Errol Spence, Danny Garcia announce PPV clash

WBC/IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. and former champion Danny Garcia have confirmed today on social media that they’ll collide in a November 21 pay-per-view.

Spence announced…

“Done deal. The King of the division BACK!! November 21st on Fox PPV vs @DannySwift (Danny Garcia).”

Garcia simultaneously announced…

HERE WE GO! @ErrolSpenceJr on November 21. Signed! Sealed! Delivered! My tenth world title fight. It’s time to crown the king again.

Spence (26-0, 21 KOs) last boxed in September 2019 against Shawn Porter. WBC #2, WBA #2, WBO #1 Garcia (36-2, 21 KOs) is coming off a unanimous decision over Ivan Redkach in January.

A big question is what are the after-effects on Spence after suffering serious injuries (and amazingly surviving) in a horrendous single-car crash last October.

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  • Damn good fight. I like them both and both have the styles to beat one another. Garcia hasn’t been dropped yet that I know of and has a good chin, Spence is getting better and better. Wouldn’t be surprised if these two have a trilogy of their own…

  • I find Garcia has awesome fundamentals but has no second gear or plan B. If it is the same Spence as before I expect him to comfortably win on points.

  • Garcia needs to work on setting up traps his game plan needs versatility it’s been running stale for quite some time now. I reckon a EJ wins a close decision.

  • Spence style looks like to me would give Danny problems, If I were betting though I would take Garcia by late round stoppage. I suspect that the concussion from the big Car wreak may come back to haunt Spence . Sometimes you are never the same..

  • Garcia is definitely one tough dude and will be right in front of spence the whole time. I truly hope Spence is 100% or he cld get hurt with Garcias power. Gonna be interesting. I got Spence. I hope he can deliver at his previous level

  • Spence should of took at least 1 tune up fight since the bad accident he was in.

  • BAAAD TIMING FOR ERROL SPENCE (ES)!!! Folks, I plan to pick Danny Garcia (DG) in this fight. This requires a long draft because I anticipate an OUTSTANDING FIGHT…WOOOW!!

    Errol Spence (ES) was extremely fortunate to survive that horrific car accident without any permanent physical injuries at a young age – I hope he learned the true value of good physical health as a human, as a professional athlete and as a father to his kid(s).

    However, I am wondering if ES is mentally ready for a high level fight against DG. That kind of accident may create lingering emotional trauma, and I believe ES needs more time or perhaps 1-2 mental confidence/skill sharpening fights before dealing with DG. In absence of 1-2 mental confidence/skill sharpening fights, the ES camp cannot fully evaluate ES’s reflexes, timing, strength and punch resistance. The ES camp should reconstruct ES as if he is returning from a serious KO loss. I hope dire financial need did not play a factor in making such a decision to fight DG after a horrible crash.

    DG has a great chin, and he has an amazing ability to punch back while he is getting punched (“in between”). DG also has outstanding counterpunching skills with speed and power. Although somewhat underestimated, DG has a nice jab (when used), and he is an outstanding body puncher. My only criticism of DG is he does not take enough chances (“a mean streak”) to “seek n’ destroy” his opponents in high level fights.

    Even at his highest peak in displaying aggressiveness, reflexes, timing, punch resistance and strength, ES has a tendency to show a heavy front foot while he tries to get inside and/or while throwing body punches. DG loves counterpunching and body punching (with power) aggressive, front foot heavy fighters like ES. If he fights aggressively, ES will need to fight tall while on the inside/outside to reduce DG’s counterpunching, body punching and “in between” punching bullets (high caliber).

    In closing, I always believed ES (even at a prime skill level) would have HUGE problems dealing with DG’s hard counterpunching, body punching and “in between” punching styles because ES is an aggressive, front foot heavy fighter when he approaches the inside for body punching – DG is licking his chops. Post accident and without 1-2 preliminary fights, I believe ES will not have the prime reflexes, timing, strength, mental confidence and punch resistance to negotiate DG’s punching styles (i.e. counter, body and “in between”). Folks, I will pick DG in the first fight because we are possibly looking at an impending trilogy of close, highly contested fights…WOOOOWWW!!

    • I like your unbiasedness towards Mr. Spence’s true condition. And you not being under his ether. He is human and definitely needs 4-5 tune-ups. Yes !! 4–5. After his plane crash, Willie Pep fought 30 men inside a TWO calendars and one of those men was Sandy Saddler. Whether it effects EJ now or down the road — he needs tune-ups. Bad move for EJ and his team.
      ©️ Coach Hilario 2020

    • That was a great assessment of what could happen. Moreover, I agree with you. However, DG needs to be busier and more aggressive then he was in his fights with Truman, and Porter.

