Ennis KOs Lipinets in six

Sho Ennis V Lipinets Fight Night Westcott 103
Photo: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Undefeated WBO #7, IBF #9, WBC #12 welterweight Jaron “Boots” Ennis (27-0, 25 KOs) overpowered and knocked out former world champion and IBF #3 rated Sergey Lipinets (16-2-1, 12 KOs) on Saturday night at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. A Lipinets slip in round four was incorrectly ruled a knockdown. No mistake about the knockdown in round six, however. A straight left put Lipinets down and out. Time was 2:11. Another dominant and impressive performance by Ennis.

“I’ll always be hard on myself when I look back at my performance,” said Ennis. “My goal is to keep getting better, sharper, faster and stronger so I can become world champion. As long as I keep fighting top guys, I’m happy. I feel like I will be world champion by the end of this year or beginning of next year. Patience is the key though.

“Lipinets has been in there with the best before, so I wasn’t surprised he held up for a while. I knew he’d be durable. That’s why I didn’t jump on the gas right away. I just took my time and broke him down.

“I think I graduated tonight. It’s on the up and up now. It’s onto bigger and better fights now.”

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  • Boots is a classy kid and an excellent fighter. I hope he doesn’t become the Mike McCallum of this era. He looks scary good and I can’t see anyone wanting to mix it up with him for anything but a monster payday. Would love to see him and Crawford. Two switch hitters with pop. Would be something!!!

    • Very good comparison. This guys is damn good. Classy personality as well just like the body snatcher McCallum. No bullshit from this guy he comes to get the job done without the classless crap of an Adrien Broner who if he ever has the balls to take on Ennis it will certainly be Broners first KO loss, would actually be a royal asskicking. Would love to see Ennis vs Ortiz.

      I think Ennis is eventually going to be the last man standing at 147 and that includes Crawford and Spence.

    • He is a real classy kid. I don’t think any fighter wants to be the next anybody, but why not McCallum? Because he was a great fighter lost in the mix of megastars in his era?

      • McCallum was a great fighter who the media megastar fighters of the era didn’t want to fight so he never got the massive payday.

        Certainly just about any fighter would be thrilled with having a McCallum like career, but the fact that Duran, Hearns and Leonard never fought him kinda shows how good he really was.

        • They didn’t fight him because he was not only dangerous but they felt it didn’t generate the right money and he has looked lackluster on a twinbill potential showdown with Hagler.

      • My comment was made with the utmost respect for McCallum. He was the odd man out in his prime because of the risk/reward factor. He was a great fighter in a time period with many great fighters. This could be the same situation. If Crawford, Spence and Ortiz all fight each other nobody can complain or say that they are ducking anyone. That’s what happened with the body snatcher and could possibly happen to Ennis.

      • Jaron got hit too much.
        He fought a 140 pounder.
        Errol would be too strong
        and slick, Crawford will
        do a Kell Brook to him.
        Still to soon to put a
        belt on him.

    • Young Philly Legend Jaron “Boots” Ennis vs Omaha Legend Terrance ” Bud” Crawford a Classic Matchup, I agree %!!!! I have a good feeling it will happen in the Future!!

  • I hope the big cat won’t run or hide from him. I believe he is one the most complete fighters in the world. Ennis possess almost everything, power, solid chin, youth, size, beautiful footwork and defense. Ennis vs Spence is an inevitable fight, and I favor Ennis.

  • CHOOOO CHOOOOOO!!!…AAALL ABOOOOAAARRRD, BOXING FANS!!! The Ennis and Vergil trains are moving towards a future BIG COLLISION at 147.

    I strongly prefer to see Ennis fight as a lefty because his offensive/defensive skills look smoother and more confident. As a righty, Ennis’ right hand does not look too appealing to me. As a righty, Ennis will need to develop a smoother punch delivery with his right hand.

    Impressive win by Ennis. What’s possibly next for Ennis? I think Abdukahorov or Avanesyan. Heck, I do not mind seeing Ennis vs. Josesito Lopez.

  • Boots is ready for anyone. If they don’t want Crawford or Spence yet, feed him Danny Garcia or Mikey Garcia.

    • Ennis’ offense is good, especially with those counter hooks. Before he jumps way up to the giants in the same division, would like to see him improve on his defense. Lipinets was catching him way too frequently with his counters. However, Ennis ate the shots and kept his game plan in motion.

      • Lipinets right hand had no more on it than a stiff jab. Ennis’ defense is 3rd rate. Lopez’s win over Loma and suddenly he’s the next Roberto Duran. And now, Ennis beats a blown up Jr Welter who can’t punch and he’s the new Sugar Ray Leonard! Nuts!

