the very least, Chavez, Jr. must restore his last name in the boxing community.

  • please, keep this as a one part interview. No one wants to read what this clown has to say.

  • LOL so you’re “different” now. Okay so who were you before. “Buy the fight” hahaha riiiiiiight.

  • Capacity to be taken seriously, blown to bits, by the appearance of that fake blonde dyed hair. This man is not right and not serious about the sport of Boxing.

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