    • Don’t be foolish and say that….EVERY FIGHT MATTERS. Especially against Danny Garcia,a fighter that’s MORE than capable of beating Spence. Danny has lost 2 closely contested fights and depending on who you ask,could argue that he’s still undefeated. My point is,Crawford isn’t the only fight that matters for Spence. There are plenty of fights for both guys that matters. I can name a few guys that would be great fights for both guys. I get your point though,most would love to see those 2 clash. And we will get that fight. But 1 or both could take an L prior to that actually happening though. Don’t be surprised if that takes place. Like AJ vs Wilder,they both have losrs now,that fight will still happen between the 2 of them though. So will Crawford/Spence. But right now,Spence have DG in front of him. And i strongly believe with everything in me,DG will be ready for this one like he’s never been ready before. Especially seeing what Shawn Porter was able to do and get done against Spence. Even though Shawn was right in Spence’s face the entire fight lol. DG won’t press him like that….which could give Spence time to unload from the outside. Either way,what a great fight this will be for us fight fans. Nov 12th,hurry up and get here!!!!

      • Tae, i get what you’re saying but if Spence wins it’ll be another world class fighter that he beat. In a Crawford fight, whoever wins will more than likely be the next superstar in boxing. If what Spence needs is tuneups then Garcia isn’t the right pick, too high of a risk. If he doesn’t need tuneups then a win over Crawford will make him the king of the welterweight division.

  • If Spence is on his “A” game after this car accident, then Garcia will be out boxed on points. Garcia can only hope Spence has some rust in his arsenal on his recovery from this car accident. Garcia is rather one-dimensional as a fighter except he does has a good left counter and a solid chin. I have noticed Garcia’s father has toned his “loud” mouth down some in recent fights.

  • I think if Spence can survive a crash where he flew out of his car with very little harm, he should survive anything Garcia has to offer. Garcia has a low punch output and hasnt shown much power at 147. Spence 116 112 or 117-111.

    • Kp, the problem is it is unknown what damage he took in that accident. Could’ve easily had some brain trauma that we don’t know about.

  • Shouldn’t Spence take a warm up fight or two before he jumps in deep? I saw him interviewed twice since the accident, the first one he looked and sounded pretty bad, the second one a few months later he sounded a lot better. I hope he’s ready !

  • No boxer is the same on his first fight after a long absence due to an injury, an accident. Spence is an elite boxer at his best, I don’t expect that version against Garcia, but something close to that, enough to defeat Garcia on points, not without having some problems on the process due to his case.
    I believe this is the best opportunity for Garcia to defeat a pure elite fighter like Spence.The one we saw against Porter or Mikey Garcia, should stop Danny.

  • Spence would normally win this one, but after suffering a severe concussion that caused memory loss after the accident, he may be susceptible to a KO by almost anyone. All his skills won’t matter if any landed punch can knock him out. Unfortunately, I think the accident really messed him up and I’m not sure if he’ll ever be the same again.

  • Good fight but not a PPV. Spence has been unimpressive in his last 2bouts. He couldn’t get little Mikey out. And a lot of people agree he lost his last bout or at least it should’ve been a draw. Spence is the most overrated boxer currently. Not being able to clearly beat one of the tops in his weight class and not knocking out Garcia is crazy. Top 10 P4P. That’s laughable.

  • I haven’t seen a live boxing event since the Covid crisis. I’m guessing even the biggest fights will have no audience, just a boxing ring in a virtually empty room with cameras.
    No cheering crowd, nothing.

  • Garcia appears to be at the end of his career. He’ll survive, no doubt, but seems to now be only trying hard enough to lose against elite fighters.

  • Perhaps the most under rated fighter in boxing is Danny Garcia. And perhaps the most OVER RATED fighter in boxing is Spence. To put it mildly, we certainly do not know how ready Spence is at this point. Going into a big fight like this Spence is foolish, he needed a couple of fights to get himself prepared both mentally and physically. Anyway I believe Garcia will be 100% and will find a way to punish Spence, perhaps a late round stoppage,I just hope Spence does not get get badly hurt in a fight like this. And i’m wondering the odds in this fight?

  • Boxing needs fights like this because UFC is kicking their butt as far as marquee match-ups.

    Props to Danny for stepping up unlike Pacquiao who is dodging Spence. He was suppose to fight the winner of Garcia/Spence and took a fight with an injury prone Thurman. If this pisses you off, show me you have half a brain and prove me wrong as you’re giving me that thumbs down. Manny dodge Spence.

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