  • Predict-Ennis-will clean out welterweight division including Spence-& Crawford -Ennis has speed power-reach height -can switch -has high boxing IQ can’t see how-anyone could beat him

    • Very good fighter and i agree he would’ve probably be a tough opponent for both Crawford and Spence but.. Win as easily as you think seemed a bit too much for me. If the fight with Crawford take place in a year or a half maximum i still favor the speed and ring generalship of Crawford but if this fight take place in 2 years you might be right because Ennis is 10 years younger as Bud. Against Spence i favor Ennis because his ring Generalships are better than Spence’s one but what if Spence land clean on him ? Hope we see these fights but not sure because we talk about the Spence-Crawford fight till years and we still didn’t see anything.. In boxing you never know particularly with US fighters who are known for avoiding the best competition not like the Eastern Euro fighters who don’t give a shit about their 0 and fight each other without any excuse..

  • Excellent fighter, real high on this kid. Been telling people to watch out for him the past two years. Has a solid amateur pedigree; had a father who boxed and two older brothers that were solid pros. Obviously, he was blessed with the most gifts as the youngest of the family, it works out that way sometimes; sky is the limit. He’s ready for and can beat any of the big dogs in the talented Welterweight division, IMO. A good scrap would be an all Philly War with Danny Garcia, who’s an A- fighter, with a great chin and decent power, and will provide a stern test.

  • Ennis was impressive. He’s a hard hitter who throws accurate punches and moves around the ring effortlessly. Of course, he had major height and reach advantages over Lipinets and was definitely the bigger man. He just took his time and softened up Lipinets before hitting him with a right hook left hand combo. Lipinets looked like a 140 pounder fighting out of his weight class.

    Lipinets didn’t seem to have the power to faze Ennis but did hit him with some solid right hands to the chin. He tried valiantly to go to the body but was hit with more powerful punches in return. Ennis probably didn’t respect Lipinets’ power so took more risks than he would have against another power puncher.

    A lot of people think Ennis is better than Vergil Ortiz, Jr. Maybe so. However, I wouldn’t want to find out right now. I’d like to see them fight other top fighters in the division like Porter, Danny Garcia and even Keith Thurman. A fight between Ortiz and Ennis right now would be premature. Ortiz is becoming a name but Ennis is not as well known among the casual fans. I would like to see that fight percolate for a year or two before they meet.

    • Not so long ago 140 pounds was a welterweight-adding the junior and super classes and convincing fans that they are meaningful divisions is just good marketing by organizations to create more “champions.”

  • It seems like all of a sudden all these new stars are popping up out of nowhere, while a lot of the big names I’m most familiar with are fading away from inactivity. Where is GGG? Whatever happened to Lomachenko? The Charlo brothers are MIA and I wonder what Errol Spence and Terrence Crawford are doing with their lives.

    • GGG fought the best he could and was chasing down Alvarez for years before the fight finally happend when GGG was 37 ! You remember when Alvarez relinquished his belt instead of fighting triple G ?! GGG as the right to slow it down at the age of 39 with only a controversial draw he won and a loss on his record.. For the other (The Charlo’s, Crawford and Spence) you are right they didn’t beat shit for the moment but i’m not surprised because they are US fighters… Read my post higher and show if you agree with me, US fighters are avoiding each others or the best competition for years so is Canelo… Just sad for us the fan’s..

      • Regis: lil bitter on Canelo are we??Yes, GGG was chasing Canelo for years. Thats cuz Canelo was smaller than him and jus making the move up to GGG’s weight. Prob the same reason he was chasing mayweather too. Size and money are GGG’s only motive and that sucks because HE as well has deprived us of some what cld have been epic battles with guys that do/did wanna fight him. remember when ducked Andre Ward amongst others.

  • Ennis had good performance in breaking down Lipinets and wanting Spence after his next defense. In the meantime should have another fight against a contender ahead of him to earn that chance.

  • Good fight, need him to work on not taking to many shots to the head especially by people he has a 4 inch reach on. I see greatness in him.

  • I think “Boots” proved himself last night… Not only does he have speed and power but also took some great shots… If I were his mananger I’d go after Thurman next and put Keith into permanent retirement…then Porter and finally Crawford and Spence… this young man will end up being a very wealthy man… Pacquio shouldn’t even consider fighting him, I think Manny’s test is coming up against Crawford if that fight is ever made…

  • I can already hear Crawford.. ” he aint ready for me” translation: oh shit. I better start studying this guy cuz there is a good chance he cld probably woop my ass..

  • Boxing has become what the WWF (E) was in the 80’s. Top talent fights a bunch of D-listers then the fans get shafted with a crap ppv featuring fighters who should have fought YEARS ago

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